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Live Feed Updates-Sept 15-Day 93

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    Nicole up. Time for breakfast. Cereal and coffee.

    James just walking around kitchen, dining room, waiting on his toast.

    He is making a turkey sandwich......well he is thinking about it....smelling the turkey....examining the bag....sell by date is 9/11....having Paul smell it....Paul says a little smell.....Nicole sniffs....says it is rotten....guess James will not be having a turkey sandwich.

    BB calls Nicole to the DR.

    James decides to make a ham sandwich....except now BB calls him to the DR because Nicole is in the bathroom getting ready for the DR.


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      5:45 PM BBT

      As soon as James leaves Paul tells Nicole that James said the reason Nicole is sleeping all day is because she is sad.

      She is sad that Corey left, that she is a girl, she is checked out.

      Paul thinks James is setting him up.

      Nicole says that sounds like Nicole better win since James is checked out.

      Nicole asks if James has been doing anything today...studying?

      Paul said no. James was making a house of cards when he got up.

      Paul tells Nicole he is so sneaky and it is pissing him off.

      Paul tells Nicole that James thinks it is in James best interest not to win.

      Nicole calls James a turd.

      Paul tells Nicole that if he and Nicole are battling to the death, James thinks they both will take him.

      Nicole saying that she is not taking James to F2.

      Paul says James is hinting to him that he does not want to win the next comp.

      Paul says James demeanor is that he is banking on Paul and he is banking on Nicole, so why win.

      Paul said James is saying he feels bad that he is not bringing anything to the table.

      Nicole says James thinks he is golden. Nicole wonders why James is so happy.

      Paul asks Nicole if she is boning him. She says no......James comes back.

      Nicole called to the DR.


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        5:52 PM BBT

        Nicole leaves and Paul tells James that he needs to win one.

        James says he wants to win at least one.

        Paul says he is very confident and his mentality is better than Nicole's. He thinks he can beat her.

        James says he is confident too, he doesn't think Nicole's head is in the game.

        Paul tells James that Nicole screwed him over.

        Paul says he doesn't have Nicole's vote either, he doesn't give a fu*k though. He doesn't want to psych himself out.

        James says he has come a long hard road.


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          5:55 PM BBT

          James says it so cool that he and Paul are left. America is going to like that.

          Paul says Natalie and Victor are going to sh*t.

          James says whenever Paul does it, James is going to scream, that's for you Natalie, and that's for you Victor. He is going to tell Natalie to pick out that white dress.

          Paul says it is a big deal that they teamed up and beat.....

          Nicole is back.


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            Nicole says she is tired, she is ready to go back to bed. She goes back to bed in Tokyo Room.

            Paul says if she doesn't want to sleep they could have a little Friendship chat.

            Paul cleans table in the kitchen and LR.

            They are going to go chill.


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              They go to Tokyo Room, but Nicole is going to sleep so they go to the LR.

              Paul says he is so bored. He says when he gets out of there and drinks it is going to be a sh*t show, because his tolerance has gone way out the window, he is going to have so many hangovers.

              James tells Paul to soak it up, enjoy it, enjoy every minute that he can, don't feel bad about it. James has dealt with his regret. He was so humble about it the first time. He says its not like they are gloating about it, but they just need to enjoy it, like it is their time and their moment. They need to not feel like it is bad to celebrate.

              Paul says there is nothing to talk about.

              Paul is saying his pinkie is hurting, he can't feel it.

              James asks if he talked to them about it. Paul said no.

              James said well you did say you would cut off your finger for a half a million.

              Paul said that was his right finger.

              They say that will be the next comp.

              Now they are talking about cutting off their finger, bleeding out.


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                Paul asks James if tickets to the final show are free or if they cost money, if you are a fan.

                James says they probably cost money, because there is a limited amount of space.

                Paul assumes the crowd is bigger on finale.

                James says it is.

                Paul asks if Jury members get a family member to come.

                James says no, only F3 get family members to come.


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                  Nicole is not sleeping. Just laying there moving her fingers sometimes, possibly counting.


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                    James asks Paul what they are going to do next after they eat. Will they go back to sleep.


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                      6:11 PM BBT

                      Paul yells and asks Nicole how many questions you need to get right in the final.

                      Nicole says it is best of 7.

                      Paul says so you have to win 4.

                      Paul asks if it True or False.

                      Nicole says it is A


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                        6:27 PM BBT

                        James goes by camera to LBR and says what's up America.

