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Live Feed Updates-Sept 7-Day 85

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 7-Day 85

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    James and Nat talking (arguing)

    James telling Nat about how some of the stuff she has done has hurt him. He tells her she doesn't have to worry about the relationship thing any more, they are just friends. She says she can't handle any more. She was ready to self evict earlier. Now she is going to be evicted and can't handle any more.

    He blew up on her earlier.


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      9:54 AM BBT

      Lights are on but they have all covered their eyes and are still asleep.


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        Backing up to the bull horn incident: 12:19 a.m. BBT Backyard.

        Natalie and James are in the hot tub area. Vic and Paul are playing pool. James is the first to react to the bullhorn incident as he quiets everyone in the backyard. (You can hear ‘Nicole’ on the feeds, and what sounds like ‘James’, but not much else.) We go to FISH. We are on Jeff Loops until 12:48 and come back to James, Corey, Paul, Nicole and Vic in the Japanese Bedroom.

        When we come back it is to the talk about when Natalie put Victor up on the block. James says he was willing to take the blame because he voted Vic out.

        Paul – it was her decision to put him up there. Team effort.

        Vic says it goes both ways, the argument can be made.

        James is complaining that Natalie won’t let him near her.

        Nicole – you mean you want to cuddle her and she won’t let you?

        James – it’s been coming on for a couple of days. On and off, on and off. I’m like dude, we’ve got 4 days left, we’ve got 3 days left, we’ve got 2 days left and it’s just like I’m tired.

        Paul tells him that if it will make it any better, if he had won HOH he was putting Natalie up. It would have been the same damn thing. That’s just the nature of the game. We are still in the house. You burnt the bridge. We are still in the house.

        Vic agrees it was a good move, a really good move (for Nat to put him on the block). If there wasn’t a buy back I would be out of the house.

        James tells them that Natalie is holding the conversation he had with Nicole on Day 34, “let’s go cuddle in the bumper car” against him. A little talk about how long ago that was, and then James talks about the time he and Corey were talking about going to Dallas to go to the bar.

        Paul – seriously. You’re not married G.

        James told them that it was innocent conversations, that thing with Nicole I felt like I was getting played out, but it just keeps coming.

        Nicole tells him that if someone says your name and my name together she is not happy and probably that shout out thing was not good.

        Paul says to give her the benefit of the doubt, they are in the home stretch and it is stressful. He is wanting to eat everyone alive. That shout out. They are all mentally clocked out. We just have two more weeks, we’ve committed. We’re all done. Paul says he installed a filter in his mouth (really J) that has slowly gone away and Michelle got the repercussions of that one. He is sorry that James has to go through this.

        James is telling him that he is good with the game, but personally he has put so much into her. He tells them that when Paulie told her that James did so much for her and she didn’t appreciate him, he agreed with that.

        Paul agrees that James has invested a lot of time and emotion into this “girl” and he hopes that in the long run it pays out. Paul came in with the mindset that he couldn’t make an emotional connection with someone in the house because of the aftermath.

        James tells them that he told her that if they couldn’t make it in the house, they won’t be able to outside of the house.

        Vic and Paul agree (Corey and Nicole are being quiet). James once again reminds us all that it isn’t his first rodeo. They all laugh.

        Paul to James – two more weeks. You can take the stress out of the situation and see what happens or go back to your regular life. There are lots of fish in the sea bud, but if that’s the one you want to catch, you can try. That’s all you can do is try.

        Paul – we are your friends here. We all have break downs and tough times.

        They talk about the bull horn person not making any difference in the game for them. They are down to five people (after eviction).

        James tells them he is a strong person, with stuff like that, but 80 days has broken the camel’s back. He has tried to hold it together, but he has had enough.

        Paul once again says it is only two weeks, 14 days and Victor points out that it’s not even that, no disrespect, but two days and one of them is going home.

        Paul asks if it is over and James says “with all the **** I said, yeah it’s over”. They all laugh. James says he unloaded.

        Nicole says he couldn’t have said anything that bad.

        Vic says that he needs to have a DR session but Nicole says that there probably won’t be one because she and Corey (and we go to FISH).


