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Live Feed Updates-Sept 10-Day 88

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    Corey- Why does mine say "you can kiss your ass goodbye"?

    Nicole- Cause I feel like you are kicking me to the curb

    Corey- no ... I thought it was you trying to kiss me...

    Nicole- no ...

    Corey to Nicole- Maybe it's you kissing my ass goodbye

    Paul- Corey, stop bro. It's not getting better

    Nicole- but if you are mean about me secretly .. that would make sense...

    Corey- I'm not .. I say good things about you ..

    Nicole -I'm not worried about it at all ...


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      James says he got a promotion ... last year he was Captain Camo.. this year .. it was Colonel... ... but they put a General Star on there...


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        Final Five... enjoy a steak dinner...


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          This is my first attempt I hope I don't suck too much.

          The four guys sitting in the kitchen.

          They are talking about wearing thong underwear and how uncomfortable it would be. Corey says he feels sorry for Nicole because she has to be in the house with 4 guys. Paul then says she is the Paulie in the house because Paulie is stuck in the jury house with all women. James says Paulie is in heaven because he is all alone with 5 women. Paul says yeah, five women who hate him! They all laugh.

          James- I was the only guy in the jury in my season til like the 7th jury member. It was alright. I had Meg in there with me. But, it was chick flicks every night and they would always out vote me for everything.

          Paul-Yeah but the girls in your season were nicer than the ones this season. You didn't have Bridgette, you didn't have Meech or Tiff.

          Corey-Tiff wouldn't be in jury.

          Paul- I bet she would be way cooler in jury. Out of this environment. I'm going to give Tiff the benefit of the doubt.

          Apparently they are really sore from the POV comp. Corey says he can't move his legs and Paul and Vic agree theirs are sore too. James is washing dishes.

          Corey- 10 more days guys.

          Paul and Vic- oh yeah...(as if they will be relieved)

          James- 13 more days guys

          Vic- Nah, f**K that James, we're not doing that. (as if he doesn't want to hear that)

          Paul- James...uh, when you are in "not" jury... and then we get fish.

          Victor is telling them about the second time he was evicted and his reaction to being told by Julie he was getting another chance at BB. He acts it out by pushing his chair away from the table as if he were sitting out on the stage being interviewed.

          James is saying that Survivor contestants get 10,000 just to show up for finale. Then we got fish...


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            Nicole – who do we want to send home this week. It’s going to be mental comps.

            James wants Paul to stay, they think Vic can win. Nicole points out that it took Vic 29 minutes to finish the last comp and he was the only one who wasn’t sore.

            They ask Corey and he says he’s fine with whatever they decide.

            James points out that he can’t play and what if they suck.


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              James - every move from here on out really counts. Nicole says but we've got to really think. It's fine because third times the charm. He might win himself into the finals if he stays.


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                Corey tells them that they are the vets so they can decide. Corey then says that he was messing around during the comps. He finally figured out by listening to music how long each person was taking during the comp so he knew he was ok. Nicole says that she even talked about the comics while she was out there. Her time was in the 16 minute range.


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                  James - I didn't have to do anything because I knew she won it.
                  Corey - Vic is good under high pressure situations. He kinda blew it.
                  James - that was not his comp.
                  They all agreed that they need to send him home. He has won his way back in.
                  Nicole says that she knows that Paul is super intelligence. They talk about Paul's comp wins and the fact that he wins when he needs to. Nicole says that she is concerned because Paul is so smart and from here on out she believes the comps will be mental. She is good with getting Vic out and will do what they want to do.


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                    James thinks they need to evict Vic because if they don't he will slip on by. He has won 6 comps in the house (9 overall).


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                      Nicole points out that Corey also has 6 comp wins and he says he only has 5 and stop putting a target on his back. If they send Vic home it will look good and show that they weren't afraid.
                      Nicole is worried that the guys (Vic/Paul) can talk and she doesn't want to sit next to them in the F2. When the jury came back (for the battle back) all the girls liked both Vic and Paul.
                      They decide that they have to give the jury a reason to like them (Corey/Nicole/James).
                      Nicole says that the jury will be happy to give the money to either Paul or Vic.
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                        Corey - one of us needs to win the next HOH and put Paul up. It doesn't matter as long as he doesn't win veto.


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                          They talk about who would be put up next to Paul. Nicole says that she knows if James wins he would have to put one of them on the block and the other would be the sole vote to send Paul home.


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                            Talk turns to what the next HOH might be. Nicole - I think it's days. James - but that can be a veto. Nicole talks about her season. Nicole says it has to be a days comp soon, either HOH or veto. They have to have study sessions because Paul can not win that comp.
                            There is no veto meeting so they are sure that no one will be evicted tomorrow.
                            Nicole wonders if maybe three people will be sitting on the block at the finale because they can't figure out what is going to happen in the next couple of days.


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                              Her reason is that there were three sitting on the block at the beginning of the season. She opines that maybe America could vote to break any tie.


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                                Paul is up in the HOH taking a shower. James/Nicole/Corey are just chit chatting in the house. The camera keeps panning on the TV screen (in the living room) but nothing is on it, then it moves to the departures for a little while, and moves to the Safari Lounge where it lingers on a mask on the wall and then another wood carving and then goes to FISH.


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