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Live Feed Updates-Sept 15-Day 93

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    6:50 PM BBT

    James finishes his talk and is going to sleep.


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      In the meantime, Nicole gets up and goes to the Safari Room to cry and study. She starts crying that Corey deserves to be there. She wants to stop crying and think about the next comp, but she can't. Corey was her best friend, her comfort. Corey made her feel so safe.

      Nicole still crying and Paul comes in the Safari Room.


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        6:49 PM BBT

        Paul says James is playing Vanessa and Derrick's games. He is combining them into a weird,fuc*ed up game. If he is in the end he is going to win.

        Paul says fu*k that.

        Paul tells Nicole that James is sucking up so bad for them to take him and he won't have to do a thing to get there.

        Nicole says James slips up a lot.

        Paul tells Nicole she is the better player, she needs to win the next comp.

        Paul says James is so coc*y. Paul had to work his a** off and he doesn't want to drag James to the final.

        Paul wants to be up with Nicole and not have to worry. Paul says if James is up there he will win the game. He doesn't deserve it.


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          7:15 PM BBT

          Paul still working Nicole that James doesn't deserve to be in F2, and if he is he will beat them.

          He is going over all the people in the jury who would vote for James.

          Nicole says she is frustrated that James got this far.

          Paul tells Nicole he hopes that she isn't annoyed that he keeps checking in on her. She says she isn't.

          Nicole tells Paul not to let James study anything.

          Paul says he will keep him up and just tell him that Nicole is in their crying.

          They are going over the spelling of Da'Vonne and Zakiyah's names, Michelle, Corey with an e, Bridgette. They spell out each person's names.

          Nicole tells Paul that James never even bothers to study.


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            7:30 PM BBT

            Nicole is saying that James does not remember anything, he must be pretending.

            Nicole says James wants credit for his game play, he can't hold it in.

            They are talking about James saying it is not in his best interest to win comps.

            Nicole talking about James throwing the black box comp.

            Nicole telling Paul that James was super close to Corey forever, but for James to sit in front of Corey and take the $5,000 in that comp it was brutal.

            She says James has played ruthless.

            She says James can't keep it in, he brags.


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              7:35 PM BBT

              Nicole tells Paul that he doesn't have to state his case to her, she wants to go against the best, if she loses to James, she would never forgive herself.

              Paul wants to know how he can show his loyalty to Nicole.

              Nicole says she knows that Paul is being genuine.


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                Nicole doesn't know if she is getting credit for anything in this game.

                She doesn't know if she is being portrayed as the ditzy idiot. She is telling Paul what she has done in this game. She says Michelle thinks she floated, and they are going to think that she had Corey as her shield.

                They are talking about this being the hardest season, because they have had to talk so much about people crying (DR).


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                  Natalie says it is good that Natalie is gone, because now they can see how James really is.

                  James still sleeping.

                  Paul told by BB to lower his microphone.

                  They start talking about getting to F2 together.

                  It's 7:48 PM BBT. (I'm getting tired, so I am out for the evening.)


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