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Live Feed Updates-Sept 11-Day 89

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 11-Day 89

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    5:00 BBT

    Everybody sleeping


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      11:25 BBT

      Jeff loops (I assume it is the Veto ceremony)


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        Noon BBT

        All 4 cams on Vic, Paul, Corey, and Nic sitting in backyard general conversation about HGs.

        Paul says as far as the smartest people in this house, I would say it's this 4. Bronte may be smart. Bridgette may also be smart.

        James just walked into the BY and joined the group. Once James joined, they stopped talking about other HGs,

        Nicole - did you go to the DR yet; about the hug (to James)

        James - No



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          James - the person that leaves next will only be a couple of days with the jury; or straight to round table.

          BB - You are not supposed to talk about production!!!


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            They are talking about Dr. Will. How old is he? Nicole says he hasn't aged a bit.

            Nicole - he's the most vampirest person I know; his' skin is so white.

            BB - Nicole please go to the DR.

            (Thanks for my LFP button :-)


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              Paul - Vic, you should request your suitcase.

              Vic - I'm not going to ask for it.

              Paul - I have mine already packed. Have kept it packed all this time.


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                Talking about Josea at the Veto meeting in his underwear.

                No game talk.

                Corey - I didn't know about him (Josea) because he kept coming up to me and saying "I don't know about you".

                James started singing and back to FISH.


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                  Nicole has returned from DR so everyone is in the BY. Vic picks up Nicole and lifts her up high in the air before putting her down.

                  James & Corey are going to play pool, then Nicole takes a pool stick.

                  James - look at Nicole, just coming here taking a pool stick. She's trying to take away guy time.

                  Nicole - what do you think? Everyone evicted all the girls and I'm the only one left.

                  Now they have put down the pool sticks and everyone has headed into the house to figure out lunch.
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                    They think that someone is going to be evicted tonight. I assumed that Veto Ceremony has occurred and that's why they are thinking the eviction is today.


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                      Corey is doing dishes & everyone else is milling about the kitchen. General chit chat; nothing much happening.


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                        12:55 - Somehow all 5 HGs are participating in the making of mashed potatoes. LOL


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                          I'll catch us up a little bit...


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                            James and Nicole talked about Natalie ...

                            Nicole asking if they are "just friends" or "dating" ... ?

                            James says he talked to her about being "just friend" but then her speech ( her calling him her soulmate ) confused him...

                            Nicole tells James that if Corey said she was his soulmate.. she would think they were getting married...


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                              Nicole tells James that she doesn't think that he's into Natalie that much because he's already talking about other girls...

                              James tells her that he is into Natalie ... but he "expecting the worst and hoping for the best" ( from her when they both are outside of the house )


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