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          James told Natalie that he was ready to go to jury. He was going to try to win veto (they laugh about his performance during that comp). He said the “throwing me under the bus” thing and that was the only thing she heard.

          James - I said about the flirting thing about all this other stuff. She denied it.

          Paul says he only asked the question about why he was on the block, because someone was lying to him.

          Nicole wants to know if he mentioned the flirting on Day 1 with Corey.

          James says that he mentioned that it was a little convenient that things did not work out with Natalie and Victor, then she flirted with Corey. She had a lot of information with Paulie. Supposedly you were doing all this, but you didn’t tell me until you got pi$$ed at them. Now you’ve got James that kinda wants to ride it out with you.

          He talks about her actions along with her intentions.

          James - Now that we have two days left, your true colors are coming out.

          Nicole picks up on the true colors comments and wants to know what’s up with that statement. (Apparently Corey must have said something like that to her – remember I haven’t been on the feeds for over a week.)

          Yup, he said it because Nicole confirms that he said that to her.

          Nicole leaves to go to the bathroom and the guys says “the executives”. They talk about the wrap party and how much fun they are going to have. They talk about alcohol and how they have to have someone get them a bottle of beer.
          Nicole comes back and Victor had been laying in her spot in bed and she pouts that he is in her spot. The guys give him sh*t and he moves but he tells her that she pouts.


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            For some reason BB has called them all to the HOH room, and we have fish. 12:45pm BBT


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              12:34 PM BBT

              Victor packing up and moving his belongings downstairs.

              12:35 PM BBT

              BB announces an HOH lockdown.

              12:37 PM BBT

              HG's speculate whether or not there is an eviction today.

              Go to FISH


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                12:55 BBT. Back from fish, James getting into the shower, Paul and Nicole in HOH talking about the argument, with Nat and James.. James in bathroom talking to Corey, says he apologized to Nat. Brief fish. Victor, Nic and Paul still in HOH.


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                  Sorry, I'm out. Didn't know anyone else was there.


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                    Still from early this day (the end of James' talk about 'the argument': 1:20 a.m. BBT James is telling them that Natalie’s goal was to make it to jury because of her bills. Then she wanted to win an HOH. Then F8, now she’s at F6. Like, she’s fine with going but she doesn’t want to give up the game because she wants to keep going.

                    Paul - but she campaigned for you to stay?

                    James – everything was fine until she got that inkling that she was going home and then all he)l broke loose.

                    Nicole wants to know if he got this feeling post veto?

                    James thinks that’s when it was.

                    Nicole – probably because she thought that she might win.

                    Paul says that James didn’t win either so everything is the same as it was so nothing has changed. The nominations are locked. She came to Victor and I after the veto to campaign so….. I don’t understand what her logic is there.

                    James – she hates being on the block with me because she can’t campaign.

                    Paul – maybe that is what it is, a weird limbo thing for her.

                    James – yeah, she wants to stay. She wants to campaign

                    Nicole – she feels like she can’t.

                    James – yeah.

                    Paul – so that’s your fault?

                    James – no, it’s not my fault. But to her, it’s my fault.

                    He goes on to tell them that the stuff has been going on way before they got nominated. He has been sleeping in a bed by himself for 25 days. All her excuses. Then there are days she wants to cuddle, last night we cuddled and the day before and now she wants to sleep by herself.

                    James – I’m not going to take it no more. I asked her what is her endgame.

                    Nicole – what did she say?

                    James - endgame? Yeah, what’s your endgame, with me and you. What are you trying to do? Um, I don’t know. I said a lot of sh*t to her. I ain’t going to lie. I turned into…

                    He talks about the action figures with the nice face, but you turn them around and they are evil. Yeah, he did that to her.

                    James – she was looking at me like who the f*ck is this dude.

                    Paul – well man, if you had things on your chest I’m glad you got them off. At the end of the day, you only have one more day left.

                    I think you have the gist of this conversation so I am moving on.


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                      2:00 PM BBT

                      Kitchen with Nicole/Corey/Paul/Vic playing dominos....

                      BB tells Nicole to change out her microphone in the SR.

