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Live Feed Updates-Sept 16-Day 94

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    They are looking at pictures on the packages of underwear models and asking Nicole if they are better than Corey.


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      Storage room was just restocked. HG's are in there checking it out. They got chocolate moose tracks ice cream, cookies, sirloin steaks, hummus.

      Guys are going to lay down now.

      Nicole wondering what kind of construction is going on outside, lots of banging going on.

      Paul saying he needs to get his head in the right space.

      Nicole was going to play solitaire by herself, but she doesn't know how. She goes in and asks the guys if they want to play golf. They are tired and going to rest.


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        4:34 PM BBT

        Nicole decides to play cards by herself.

        (I am out for awhile.)


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          8:00 PM BBT

          Since my last post you haven't been missing much......

          While James and Paul slept, Nicole talked out loud to her friends and family.

          She said she really tried hard to win Part One of the HoH, but her body just gave out and Paul could have stayed on the rope forever. She hopes Part Two is mental, and has really been studying hard.

          When James woke up he and Nicole talked about various HG's. Da'Vonne needed to go when she wanted to target the showmances. Talked about Michelle. Nicole said at first James wasn't close with her. James said he got closer to her because of Natalie. Both said that Michelle told them they collect information but never give it out. They say that's playing Big Brother.

          When Paul gets up they play cards. Talk about staying up until 9:00 and then going to bed......that's when BBAD starts. They went to sleep last night then too, but were woken up by POP TV bringing them sushi so they would stay awake for the show, rather than showing three hours of them sleeping.


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            8:30 PM BBT

            Nicole snacking in between giving herself a pep talk that she needs to win the next comp.


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              Baldwin, the Eagle is yesterday's news.....there's a new Owl in town named Orwell. He was given to them last night by PoP TV.


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                Paul is packing....


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                  James is doing a bit of studying out loud, while Paul is packing.

                  Nicole in the kitchen and Paul comes in there and tells her that James is studying and has their names spelled wrong and he has told James that Tiffany's name is spelled with one 'f'. ( I don't know why, but they have really been spelling out each HG's names, I guess they think they need to know how to spell their names correctly for the upcoming comp.) Paul tells Nicole some more things that she needs to study. He is whispering to Nicole tattling on things James has said.


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                    8:45 PM BBT

                    Paul packing up Paulie's Zingbot shirt that he left. He is keeping it. Going to make a shadowbox of things from the show.

                    James is going to throw Orwell the Owl out to the audience.

                    Paul wanted to throw Pablo out to the audience too, but Michelle took him. He is not going to throw his mini Pablo, it is small enough to pack.


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                      Paul packing his athletic shoes, won't need them for any more comps. Talks about his last comp being on the scales. Says no one will beat him on that, his eye is on the prize.

                      James tells him he's got it.

                      James points out a huge pile of Paul's things sitting in a corner. Paul says he is not taking that stuff, he is leaving it.

                      Meanwhile, it sounds like Nicole is doing her meal planning for the rest of her time in the house out loud. When she was in the kitchen she was saying she is cleaning out the refrigerator tomorrow.


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                        Paul is not going to wear his nice suit jacket for finale, too hot, and will get wrinkled from hugging a bunch of people.

                        Paul going to wear this hat or the red hat with a comfortable shirt, and he is going to carry mini Pablo, and he will NOT be throwing him to the audience.


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                          Nicole back up in the bathroom.

                          It's midnight my time, BBAD starting, so if you all have that you can watch Paul pack and Nicole wash her face and pick it in the mirror.

                          Paul done packing, he and James head to the kitchen.

                          Now all in the Tokyo Room. They think Part Two comp will be tomorrow.

                          BBAD on, so I am out.


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                            Nicole won Part Two of the Three Part HOH Competition

                            Paul and Nicole will face off LIVE on Wednesday in the Final HoH competition of the season.

                            The winner, will pick who they want to take to the F2 ..


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