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Live Feed Updates-Sept 2-Day 80

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 2-Day 80

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    3:50 BBT

    Nat in bed in London BR on 3&4

    On 1 & 2 Nicole and Corey in the kitchen with Nicole cooking slop for Corey. They are talking about Nicole's inability to cry in the house. Nicole wondering why she can't cry when somebody yells at her (I assume she talking about when Michelle blasted her on her way out the door).


    • #3
      Cam 1 & 2 1:30pm BBT

      Natalie & James in LBR -

      Natalie - I thought I trusted Victor & Natalie

      James - I told him I thought you were going to nominate me, and I'm not going to call you out like Meech (just related convo that was stated in yesterday's LF) I was blinded, since me, Corey, and Nicole had this thing since day one.

      (I can't really hear Nat)

      James - got to admit, for her (Nicole), it was a good game move.

      Nat - I went to Nicole and ask if you she wanted to play with me and she didn't react.

      James - Nic & Corey are stand offish now.


      • #4
        Nat - we were bad a$$e$; we got Paulie out. All 4 of those people have lied and done sh** in this game.

        James - It's like we are being punished.

        Nat - We tried to take out Paul and Victor and now they are coming after us (duh).


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          1:35pm BBT

          In HOH room we have the Final Four Alliance (Paul, Vic, Nic, Corey)

          Nic - I am pretty happy. Nothing crazy is happening in my life.



          • #6
            Went back to earlier in the day & it looks like the HGs didn't start to get up until about 10:30am BBT

            Vic making eggs and Nicole in the W/C getting ready.


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              11:45am BBT

              Paul & Nicole talking about how Road Kill sucked. They only have 19 days let, etc. General chit chat.

              James & Nat still in LBR sleeping.


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                12:44pm BBT

                All 6 are hanging in the kitchen General chit chat.- obviously no game talk.


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                  1:42pm BBT

                  Back live with Nat & James in LBR; looks like he is trying to go to sleep & Nat keeps talking to him; then back to FISH.

                  Have had lots of FISH all morning.

                  James - just know that I will be out there waiting for you; never doubt that.


                  • #10

                    Nat - I am just going to lay low.

                    James - just tan; then win HOH and put up people & say this ones for James.

                    Nat - they played us hard.

                    James - whether they win or not, they played good game (Vic/Paul, I think).


                    • #11
                      Nat - should I go upstairs and ask them to play dominoes? (but she doesn't move)

                      James - who got nominated 1st in Roadkill? I think it was Meech, Da got nominated for RK2, then Tiffany, right?

                      Nat - yes.

                      (Now they are starting to study)

                      James - I don't think they are going to ask about RK becuz Vic wasn't in the house for part of it.

                      Both look like they are going to sleep now.


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                        Taking about social media (Tinder, texting) - no game talk.


                        • #13
                          Really nothing happening in the house so I'm out.


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                            ( so sorry ... had an emergency in our household, everything okay now, but had to go take care of things right after work )

                            I'll catch us up quickly ...

                            Of course, it's no surprise that Victor nominated James and Natalie for eviction...


                            • #15
                              BEFORE nominations...

                              James/Natalie ...

                              James tells Natalie that Victor doesn't want her to go home this week...

                              Natalie - that's because I didn't want him to go home

                              Natalie - Paul and Victor really trusted us, then we betrayed them..... it was the ultimate betrayal


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