                        He goes to check that no one is around and comes back.

                        He is going to give us some updates, don't know if it is LF's or not.

                        He says he is in a really good position right now, has to be careful because people listen, but he is in a really good spot.

                        Nicole does not 1,000% take Paul.

                        Paul doesn't want to take Nicole.

                        If Paul does take Nicole, it would be a blindside.

                        Once Natalie was gone, he hasn't had to win any comps.

                        James says that happens sometimes when you are a likeable guy.

                        James says Paul is not taking Nicole. Nicole is not taking Paul.

                        If Nicole takes Paul, he will be blindsided.

                        Worst case scenario is that he doesn't win anything in the final.

                        Tells his family he loves them and will see them finale night.

                        BB calls out Paul......Did you wash your hands?

                        James calls Paul a sick fu*k.

                        Paul says, dude, there wasn't any soap.

                        James laughing that Paul got called out by BB.

                        James thanks BB for keeping the germs down.


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                          6:33 PM BBT

                          James is back. He says he is glad BB called Paul out.

                          He is talking to his family about coming out, naming friends.

                          Says hello to James fans, F3. He is in the best case scenario.

                          He just needs to bring it home. If he is in F2, he has to bring home that finale speech.

                          He says if there are any polls this season and he is not their pick, he is really sorry.

                          He says it has been an emotional season, got into a showmance. He is ready for a relationship because..........

                          Paul comes in. He calls James a bouche ass MF.


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                            Paul thinking about doing some packing up.

                            He is definitely going out with this motherfu**er.....


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                              6:38 PM BBT

                              James says he is just chillin and reflecting.

                              Paul brings up the jury and will their minds be set when they get to the finale.

                              Paul wonders if their speeches will sway people.

                              James says to be honest, their ride or dies won't change their votes. People on the fence may change their votes.

                              Sometimes at the Jury Roundtable, with Dr. Will bringing up points, it may change some votes.

                              Paul tells James he needs to get in the right head space because he has a comp coming up.

                              Paul says he is in a good head space. Paul doesn't want to let his family down.

                              James says he won't let his family down, he's got this, he's come this far.

                              Paul says he hopes so.

                              James tells him not to sweat about it now.

                              James says Tuesday you will start getting your receptors on. Until then, just be steady.

                              Paul says he needs to stop thinking about Jury. He can't control it. He did what he did. Fu*k it.

                              James says Paul's job is to get to F2.

                              James says Jury has been in there a month, month and a half, you never know what they are thinking.

                              James says he will either win $50,000 or $500,000.

                              Paul says he seriously needs to stop thinking about Jury because it will fu*k him up. He just wants to win something. Neither dollar amount will change his life, but he doesn't want to let his family down. He feels like he has aged from 22 to 26.

                              James again says this isn't his first rodeo. He learned to be a lot calmer the second go around. He is not going to lie, but it is hard. He tells Paul he is in a good spot, and just needs to win one more comp. Then he has to leave it up to fate.

                              James tells him not to worry about Jury. None of them can control it.

                              James tells Paul again, one more comp win and he's got this.

                              Paul says he is going to go decompress somewhere and clear his head space. Paul says it is surreal, he never thought he would have made it this far.

                              James says he has pulled a rabbit out of his house. Paul says he pulled out a dear.

                              Paul leaves.


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                                6:44 PM BBT

                                James says America, BB does not stop at F3. He has to make sure he is cool with Paul and Nicole. If he loses, his only hope is that one of those two people take him. It is a social game. He only won one comp this season. And the only reason he won that was because Paulie was on him that he needed to win something. James says he was planning on not to win anything and show America that you can win BB without winning a comp, and just playing a good social game.

                                James says he almost didn't get nominated the whole season, and not winning any comps, and still winning BB, that would have been huge.

                                Fingers crossed. If he doesn't win the next comp, he hopes Paul or Nicole pulls him to the end, one last time. He definitely thinks he has the jury votes.

                                He has Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette, Da', Corey. That's his five jury votes.

                                James says it is so close, it is nerve racking. Third place sucks, you walk out with nothing, and you are this close to a half a million dollars. That is a rough feeling.

                                He tells us alright, he is going to sleep. He also said he is doing all this talking and the feeds probably aren't even on.

                                He can't wait to get back to a gym and get fit again. For all the people planning to be on BB you are either going to lose weight or gain weight. If you go on Survivor, you are definitely going to lose weight.


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