                      Then in the LBR we have this.....

                      Natalie tells James to go hang out with the others.....

                      James says he wants to hang out with her because that's what friends do.....

                      Natalie tells him it is going to be pretty boring day hanging out with her.....

                      James says sometimes friendships are boring when you just lay around and do nothing, but that is what you do with friends...

                      James says friends fight and bicker.....

                      Lots of silence.

                      James asks her what she is thinking about....

                      Natalie is hoping her dress fits her tomorrow.....

                      James says he doubts that in three days it went from WOW to okay....she hasn't been eating much....

                      Natalie says she is so excited to go back to her life, she can't wait.....


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                        Natalie says she can't wait to go to jury.....

                        James says jury is pretty sweet, he is not going to lie....

                        Natalie is pumped for it. Asks if she gets her own room...

                        James says yes.

                        Natalie says she is going to hibernate and work out....and bother Michelle and Bridgette...

                        James says she needs some girl time....

                        Natalie says she needs some ME time....

                        Natalie says she will hang out with the girls and even Paulie....never cared....she is going to kick it with Zakiyah....she is going to be friendly with everyone after the show...nice to everyone....its called being tolerant and being an adult...

                        James says he knows a lot about that, he has a lot of responsibilities at home....he has a four year old that looks up to him that he has to take care of.....he can't just quit on someone, even when that feels like the easiest thing to do.....his little girl has definitely taught him that...


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                          2:07 PM BBT

                          Back to the kitchen with Paul shouting 14 fu*king days left people....

                          Paul just says he should have boned Tiffany....Nicole says something and Paul says it was a joke.


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                            2:45 a.m. Natalie is telling James that the megaphone thing really shook her up. James promises her that he never had a F2 with Nicole. They had a F4 with Nicole/Corey and them, but he never talked to Nicole or had a F2 with her. He promises and she says she believes him.
                            She defends herself and says when they were at the pool and he talked about cuddling with Nicole and she realized that she felt like she was shriveling up. That was when she distanced herself because she was so hurt. She knows he is a great guy and he has treated her well, but there have been little instances where my feelings get hurt and she is literally battling in her head not to like him so she won’t get hurt again. And then tonight, this. It crushed her to the point where she almost left the game.
                            James takes a huge breath.
                            She says she doesn’t want to like him again.
                            He tells her that is fine, the ball is in her court. He has breakdowns too.
                            Nat – you called me catty.
                            He says he doesn’t use that word he has just heard it this year.
                            Nat – you turned into an alien, you weren’t James.
                            James says they only have a day left, so she can distance herself if she wants. She can watch the show and see (his actions).
                            She reminds him that she never had a conversation with anyone about going out with a guy afterwards. (She is talking about the time when Corey told James he could hook him up with some girls after the show.)
                            James – that conversation, I was just trying to bond with the boys. That was it.
                            Natalie – but I heard it and it hurt my feelings. I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to fight about it anymore James. She tells him she wanted to stay, and she wants him to stay. She tries to explain that she didn’t understand what a showmance really was. She needs time to be alone sometimes. She explains how her other relationships played out, when the guys hurt her she would push herself away. That’s just the way she is. She doesn’t want to discuss this with America. They don’t need to know her personal life.
                            James on the other hand wants us to know that he sleeps with his hands inside his pants and wipes his ass with his left hand. (Thanks for that.)
                            Natalie says she wears her heart on her sleeve and worries that America has seen her. It hurts that he thinks that she used him.
                            He tries to defend why he said that.
                            She reminds him that he knows her and she tells him everything. This is her first time in this game, it has been hard.
                            He tells her that she has done a good job, and she says and according to you it’s because of you. I know that you have kept me safe in this game.
                            (Now you have a small flavor of what they were talking about as this conversation goes on for a while.) So we are going live with Lynette.


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                              New game started. Corey has been winning. He has had five doubles.

                              Guys teasing Nicole. She goes up to HOH to go to the bathroom. Guys all laughing that there is no toilet paper up there. Nicole comes out and asks them to throw a roll up to her. She says they are not being friends.

                              Corey snickering....


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