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Live Feed Updates-Sept 10-Day 88

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 10-Day 88

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    All HGs are sleeping.


    • #3
      12:10 BBT

      Only ones awake are Nicole and Corey.

      Corey still in bed in HoH.

      Nicole putting on makeup. Nicole has talked about Jury House, how nice the mansion is. She says the F4 person won't get to go there. They will just meet the rest of Jury at the Roundtable.

      Nicole told Corey she has really been working on brainteaser puzzles, Sudoko, etc. to increase her brain power for going back in the house, but says it hasn't worked.

      Nicole tells Corey she is the last Super Fan left in the house.

      Corey still sleepy and hasn't been adding anything to the conversation.


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        Feeds went to loops @ 1:15 PM BBT for the PoV Competition ...


        • #5
          4:15 PM BBT

          Three hours of Jeff and Derrick.


          • #6
            Fours hours of Jeff and Derrick!


            • #7
              6:20 PM BBT
              Now at 5 hours of Jeff & Derrick


              • #8
                We're back...

                James didn't win ...


                • #9
                  It was the BB Comic

                  The veto necklace is hanging on the wall ..


                  • #10
                    Victor walks into the bathroom .. grabs Nicole .. tells her that he can't be mad at her forever...


                    • #11
                      Nicole tells him she's glad.. it made her sad...


                      • #12
                        She walks back through the kitchen .. (Corey was at the kitchen island and could see ) ... she walks into the bedroom, sorts through drawers and mumbles to herself " Corey can't be mad at that "


                        • #13
                          It's not official yet...

                          But I'm pretty sure Nicole won


                          • #14
                            Confirmed... Nicole won PoV

                            (Victor will most likely be evicted for his 3rd and final time this week )


                            • #15
                              They discuss the comics...

                              Michelle was a BIG baby ..

                              They say she will be pissed because she was SO BIG ...

                              Frank's comic said "he will whoop your ass...literally".....Paul thinks it was cause he slapped Da'Vonne's ass.. the others say they didn't make that connection ..

                              Corey was dress as an elf in his.. his "missle- toes" were shooting at a snowman ...

                              Nicole was in Corey's comic, she was in her BB16 Germatard...

                              Nicole had her very own comic ( Corey was not in it ) .. with her Safety Suit ...

                              She's thrilled she was in his... ( he's indifferent about it kinda/sorta ) ....

                              Victor's was about his ElFitVic name

                              Tiffany's was something about "an emotional wrecking ball"

                              Bridgette's had "Cabbage Patch Kid" in it ... and Mr. Jenkins ( the plant )

                              Bronte's was something about a Mathematician ..

                              Paul's was Motor Mouth ...

                              Paulie's was a baker...


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