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Live Feed Updates-Sept 19-Day 97

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 19-Day 97

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    Everybody sleeping


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      8:41 AM BBT

      Lights out, still sleeping.


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        10:18 AM BBT

        James and Paul are sitting outside chatting. They have talked about possibly being on Bold and Beautiful, people who have left the house this season and how it affected their game, talking about possible jury questions, etc.


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          10:27 AM BBT

          James is called to the DR and Nicole comes out. Paul is talking about how weird James was with him. Paul asks Nicole if James really told her that he could beat Paul in final 2? Nicole says James said he could beat both of them.

          Talk turns to general bad-mouthing James.


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            10:38 AM BBT

            Paul is called to DR and James comes outside. Nicole is quizzing him on whose votes James thinks he would get. He says only two for sure, Natalie and Michelle. Nicole is surprised and brings up the others in the jury house one by one. James explain why he thinks he won't get their vote. James doesn't think he would be able to beat Paul (this is the opposite of what Nicole had told Paul that James had said).

            Paul is out of the DR and joins them. They talk about past comps and people that were in the house this season. Paul says there were a lot of bluffers this season.


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              11:32 AM BBT

              All three are still in the backyard and they are talking about what it would be like to go on Survivor. Paul thinks he will die, Nicole thinks she would get super skinny real fast, Jamrs thinks he is the perfect weight to go on the show because he has the weight to lose. James tells Paul about Caleb having heat exhaustion and having to be air lifted and the girl that had a bug deep inside her ear.


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                11:37 BBT

                They have now decided CBS should put them on Amazing race (after yelling out to Survivor people they should try to do the BB house because it is harder). Paul and Nicole talk about how they would be the perfect partners for Amazing Race. After listening to them for a few moments, James tells them to get a room. (hahaha)


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                  1:35 PM BBT

                  Nicole practicing her speech again. She says she needs to keep working on why she deserves the $500,000.

                  James is playing with play doh in the Safari Room.

                  Paul is in the back yard working on his speech.

                  Nicole finishes and goes in the BR, greeting James in the Safari Room on her way.


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                    Paul comes inside and tells Nicole there is a warm drizzle outside and feels like earthquake weather.

                    Paul goes back outside, lays in the hammock, and starts repeating his speech again. He is moving through it pretty fast.


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                      1:46 PM BBT

                      Drizzling stops.

                      Nicole joins Paul in the hammock.

                      They are talking to each other about their speeches. Nicole says no one better call her a floater.

                      Talking about their HOH and comp wins. Paul wonders if they should bring that up.


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                        1:48 PM BBT

                        Paul and Nicole were talking about Victor's comp wins and James comes out and joins them.

                        Talk moves to this being earthquake weather and earthquakes.

                        On to talk about James and his hair.

                        On to talk about Nicole's ex Hayden.


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                          Paul talking to Nicole about a guy that is a jeweler in Vancouver that had a glass house and he is describing everything in the house.

                          James just milling about the yard.

                          You can hear thunder in the background.

                          James starts playing pool.

                          Back to talking about earthquakes and where they need to go if there is one. Safest place to be is in an open field.


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                            2:00 PM BBT

                            Nicole starts talking about tornadoes.

                            Paul tells her there is a movie called Sharknado. Nicole doesn't believe him.

                            Paul starts telling her about it and we keep getting FISH.

                            James finishes up his pool game and walks around. Starts playing again.

                            Paul talks about missing his parents. He says being on this show has shown him what is really important and all the little crap that we thought was important is not. He doesn't care about his phone or social media anymore. Paul says he probably won't be posting much when he gets out.

                            Nicole says it was never important to her. Nicole says her kids won't have much technology stuff, no kindles or ipads, they are going to get sand boxes. Nicole says money is not important to her.


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                              4:21 PM BBT

                              Nicole gathers Paul and James in the LR and has a message to read them. She starts reading it......HG's your summer is about to get....FISH for about three minutes...then we come back and Nicole reads a card that BBOTT is going to be starting on CBS All Access in another week, and to sit down and watch the commercial.

                              After the commercial, she reads another card to go in the SR and get a board and write messages to the new HG's. They are not really happy about this, and why do they have to give the new HG's tips. Nicole disappointed and thought they were getting a puppy.

                              Paul wants to know if they can swear on the message board.

                              5:40 PM BBT

                              HG's finish working on the board.

                              When they finish Paul thanks BB for this shocking, fu*king twist.


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