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Live Feed Updates-Sept 16-Day 94

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 16-Day 94

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    8:28 AM BBT, All Cams

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        3:38 PM BBT

        HG's have been up quite a few hours, mostly playing cards today and general chit chatting.

        Nicole has been the one visibly studying. She studied faces at the memory wall, cropping pictures with her hands for a possible morph comp. She is in the Tokyo Room studying who was HOH, noms, etc.


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          Paul and James are in the kitchen cooking. Paul is marinated some type of fish dish and James is going to make some queso.

          James had some fishing stories to share with Paul.

          Paul's fish marinating.

          James cutting peppers for his queso dip.

          James keeps saying Paul is bourgeois....six times for those playing the drinking game

          Paul not knowing what queso dip is causes most of the bourgeois comments.


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            James has added all the shredded cheese in the house, and lots of cellophane wrapped cheese. He says they will have queso for the rest of the season. Then he said the pan was peeling off and went to the sink and fished out some black pieces and went back to the stove and added more cheese. Paul asked him what happened to the black stuff, and James said something like it will just add more flavor.

            James told Paul to squeeze some lime in there for some flavoring.

            Sampling begins.

            James says it is the shi**iest tasting queso ever.

            Nicole comes in and asks if they have tried it.

            James says yes, it is the worst queso he has ever had.

            Nicole says it tastes like cheese singles.

            James says that's because that is what it mostly is.


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              4:01 PM BBT

              Paul's tuna is getting high marks from Nicole. It is spicy, but good.


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                Nicole was really coughing from how spicy the tuna was, then she had some tuna caught in her throat and had to go to the bathroom to cough it up.

                Paul says he is killing Nicole, prompting James to say Final Two.


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                  4:10 PM BBT

                  BB tells Paul and James to stop singing.

                  Nicole back in Tokyo Room, saying how sore her throat is.

                  Paul is doing the dishes, and James is pacing around.


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                    Paul comes up to James and whispers, Are you good....Are you ready?

                    James just grumbles.


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                      Paul walks through Tokyo Room on his way to LBR. He whispers to Nicole that James is just walking around pacing.

                      Nicole says to herself....if he beats me....


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                        Someone who had the yellow Zingbot shirt left it behind. They are thinking it may be Paulie's. Paul says it is his now, he may give it to a fan.


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                          They were thinking that the comp is going to be tonight.

                          Then Nicole said they are still working hard outside, maybe it won't be until tomorrow.

                          Nicole said that they did tell her it may be in a couple of days.

                          BB tells them they are not allowed to talk about production.


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                            Nicole talking about Corey. It is like there was a death.

                            James and Nicole discussing if they did bad things in the house (Nicole/Corey and James/Natalie)

                            Nicole asks James if he and Natalie kissed. Nicole says James is 32, he can kiss her. Nicole says maybe you don't kiss and tell.

                            Nicole saying her and Corey kissed a lot. Passionate kisses, doesn't think there was tongue. Guys say no tonsil hockey.

                            Paul says he would have boned in the Paris room.

                            Nicole says they kissed but not a lot. James says no wonder Corey was walking around hurting all the time. Nicole questions what that means. James says from being pent up.

                            James is on to talking about Paulie and Zakiyah, talking about them doing it in the bumper car.

                            Wondering how did Paulie and Zakiyah do it in there, they can see James and Natalie because they were small. Discussing the different positions Zakiyah and Paulie would have to incorporate.

                            Paul talking about the live feeders watching, camera zooming in.

                            James says people don't realize how the cameras can see clear as day in the night. The night vision cameras are really good.


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                              Paul says Paulie and Zakiyah will be having some good GIF's coming out.


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