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Live Feed Updates-Sept 1-Day 79

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 1-Day 79

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    4:00 BBT

    Corey up cleaning the kitchen. All other HGs sleeping.


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      9:25 AM BBT

      All HG's sleeping.

      Paul was called to the DR at 9:07 and he is now back in bed sleeping.

      Wanted to to add a couple things from about 3:40 AM. Michelle was up in the bathroom and Corey couldn't sleep so he got up. They exchanged greetings in the BR area. Then Corey went and fixed HN food to eat in the kitchen. While eating Micheele goes through and greets him again. The point being, that was Michelle's perfect opportunity to talk to Corey about the vote and she didn't. You can read last night's updates, but James and Natalie told her several times to talk to him, and she refused giving several lame reasons why she wouldn't.

      Also, Vic must be rubbing off on Corey. After Corey finished eating, he cleaned, sprayed and mopped/swiffered the floors and even each stair step and upstairs landing for an hour before heading to bed a little after 5:00 am.


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          1:45 PM BBT
          Nicole/Paul/Corey/Victor in the BR

          HG's getting ready for live show tonight.

          Victor is giving Corey a haircut trim.

          Victor worried about messing up his hair.

          Nicole says she has heart palpitations.

          Nicole tells Paul she is scared.

          Paul asks why she is scared.

          Nicole says she is scared to stand in front of everyone.

          Paul says we haven't had that happen yet this year.

          (Nicole scared because she is going to be the tie breaker for tonight's vote.)


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            1:49 PM BBT

            James/Natalie/Michelle in bed in LBR.

            Michelle says this may be her last rodeo.

            Natalie says no it is not.

            James says he doesn't think it will, because Nicole would have pulled him to the side and told him.

            James says he doesn't think they would blindside him like that.

            Michelle wants James to go ask them for sure.

            James says they know he would never blindside them.

            James says he feels like Nicole would tell him.

            Michelle begs James again to go ask.

            Natalie says she honestly thinks Michelle is staying.

            Michelle doesn't think so.

            James says Nicole is not dumb and would not be making deals at this late in the game at 6, he could see it at 9.


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              Natalie says they are not going to blindside James in this situation.

              Michelle thinks they would.

              James says that Michelle thought she was going home last time, and she didn't.

              Michelle again asks James to ask. She thinks it looks sketchy by James not asking.

              Natalie says if they keep Paul over her, it will clearly show that they are going after them, and not Paul and Victor.

              James says Nicole knows she can't play in the HOH comp, so she needs to tread lightly.


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                James says Nicole and Corey are not worried about Michelle, they know they can beat her.

                Natalie says Nicole and Corey need to break up Victor and Paul. It will be a waste of her HOH, if she doesn't get one of them out.

                Michelle says they may be thinking differently.

                James says if Michelle stays, he is going to douse her with a cup of water.

                Michelle says she is still going to wear her nice dress.

                Michelle says they would be stupid to keep her because she is going to be gunning for Nicole.

                Michelle thinks its creepy how Paul hangs around Nicole all the time.

                Natalie says that Victor is infatuated by Nicole.


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                  1:57 PM BBT

                  Went to see what BR group is talking about and Paul is talking about Armenian genocide to Nicole and Victor.


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                    Back to LBR group.

                    Michelle wants to get some baby powder because she says she is going to dump it in Paul, Victor, and Corey's faces, and say 'Bye Losers.'


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                      1:58 PM BBT

                      Natalie says she is all packed.

                      Michelle says Corey is pretty much packed, Nicole and Victor aren't.

                      Michelle says maybe tonight James or Natalie may have the HOH room.

                      Natalie says it would be a miracle.


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                        Natalie going over scenarios for HOH as if Michelle is still going to be there.


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                          Michelle says, you know what is always a good predictor, and Natalie asks what, and Michelle says the mock vote, and we get FISH. (Interesting)


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                            Michelle wonders of Victor would tell Paul if he knows what is going to happen with the vote.

                            Natalie says to be honest she doesn't know.

                            Michelle feels Victor knows either way.


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                              Corey getting dressed in Tokyo Room.

                              Nicole is in the bathroom, sitting on the bench, with Victor laying in her lap, and tweezing his beard. (My print screen, not working right now for a picture.)

                              Paul comes in and says the LBR group are worried.

                              Paul went in there and they asked Paul if he knows what is going on.


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