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Live Feed Updates-Sept 8-Day 86

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 8-Day 86

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    3:37 BBT

    Nat and James laying in the dark in the London BR chatting. James is giving Nat a back rub.

    Brief fish and all cameras are now on the HoH bedroom with Paul and Vic sleeping.
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    9:44 AM BBT

    Still sleeping.


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      James is in London Bedroom, Natalie is in bed and she goes over that she isn't going to look at any of the HG when she is leaving tonight. She continues to go over how she never threw James UTB. She never said his name when she was talking to Victor and Paul. It is after 1:30 and she is laying in bed. James is having problems with his allergies today.
      In the kitchen the "final four" are playing cards. Earlier Nicole asked Corey to go play cards and he said he wasn't interested, but Victor comes in and asks him to go play and he jumps out of bed and Nicole says "Coreyyyyyyy, you just said you didn't want to play".


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        Natalie - I never should have done this show. James tells her the next time she will have fun, Natalie - they will never call me back. James - I said the same thing. Natalie - if I come back, I will crush all the comps.


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          Natalie - I can't wait (to be evicted). Can the time go any quicker. This is torture. I would definitely never get into a showmance again. No showmances.


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            Natalie tells James he made her experience good, but she would never get into another showmance.


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              I am just going to keep an ear out but if there is nothing of substance I am not going to post.
              Natalie tells James that she had a good summer (with him) and then leaves to get something to eat.


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                      • Julie Chen - For the first time in Big Brother history, 3 duos make up the Final 6. Tonight, either James or Natalie will say goodbye to each other and head to the jury house.

                        We had a segment on James and Natalie arguing about "true colors" coming out.

                        James- I heard you threw me under the bus
                        Natalie- I never threw you under the bus... are you kidding me?
                        James - I don't know what your end game was with me.... but I pretty much sheltered you from this game the whole game. You got into a showmance with Victor, that didn't work out. You were flirting with Corey, that didn't work out..You started your fling with Paulie..... you kept it a secret
                        Natalie- I never had a fling with Paulie. That's disgusting. Who are you?
                        James- who are you?

                        James in the DR - I was genuinely willing to give my game up so that she could go further....this is not how you treat someone you care about

                        Up next, Jeff and Jordan and their baby on the way and a jury segment with Michelle....

                        Jeff and Jordan are having a baby boy ( in 6 weeks ) for those that don't know, they planning on being married on September 24th, but got pregnant during their January trip to Mexico. Found out, went to the court house, got married and ... well now they are waiting for baby boy. ( they can't decide on a name, if it were a girl, they were going to name her Sailor )

                        Julie - Who is going to take it all?
                        Jordan - Victor
                        Jeff - Paul

                        In Jury ....

                        Zakiyah- I feel like the tension has gone down between me and Paulie. We are on speaking terms.

                        Da'Vonne- Zakiyah went right back to Paulie...What did you say, girl?" Yes.... right back to him. Like a fly at a and Bridgette no longer exist? Okay. Bye!

                        Big Meech arrives...

                        Michelle- I am devastated that I'm the end of the day, I feel Nicole's choice was personal over strategic.

                        Da'Vonne- I'm definitely shocked that Nicole won the wall comp. I'm even more pissed that James threw it to her...

                        ( Da'Vonne's face as she watched James dropped out of the HoH for Nicole )

                        Da'Vonne - Nicole is running this house and I am shocked. At first she was hiding behind all these boys....I might have a little beef with her, but she's doing her thing!

                        Michelle- ( about Nicole ) ... Slither your way to Final ... I hope she is here next week

                        Live Voting:

                        Paul - Natalie
                        Nicole- Natalie
                        Corey - Natalie

                        By a vote of 3/0 Natalie has been evicted from the Big Brother 18 House

                        Julie calls Natalie out about throwing James under the bus...
                        Natalie denies ...
                        Julie read quotes from the Live Feeds...

                        Julie- you called James your soul mate, how real is this showmance?
                        Natalie - it's really real ... giggle .. giggle.. giggle... It's really real.. I care about him so much .. he's me in a guy version ...

                        Julie- Is there a chance outside of the house?
                        Natalie- I'm not going to say yes... I'm not going to say no... there could be....

                        Julie - Up next.. who will SLIDE into Power?

                        It's the "Slip and Slide" ... Endurance HoH Competition coming up ...

                        The House Guests will need to get 8 Gallons of Butter into their container... to be able to grab a "floating popcorn" to win Head of Household...

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                          And.. we are LIVE


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                              James is struggling already ( it seems )


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