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Live Feed Updates - September 18 - Day 96

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 18 - Day 96

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    Currently 9:48AM BBT
    All Cams
    F3 all sleeping


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      12:09 PM BBT

      Nicole in the Safari Room. Going to practice her F2 speech.

      First she shows her scrapes and bruises that she got in the game. She says it is very hard to be here this long, she just wants to finish this.

      She says there is a big difference between $50,000 and $500,000. She wants the $500,000, she wants first place.


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        To get to first place, first I have to be able to talk well, and show people what I have done in the game and why I deserve to win.

        So, I have to have my answers completely figured out is....

        Why do you deserve to win $500,000?

        What is your biggest game move? I don't even know.

        Why do you deserve to win over Paul?

        Why do you deserve to win over James?

        I need to have all my bases covered for floating and for social game.


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          So the gist of material that I can use is...

          Day One I came in and I was called a Snake, Day 1. Came in and called a Snake.

          Then I lost three competitions, the next day, Day 2 I had to fight for my life, stranded on a island, with three other people, convinced I would go home.

          Had to convince two strangers to let me have the first HOH. I had to put it in their heads that they wanted to give it to me.

          So right then the strategy started.


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            Nicole in Safari Room 12:08 p.m. BBT
            She talks about how hard she has worked to be there. She fought so hard and then she shows us her battle scars (she has bruises on her knees). She says there is a big difference between $50,000 and $500,000 and she wants to win this game, be no. 1. She needs to be able to speak.
            She needs to put forth her biggest move, why she should win over James/Paul, her social game, floating.

            Day 1 – I came in here and I was called a snake. I had lost three competitions and the next day I had to fight for my life in this game. Stranded on an island with three other people, one of us going home. After I won that, I had to convince two strangers that I did not know at all to let me have the first HOH. I couldn’t seem to, I had to put it into their heads that they wanted to give it to me. So right then the strategy started.

            I made a ride or die alliance with Corey and we rode for a long time together. Every single week, him and I would work together. I was working with the girls, he was working with the boys to ensure that each other were safe. I maneuvered the block on several occasions, I even offered to go up on the block twice and then quickly regretted it and had to figure out how to get myself out of that scenario. I feel like I definitely aligned myself with the right people at the right times.

            My social game, I tried to stay on good terms with most people and if people started feeling me pulling away that’s because I knew I couldn’t stay loyal to you so I didn’t want to make any promises. I didn’t want to back stab, it wasn’t easy. I didn’t want to lie, so instead I just withdrew from hanging out with you. It just became easier to hang out with Corey. I knew I would never back stab him and I trusted him 100%. In this game I’m, I can be emotional so I knew if I got to close to anybody else they would start pulling on my emotional strings and I would make emotional decisions in this game. Never once did I make an emotional move, um, simply strategic the whole entire game and I mean, trust me, there were several times when I wanted to turn around and change my mind because I was mad.

            When Michelle called me a snake on live television, on a live show, do you know how bad I wanted to vote her out but I bit my tongue because it was best for my game to keep her in this house because she was such a big tar, she was putting a big target on her back anyway. Every single week I strategically made sure that I was in the best position that I could possibly be along with Corey. I tried to make sure, I would deflect so many things. I’ve gotten called out more than anybody else in this whole entire house all season and I sat on the block the very last week because I lost a tie breaker question about seconds. I was very close and I was sitting on the block and I had the most call outs of the season.

            I would say my biggest move in this game would probably have to be, let’s think about it.

            Alright, so Paulie just went home, it was obvious that Corey and I were completely on our own. It was 5 on 2. I needed to strategically convince Natalie when she was HOH and Michelle was Co-HOH, to strategically put up two of their own numbers and it worked. Literally, (hands out) convince them. They later regretted it and were crying and put all the blame on me. Got attacked by Paul. Had to deflect that again, rebuild all relationships in the house and I still survived that week and so did Corey. Um, I would say that was a pretty big move. After that I continued, pulled out the wall HOH comp, um, and aligned with Paul and Victor the two strongest, some of the strongest people in the house, and we just bulldozed through the next couple of weeks. I’d say that was my biggest game move.

