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Live Feed Updates-Sept 5-Day 83

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 5-Day 83

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    5:00 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      Power of Veto Winner Corey did NOT use the veto.

      Natalie and James remain on the block.

      9/5 1:45 AM BBT - Victor and Paul in the HoH room

      Victor to Paul - We might not be his (James') target
      Paul- We might not be....that's why this is a good move for us...Natalie is going one billion percent ....but I would like to keep up the ambiguity still...
      Victor- I am tired of the attitude ( Natalie's )
      Paul- dude, I'm sending her home this week ... she's going home this week...
      Victor- always making herself out to be better than everyone else... in this house
      Paul- more more deserving ...

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        11:29 AM BBT

        Natalie to James- that was a really nice speech ... you said "I'm not going to campaign against her"...

        Natalie to James- we made a really dumb game move trusting Nicole and Corey
        James - it is what it is ...
        Natalie- we should of trusted... who were in this room.. the people we were working with ...
        James -that was my fault...


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          Paul to Nicole- I've been thinking.. which is the right one to send home?
          Nicole- yeah
          Paul - realistically .. I think they would do the same thing... if Nat stayed.. she would probably take me or you out ... why? because she wants to be the only girl.. and realistically .. she knows I would never take her to the F2... and she knows you would never take her to the F2.. .and she would bank on the fact that one of these boys ( Victor or Corey ) would take her .. rather than taking each other...

          Nicole- that's true

          Paul- James on the other hand.. would probably just take out 2 guys...

          Nicole - yeah .. I dunno

          Paul -and bank on taking you ( Nicole ) to the end...

          Nicole- I dunno...

          Paul- but if James seems like he would be easier to beat next week.. we should take out Natalie...

          Nicole - he can't even remember...

          Paul - his own season ...

          Nicole- yeah ... and he's expecting to go ...

          Paul- yeah ...


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            Nicole - what did he say about me?

            Paul- that you were the that told him that we were coming after him...

            Nicole- I didn't ever say that I'm just...I don't know. It's fine

            Paul brushes it off.... tells her that hes' just telling her about the convo ... that he had with James... and what James told him was totally different than what Natalie told him ...


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                Natalie- my arms are so fat, I hate when you touch them...


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                  James- I'm just thinking about what I'm going to do when I get out of here... plan a trip.. take her ( his daughter ) to Disney World...
                  Natalie- she's going to love it ...
                  James speculating if he should fly or drive...

                  James- if I take her to Disney, I want to go all out ... I don't want to take her and have to wait in line for a ride for 22 hours...

                  Natalie- does she want to go?
                  James- she's a child.. of course

                  Natalie- all the walking around ..she's going to be exhausted.. you might want to wait until she's older... might want to bring a stroller...

                  James- she's too big for a stroller.. she walks herself..she's 4...

                  Natalie- I know .. but it's going to be an exhausting day ...

                  They continue to talk about Bayleigh....


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                    Natalie continues to suggest that James wait until she's older ( 8 or 9 ) to go to Disney ...


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                      Victor and Paul playing Pool....

                      Corey ( was laying out in the sun ) BB just called him to the DR

                      Nicole out of the DR now... heading outside...


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                        Paul - hey, today is Memorial Day ... ( ummm ... they truly have been in the house too long )

                        Paul- James, do they do anything for Memorial Day?

                        James- umm I dunno ...

                        Victor- hey, it's Memorial Day guys, hook us up ....

                        They are wishing/hoping for some take out food... Panda Express.. is mentioned...


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                          Paul- James, have you ever been arrested?

                          James - yes

                          Natalie- for what? You've been arrested me?

                          James- to Paul, have you?

                          Paul -no, surprising huh?

                          James- well you don't have your bad ass card with me anymore..

                          Natalie asks James what he was arrested for ...

                          He tells her that it was when Brianna .. "hooked him up good one time " ( custody issues )

                          Natalie- that's not cool..

                          James- but we passed that stage.. it was a family thing.... it wasn't like domestic violence.. it was like a debt thing.... people pretty much know that ...


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                            12:06 PM BBT

                            James continues to talk about being arrested... and then we get FISH


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                              Once back... Natalie heading inside..

                              James joins Victor and Paul at the Pool Table

                              Corey and Nicole settling in to get some sun....


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