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Live Feed Updates-August 31-Day 78

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 31-Day 78

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    3:39 BBT

    Paul, Michelle, Nat talking in the London BR about mediums and other random stuff with the lights out.


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      10:06 AM BBT

      Lights are on but no one is out of bed.


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        12:00 BBT

        High noon in the BB house, but all I see is a hand.

        Nicole was up earlier and had a bowl of cereal and shower, then back to bed.


        • #5
          12:15 BBT

          Nicole turned over in bed, thought she was getting up, but it was a false alarm.

          BB decided to let us see something other than her sleeping in HOH bed.


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            12:30 BBT

            The human species known as Victor has arisen from his slumber and made his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth.


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              And a fine specimen of the human species, I might add. (I'm using a British accent as well )


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                12:42 BBT

                Victor went to the kitchen shirtless, announced he was cold, went to HN to get a jacket. Corey woke up and asked what time it was, and Victor told him he may as well try and sleep some more.

                Victor says good morning to us. One more day until eviction. Can't wait to see who gets the power.

                He is hoping to win, because his butt is on the line.

                He hopes we have a fabulous day if we are at work since it is Wednesday, and if we are not at work and are at home chillin'. Says kids are back in school.

                He says everyone in the BB house is asleep, that is all they do around here is sleep.

                Victor looking forward to slop ending and eat normal food and sleep in a normal bed.

                Victor making a fresh pot of coffee.

                When he finishes he will go in the Safari Room and talk to us.

                Depending on who may be around, will determine what he will talk about.


                • #9
                  12:48 BBT

                  Victor tells us every day he wakes up with a fresh set of energy and optimism.

                  Because he is on slop, and a HN, as the day wears on his optimism slowly withers away, he goes into a pissed off and angry mood, because his body can't take the slop.

                  He says lately he has been moody and he does not like it. His stomach is upset as well.

                  Victor complaining about dirty dishes and says he is not doing dishes, he only uses a bowl, and there are dirty dishes everywhere.


                  • #10
                    Victor says we have an episode tonight. It should be interesting, we should like it, its a really funny episode.

                    Victor doesn't want to talk to loud because Michelle is sleeping right behind in the Tokyo Room.

                    When his coffee is finished, he will go to the Safari Room and talk it out.


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                      12:55 BBT

                      Victor is watering Mr. Jenkins. He dips the straw in water to water the plant.


                      • #12
                        He is giving Mr. Jenkins a massage.....not really....tying him up to make him straighter.

                        Victor is complaining about flies in the house.


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                          1:03 PM BBT

                          Victor finishes making his coffee, but now Corey decided to get up and he has joined him in the kitchen.

                          Corey says BB woke them up early at 8:30 a.m. They played one jungle song, Victor says a Lion King Song, so they thought something was up.

                          Victor says it is 1:00, and nothing has happened.

                          Victor says he is going to go sit in Safari, if Corey wants to go sit in there.


                          • #14
                            Victor says whats up feeders.

                            Says he and Corey are the only ones up because they are HN's.

                            Gives us the run down of his sleeping patterns.


                            • #15
                              Vic thinks he and Julie are BFF's now, couple of selfies together, talked to her a few times.

                              Corey comes in.

                              Hello puppets......


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