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Live Feed Updates - September 17 - Day 95

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 17 - Day 95

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  • #2
    Nicole won Part Two of the Three Part HoH Competition

    Paul, Nicole and James in the kitchen ...

    Nicole- I'm playing the the Final HoH competition, I'm a Big Brother Fan, this is a dream come true...

    Paul- congratulations ...

    Nicole- I can't believe it! I'm just going to be like "what's up mother freakers" !!

    James- well I don't do good under pressure .. so y'all can have that ... y'all two battle it out.. and may the best man or woman win.. and umm .. yeah.. you know...

    Nicole to James - you did good James,, you did ...

    James- thanks Nicole...

    BB calls James to the DR ....

    Paul and Nicole will face off LIVE on Wednesday for the Final HoH competition of the season.

    The winner will pick who they want to take to the Final 2.


    • #3
      Nicole - smiling from ear to ear says- ouch, you're going to break my ribs!

      Paul lets her go ...

      Paul to Nicole- we won Big Brother!!

      Nicole - I know, I know!


      • #4
        ( James is in the DR )

        Nicole to Paul- I think he legitimately tried on that one ...

        Paul - I don't give a ****

        Nicole- I know .. but I wanted to legitimately beat him


        • #5
          Paul - oh yeah you did

          Nicole- he tried..... 19 minutes.. he tried.. that's good for him

          Paul- yeah he tried hard as ****

          Nicole - that's harder than the BB Comics and he got 35 minutes in the BB Comics

          Paul- no he tried...


          • #6
            Nicole- he ( James ) is scared now, he has to be nice, he can't be ****y ...

            Paul- dude, the whole time I was upstairs, I was like .. Nicole win this comp, Nicole win this comp, Nicole win this comp

            Nicole laughs

            Paul - I'm so proud of you ..

            Nicole - thanks


            • #7
              Paul- I told you .. you were going to kill it ...

              Nicole- I went in very confident.. I had to .. I had no other choice...


              • #8
                Paul- oh my God, Nicole... we're done .. we won

                Nicole- I know.. I can just chill


                • #9

                  Paul- I'm telling you there's nothing in the world any body can say .. I'm taking you to the Final 2...

                  Nicole- yeah, that's how I feel too


                  • #10

                    Nicole- it's going to be funny to see .. how ****y he's been ... but I'm going to tell him I'm not taking him though ...

                    Paul laughs..

                    Nicole- if he asks...


                    • #11
                      Nicole- I'm just happy he tried.. I didn't want him to throw that to me.. and he didn't ...

                      Paul- he tried in the first comp and he tried in this one...

                      Nicole- he'll pretend he didn't .. ( try )


                      • #12
                        Nicole- if anything he need to win one of them. to back him up ... I mean what has he even done...

                        Paul- nothing...

                        Nicole- but he thinks he's the best player...


                        • #13
                          Paul talks about how much he got into James' head this week... telling him he had to win .. etc...

                          Nicole- he was nervous ...

                          Paul- do you realize how gangster we are going to look.. when they do a flashback and show that this was the plan ..

                          Nicole - yeah ...

                          Paul- and that we were able to complete the plan ..

                          Nicole- I'm just so proud of you for winning endurance...


                          • #14
                            Paul- I just didn't want any risk of him winning.. and now .. we've won ...

                            Nicole- yeah!

                            Paul- one of us has $50,000.. and one of us has $500,000....

                            Nicole- yeah!

                            Paul- and is 3rd place going to suck dick and balls.. yeah it is homey ..

                            Nicole- yeah


                            • #15
                              Paul- and I want you to know .. if I win HoH .. my speech to him..

                              Nicole- I don't even have anything prepared.. I wanted to win this before I even thought about that ..

                              Paul- my speech to him... the 6 times I was on the block.. I'll be like hey, James ... in the 6 times I was on the block, I only had 2 votes to evict and you were one.. and in that same week Nicole saved me and broke the tie breaker.. so guess what .. you wouldn't be in the Final 3 .. if it weren't for me.. if it were up to you .. I wouldn't be here and you wouldn't even be here.. so Nicole, thanks for saving my life...

                              Nicole - it's like it doesn't even matter at this point...

                              Paul- I've been thinking of that speech for so long now ...

                              Nicole- I didn't want to jinx anything... until I won that comp....


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