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Live Feed Updates-August 30-Day 77

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    5:17 PM BBT

    Victor and Corey playing pool.

    James and Natalie sitting with their feet in the pool.

    Really loud plane flying overhead.

    Natalie says she is feeling defeated, emotionally defeated. She is not peppy and happy. Her personality has been sucked out because everyone has been calling her a fake bit*h for so long, she is afraid to be herself.

    James says not to be afraid to be herself.

    Natalie says everyon has been shi**ing on her personality.

    James tells her not to let them get to her, she will never has to see these people again.

    Natalie says it has been on TV.

    James says it looks bad on them, not on her, she is the one getting picked on.

    James says not to let anyone's views or opinions, put her flame out.

    James says this game is not easy, especially with her personality. James sympathizes with her.

    (I need to leave, may check back later.)


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      I noticed the first part of Victor's Nature Watch with Natalie, James, and Corey is missing. I found it in the Discussion Thread. I am going to get it and post it back here. It will be out of order though.


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        Now we are studying the animal behaviors of Natalie and James, once again in the wild.

        Natalie just prances around in the water hole, while James watches from afar, wanting to get close, but ever so distant.

        You can see James is flirting, is doing his mating talks, but Natalie is not buying, she is staying in the water hole, but Natalie is doing what we call, playing hard to get.

        Their relationship has flourished in the BB house, but they are so close, but ever so far away.


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          On the other side of the BB Nature Watch we have Corey. He is tall and lanky animal around 6'5''.

          He is pale in skin color, but he is trying to darken his complexion. He turns on his stomach to trying to catch the perfect angles of the rays to darken his skin.

          In these moments is when he is quietest, relaxed, quaint, trying to focus on his mind and body, but he is probably wondering where his Nicole is. She is his rock, his structure, and his number one. She is absent at the moment.

          He always longs for her company and cuddling sessions.

          The birds chirp. She is no where to be seen. He is probably wondering when his Nicole will return.

          That is your BB Nature watch with Victor Arroyo signing off.

          He giggles, gets up and leaves the lounger and goes inside. 3:07 PM BBT


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            6:27 PM BBT
            Cam 1/2

            Victor and Natalie in the Tokyo Room Jedi Training.

            Cam 3/4

            Paul, Victor, and Corey in the BY.

            Paul and Victor playing pool and Corey laying on the lounger. no game talk.


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              (thanks for all your hard work Lynette )

              6:45 PM BBT

              Nicole and Corey in bed... Nicole rubbing Corey's back....

              Victor and Paul outside in the hammock....

              Paul tells Victor that based on his convo with Michelle yesterday, she has no idea what's going on


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                Victor to Paul- I think it's pretty clear they (James/Natalie) are voting for her (Michelle) to stay..... it'd be a dick move not to


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                  Victor and Paul talk about how Natalie likes to give sympathy votes, trying to get jury votes...


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                    Paul to Victor- James is the icebreaker to tell you you are getting evicted.
                    Victor- he didn't tell me anything
                    Paul- because he's a *****


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                      Paul to Victor - James just kinda gets on my nerves, just in general this entire season....he kinda rubs me the wrong way
                      Victor- same here


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                        Victor and Paul talk about which house guests they will hang out with after the show ends...

                        Victor says he would hang out with .... Jozea, Nicole, Corey.. he'd like to visit them.... and obviously Paul...

                        He also says that he likes Bridgette... would hang out with her... visit her ...

                        Paul - I'll probably hang out with Bridgette


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                          Victor to Paul - I'd be so happy and stoked if they call me for Bold and Beautiful
                          Paul- me too.
                          Victor- for the Halloween episode...dress us as ducks
                          Paul agrees it'd be cool


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                            James and Natalie and a BAG OF CHIPS come outside ... chomp, smack.. chomp, smack ...


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