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Live Feed Updates-Sept 14-Day 92

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 14-Day 92

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    Corey and Nicole just went to bed. Sleepily talking. Nicole says that she hopes Corey doesn't forget her and then they go back and forth a little bit because he doesn't say he won't forget her. He finally capitulates and says (a little sarcastically if you ask me) "How could I ever forget you..."

    Now Nicole wants to know how he is going to handle other girls who throw themselves at him. He laughs at her. She says whaaatttt, she's concerned about it.


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      10:06 AM BBT

      All HG's up. Corey in DR.

      HG's discussing schedule and what is going to be shown tonight, and when HOH will start.

      All HG's have been in and out of DR with their POV shirts on from last night.


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        10:10 AM BBT

        Jeff Loops probably until later this afternoon when HG's will be getting ready for live show.


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            1:06 PM BBT

            Feeds came back at noon.

            Nicole practiced her eviction speech to herself.

            Corey and Nicole talked about F2 questions, whether or not he should answer serious or funny to help her out if she is in F2.

            Currently James and Paul talking about how popular BB really is and if Paul will be recognized when he gets out of the BB house.

            Nicole and Corey were talking about how things they could say to James to persuade him to keep Corey.

            Paul gets called to DR, but is out pretty quick.


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              1;10 PM BBT

              Nicole is practicing her speech again.


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                1:14 PM BBT

                Nicole has her speech memorized as she keeps saying the same things over and over......

                Corey, the best decision I made in this game was asking you to be my ride or die day one.

                Corey, you are so kind hearted, sweet, and compassionate, and intelligent.

                I didn't even know guys existed like you, to be honest.

                Ugh, I need to get this down fluently, I'm panicking

                Julie, you look really beautiful.

                Hi mom and dad, Jesse, love you guys can't wait to see you soon.

                Paul and James congrats on F3. That is a huge accomplishment.

                James you are going to do what is best for your game.

                Spends the rest of the time gushing over Corey.....

                Wash, rinse, repeat....

                She does add she is going to miss cuddling with Corey.


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                  Over and over she practices.

                  Corey comes in the bathroom and wants to go over his speech with Nicole....

                  Nicole wants to tell Corey her speech....

                  He is going to go first.


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                    1:22PM BBT

                    Corey tells Nicole his speech.....

                    Corey going to say to Paul Friendship.

                    Going to beat his heart and say James Texas.

                    Going to say to Nicole he is not going to leave the house without getting to first base with Nicole, and then he is going to grab her and kiss her.

                    Nicole is now telling Corey her speech.


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                      Nicole tells Corey there may be a possibility that he is staying because Paul said to Corey 'Are you ready to rock and roll' and then said to Nicole that they would be friends.

                      Corey tells Nicole that no he is leaving. Paul told them that last night.


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                        1:26 PM BBT

                        Corey tells James and Paul they will like his speech.

                        Paul tells him not to think about it too much or he will forget it.

                        Paul forgot something he wanted to say about Michelle in his speech.

                        They are discussing what time the show will be shown tonight.

                        Nicole tells them the show will be at 8:00 PM ET tonight, and 5:00 out there.

                        Paul says that is assuming that they are showing this live tonight.

                        Paul says he was kicked out of his room today.


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                          1:30 PM BBT

                          Nicole says she has liked Paul from the beginning. She could have put Paul up right away and she didn't because she liked him.

                          They are talking about Frank now.

                          Talking about his girlfriend is going to beat him up and will be bringing him to the show in a wheelchair because of they way he carried on with Bridgette.

                          Talking about Bridgette cuddling in bed with Frank after telling everyone she can't sleep in the bed with a guy.

                          Moved on to talking about Tiffany, and what a cute girl she is. Discussing whether or not Vanessa is older or younger.


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                            1:35 PM BBT

                            Nicole curling her hair in the bathroom.

                            Guys talking about kids and when they are having kids, how far apart to have kids, what kinds of sports the kids will play.

                            Paul talks about how long he has been playing guitar, taught himself piano, bass, drums. He can play the ukulele. Drums were hard to learn.


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                              1:40 PM BBT

                              Paul asks James if he would let his kids get tattoos.

                              James says she can get something small when she is 18, he wouldn't be against it.

                              Corey says he would let them do whatever they want. He wouldn't give them a curfew. He says he will be their best friend, but he will be their worst enemy too. He is not against tattoos. He wouldn't recommend they get one before 18 or maybe 21, because they might regret it one day.

                              Paul wants his kids to run it by him first and get one that can be hidden. Paul says they won't be taboo when his kids are 18.

                              More talk about tattoos.


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