            She asked a questions as though she is expecting it to be from one of the jurors:

            Do you think that Corey and then she says: Corey absolutely helped me in this game but I think I helped him too. He was very likeable, very personable. Everybody loved him, he was everybody’s favorite. He was a smooth talker. Um, I would give him that credit every day. I mean, I couldn’t say enough great things about him, but when it came to strategy he, I believe I was the one behind it with all the brains.

            Like planting seeds. I know everyone overuses that, but I definitely planted seeds a lot. I felt people out a lot and I can read people. I knew when something wasn’t going to go how I thought it was going to go and I tried to fix that. But I would say random things in conversations that I know would affect certain people in certain ways that were true and that way it would cause them to think about things. Um, I 1000% know that Corey helped me in this game. I like to think that I helped him just as much, and the fact that I’m here and he’s not kind of boggles my mind but somebody played the game emotionally and that’s why I’m here (she smiles).

            James, that was not strategically a smart move for him to keep me in this house. So it just goes to show that he plays emotionally. He promises Natalie to get Corey out, he got Corey out, um and Corey would have took him to the F2. I honestly didn’t want to take him (and we get Fish. Maybe production is getting into her head?)

            When we come back from the fish she is sitting quietly and then:

            Hey guys, she is mumbling and then says in these final two seats but in all seriousness I hope that you can see. I want to say thank you to Corey, and then backtracked because she doesn’t think she can say that, she has to give herself the credit. Coming back into this house was more than a difficult situation. I didn’t know if I was ready to come back. I came back, you know, called out Day 1,

            I was the biggest target at that point for a couple of weeks and you know I didn’t know if I was ready for that, but thank you to Jozea because that definitely kept me in the game. I’m here to play this season. I’m not here to set back and get drug along anywhere. I needed to fight to be here, I wanted to be here so I’m going to fight to be here.

            I chose to pick one ride or die and I did the entire way. That was my strategy before coming in the house and luckily I found Corey that I would never betray and I trusted him 1000% and him and I worked many sides of the house.

            I was very strategic in my moves. I was able to come up with a plan when I needed to and put into action. Most of the time it worked in convincing two people, not even one, but two people to put up two of their own.

            Sounds like she is circling around this again so I think you have the gist of what she plans to say.

            Looks like Lynette is here, so I am out and heading to mass.


            • Lynette
              Lynette commented
              Editing a comment
              Looks like you have it finished so I can stop, thanks!

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            I made a ride or die alliance with Corey and for a long time we rode together.

            Every single week he and I would work together, I was working with girls and he was working with boys to insure that each other were safe.

            I maneuvered the block several times avoiding going on the block. On one occasion, I even volunteered to go up on the block, then quickly regretted it and had to figure out how to get myself out of it.

            I think I aligned myself with the right people at the right times.


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              Ladycop finished above, so I will stop transcribing her speech.


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                1:26 PM BBT

                Nicole talks about Frank and says he really holds grudges. He hated Bridney from his season.

                Paul asks James and Nicole if Michelle was really Dan's cousin. (On her way out the door, she said she was Dan's cousin.) Nicole says they are from the same area, went to the same college. Nicole thinks she is telling the truth.

                Paul says he is going to walk out and say he is Kim Kardashian's cousin. Just kidding, said if he were Kim Kardashian's cousin, he would be on a fu*king remote island getting a massage. He says the first thing anyone says when he says he is Armenian, is they ask if he is related to the Kardashian's.

                They all say where they want to eat when they get out....Nicole China King....James Whataburger...Nicole has never heard of that. James tells her when she comes to Texas to visit Corey they will go to a Whataburger.


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                  2:32 PM BBT

                  Backyard opens.

                  Paul and James putting the awnings down. Nicole comments that Corey could do that all by himself.

                  Paul says it is fu*king hot outside.

                  James yells that BB needs to get automatic awnings.


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                    2:49 PM BBT

                    Paul outside playing Jenga.


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                      Nicole is laying out.


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                        James is laying out.


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                          2:54 PM BBT

                          No talking going on. Occasionally, Nicole goes and dips in the pool to get cooled off.

                          (I am out, may check back later on tonight.)


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                            I'll catch us up ...

                            3:10 PM BBT

                            Paul working on his speech ...

                            Paul - as a first time player of this game.... no offense Nicole, I can honestly say I worked my ass off to get where I am....from the second you saw me walk through those doors ... you thought there's loud and crazy one that's going to go first.

                            The reason I survived the block 6 times is cause of my strategic maneuvers throughout the house...


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