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Live Feed Updates-Sept 4-Day 82

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 4-Day 82

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    5:50 BBT

    All HGs are sleeping


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      12:27 PM BBT

      Currently Natalie laying out in the sun.

      Victor/Paul talking about family. Vic telling Paul about going back to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Katrina and being raised by his grandma for a year while he was there. He says his grandma was like his mother.

      Natalie was eavesdropping because she added that she was raised by her grandma too when her mom left Venezuela.


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        Going to go back and get some of Vic/Paul conversation from about an hour ago.


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          11:28 AM BBT

          All sleeping except Vic/Paul.

          Vic/Paul take their breakfast outside. Beautiful day out. Paul said this is the kind of day he would take his dogs hiking.

          Vic asks the live feeders who they should evict James or Natalie.

          Paul says probably Natalie. He wants to detach his emotions, but James seems kind of defeated and having given up.

          He sees Natalie turning into Rambo.


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            They discuss how long it took James to finish the POV comp. Then discuss James in other comps.

            Paul thinks James has been throwing comps.

            Vic doesn't like that about people, throwing comps, it really irks him.

            Vic doesn't think James has much of a track record. Vic says Natalie tries, and she is good when she tries.

            Vic says Natalie was all amped up when she came up to the HOH after finishing the comp.

            They are saying how good Corey did, and Paul thinks Corey is another one who lays low in the comps.


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              11:53 AM BBT

              Natalie comes outside and ask Vic and Paul to send her to jury and keep James.

              She tells Vic/Paul she is a fighter. She is not giving up, but James is her best friend and if they decide to keep him she will be happy.

              Paul asks if they decide to keep Nat wouldn't she be happy.

              Nat says she would be equally happy.

              Vic and Paul say they weren't expecting to have this conversation this morning.

              Paul asks what else is on her mind.

              Nat says it sucks to be be separated from James.

              She wants to know where they heads are at, and to please let her know.

              Paul asks her what is her game plan, balls to the wall?

              Nat says she gives the comps her all. Nat says James is her teammate, her ride or die, what is she supposed to do when he is gone.

              She says she is not there for sympathy, if she stays in the game, she is going to give it her all. She is not going to flop over.

              Nat says she would be sad if James leaves, but her demeanor would stay the same. She would be happy if they decide to keep James and she would be happy if they decide to keep her.

              Paul says that is interesting, different. Vic says different.

              Paul asks if she talked to James about this.

              Nat said she did, but she thinks James thought she was joking.

              Nat cares about James, he is her best friend in the game.

              Nat says jury doesn't sound like a bad thing.

              Nat says she knows there target is James, but at the end of the day, there are two sides.

              Nat says she is big enough to leave this game for him. She is big enough to do either or and hopes they will respect it.


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                12:00 BBT

                Nat leaves.

                Vic says 'Get the Fu*k Out of Here!' 'What the heck was that?' 'That girl never ceases to amaze me.'

                Paul says she is trying to do it to get America's choice. It is not up to her.

                They think she is trying to use reverse psychology.

                Vic says America do not buy into this.


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                  1:00 PM BBT

                  James and Nat having a little tiff. Nat mad at James about something. James says he didn't mean to make Nat upset.

                  This is what happened.....Nat was sleeping and James put his had on her leg. She said she doesn't want to show affection on TV, she already told him. James says he woke up at 3:00 a.m., and her leg was over his body.......He must have then put his hand on her leg and now she is mad about it.

                  She says she doesn't remember saying anything, because she was literally thinking.

                  James brings something else up and Nat said she has decided they are just going to be friends, she doesn't want to fight over this stuff, she was literally just talking out of frustration.

                  James says that is not the first time she has said that to him in this game.

                  She apologizes and then says 'Dude, I just campaigned to keep you in this game.'

                  Natalie tells James she is leaving this week and then James never has to see her again.

                  James says you campaigned to save me?

                  Natalie says to keep you.


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                    1:05 PM BBT

                    James gets up and goes inside, walks around the house, and goes in the WC.


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                      1:16 PM BBT

                      James and Natalie are in the LBR

                      Natalie says she is going to James everything she thinks, she is very honest.

                      Nat says do you think Nicole and Corey would fight to save each other.

                      James says they would say whatever happens happens.

                      Nat said if she didn't care about James she wouldn't have campaigned to Victor.

                      James says he told DR he would fall on a sword for Nat.

                      Nat says in her DR's she never says anything bad about James.

                      Nat says Nicole and Corey fight.

                      Nat says she is not perfect, she is going to say things she doesn't mean, she is a human being, this game makes you go a little crazy, she went a little crazy. She apologizes for what she said last night. She doesn't want to have a bad last week with James. If she didn't care about him, she wouldn't have campaigned for him.

                      James says he told Nicole and Corey to vote him out. He didn't campaign to Victor because James is his target.

                      Natalie says Victor is thinking about it.


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                        1:19 PM BBT

                        James says he has been emotional, it is a long season. He has been trying to hold it together for them. He said it hit him, what she said last night.

                        Nat says she is cranky sleeping in these beds, and she hates public affection.

                        James says in real life she is going to make him scared if he tries to cuddle with her at night.

                        Nat says she likes cuddling, but not on TV.

                        Nat says after Paulie and Zakiyah did sexual stuff, she doesn't want people to think bad of her.

                        James said he just had a little breakdown, and his emotions took over, and he slept on it, and it bothered him, he had a bad dream about it.

                        Nat says she sleeps on things and she wakes up happy, clear mind, and refreshed.


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                          1:30 PM BBT

                          Nat says internally she thinks she is going home. She says Nicole, Corey, and Paul want her out.

                          James wonders when she became the bigger threat.

                          Nat says she must make them uncomfortable in comps because she is right up there with them.

                          She says they probably don't want to take the chance of her winning because they don't know what she is going to do.

                          James says they don't know what he will do either.


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                            1:32 PM BBT

                            Nat says she told them to let her know what the are going to do.

                            James says they are not going to do that.

                            They want it to be a secret, they will wait till the very last minute and pull her aside at the last minute.

                            They don't want James to get an inkling that he is staying so he will get hyped up to take a shot at someone.

                            Nat said she told them she was happy if she stays or goes, but she would like James to stay in the game.

                            Nat said they asked her what her motivation is.

                            Nat says she told them that James is her ride or die.


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                              Nat said they said they would give it some thought.

                              James says he doesn't think they realize that Nicole and Corey are the deciding votes.

                              She tells James what Paul said about going balls to the walls.

                              James tells Natalie that Corey snuck in that he and Nicole are the deciding votes, by the way he looked at him. He said Corey said that they don't need to be distant.

                              James says his gut is telling him that Corey is going to blindside them. James says maybe Corey is just messing with him.

                              Nat says she knows Victor is going to talk to James, he said something along those lines.

                              She said they asked if she talked to James about this and she said yes, but James just thought she was joking around.


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