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Live Feed Updates-Sept 12-Day 90

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 12-Day 90

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    3:55 BBT

    James, Vic, and Paul talking and laughing in the London bedroom. Apparently farting and talking about farting. James telling them that it is common for asians to be lactose intolerant.


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      At 8:40 AM BBT we get FISH as they start waking the HG's up.

      At 8:54 AM we come back to James and Vic awake but still in bed. They are talking about how many days they have left in the house. Paul comes into the bedroom and says he wonders what's with all the arts and crafts projects that BB put out for them. James tells Paul that making the tie-dye shirts is fun. Paul is not having that. Vic says that Paul is trying to find some deep conspiracy theory about why they have been given this new stuff ,when in fact, it's just because they are all bored in the house. They are all joking around and laughing.

      They are talking about why BB woke them up this early. Paul says it's so James can play with ****ing play dough. Now talk turns to boy talk, boners, stiffies, poop, (blerg).

      Meantime, Corey and Nicole are in the HOH bed sound asleep.

      9:01 BBT Fish!

      After about 10 minutes of Fish! we go to Jeff Loops! Perhaps for the entire day.


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        How weird is it with no feeds?




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          Today. while the feeds are down... they will do Eviction and a HoH competiton ....

          Tomorrow - ( Tuesday ) ... Nominations and the Veto Competition ... ( feeds will return after the show airs on the West Coast )

          When the feeds return... we will have our Final 4.... and we'll find out who the nominees are .... along with who won the Power of Veto ( this house guest will cast the deciding vote on who stays and who goes to jury )

          Wednesday .... PoV Ceremony ... Eviction.... and then Part One of the Three Part HoH Competition


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