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Live Feed Updates-Sept 9-Day 87

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 9-Day 87

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    4:00 BBT

    Nicole and Corey sleepily playing and flirting in the HoH bed. A little talk of the comp. Corey only took one sip of water. He thought he was going to die, but just wanted to "so this".

    Sounds like they are winding down.


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      8:43 AM BBT

      Still sleeping


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        9:19 AM BBT

        Lights are on but no movement.


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          10:07 Corey is up and making breakfast. He runs up to the HOH room and wakes Nicole up. She is a bit whiney.


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            10:13 AM- Nicole has come down to the kitchen and she and Corey are talking about who is the smartest between them. Nicole says Corey is smarter and Corey says she is. Just general small talk right now. Everyone else is asleep.


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              10:24 AM - Corey and Nicole talking about the comp last night. Nicole thinks it's "sketch" that Victor was rooting on Paul and giving him tips on what to do. She thinks that it was odd if they truly were in a final 4 together. Corey says if Paul had won, they would be doing the same thing this week (taking a shot at the NiCorey).


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                Corey gives a shout out to his family and tells them that he is hanging out with "Snakole" listening to her complain. She asks what she is complaining about and he says he is just kidding. Nicole tells him if she wins HOH, that she will have gone the entire season without being on the block. They are trying to figure out what the next comp will be. Nicole heads upstairs to use the potty. Corey goes to use the one on the main floor.


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                  Corey tells Nicole that they (Vic & Paul) should have put Corey up next to James because Nat was on their (Vic & Paul) side. Corey said they were stupid. He and Nicole go over what Corey could/should say when he nominates them. They think that Corey should say that Paul has doe nothing to help Victor throughout the game.


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                    Corey said that he might say that he has been loyal to James throughout the game and that it's their (Paul & Vic) fault that they game him James back. If they had kept Natalie, Corey would have been after her this week.


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                      Nicole and Corey have gone back to the bed in the HOH room. Nicole is going to sleep while Corey is listening to his music and eating an apple. Btw, there was a ron of hammering and sawing going on outside.


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                        Victor is up and is cleaning the kitchen. Nicole is in the HOH bathroom putting on makeup while Corey is laying in bed teasing her about being a floater, being an actress, etc.


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                          Paul and Victor are in the HOH room with Nicole and Corey and James is in the DR. Paul & Victor have been trying to get a bit of trash talk going about James but Corey is not biting. For instance, Paul asks about James being in the HOH last night and being sneaky and probably trying to throw them under the bus. Corey says he was up there, but mostly talking about Natalie. The Vic & Paul are saying James gave up during the comp last night when he started crawling, and Nicole and Corey talk about how difficult the comp was, so it kind of took the wind out of Paul & Vic's sails. Vic has put on Corey's headphones and is kind of dancing around, the others are laughing about the falls & difficulty of the slip-n-slide comp.

                          *Ok, when I say they were trash talking James, I don't mean that they were being jerks. It seemed more like they were trying to feel NiCorey out if they were still anti-James. NiCorey just seemed to be trying to deflect the conversation away from James. I hope that makes sense.*


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                            Paul and Victor head to the kitchen to make themselves something to eat. They both look pretty down but are trying to find the positives with Corey having HOH. They still feel a bit "sketch" with NiCorey. James comes out of the DR and starts making something to eat for himself. Corey is called to the DR and the cooking fellows talk about massages and what the veto comp might be. They all laugh at the thought of Nicole's face if Corey put her on the block.


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                              12:50 PM BBT

                              Nothing much is going on now. They are still trying to figure out what the next comp will be. Paul heads up and starts up the same convo with Nicole who was listening to music under the blankets.

                              **So with that, I am out. Will try to keep an ear on these goofballs, but I have a few things I want to get some things done. **


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