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Live Feed Updates-Sept 21 Last day

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  • Live Feed Updates-Sept 21 Last day

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    Three cameras on the sleeping HGs. Camera 4 is on the departures sign.


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      Good Morning!

      It's a bittersweet day here at BBU ...

      We have enjoyed sharing this season with all of you ❤️

      As we make our way to tonight's season Finale and look towards this new "Over The Top" season, we have some news that we need to share.

      Normally at this time, we're looking to the off-season of Big Brother ... I think that one of our members actually summed up what normally happens here at BBU when a season ends...

      When asked the question:

      Since the new "Big Brother Over the Top" season will stream exclusively on CBS All Access, do you think you will use this website more or less during the new season?

      They responded... that based on family, work, etc...

      "have to pull away from BBU ...This place is like a 3-month family reunion that happens every summer, but the time comes when it's time to go home and back to work"
      Which is typical and understandable... BUT

      Even though a good number of you do have to pull away, get back to family,etc. there is a good portion of you who when asked the same question- use BBU more or less.... others said

      they would rely on BBU MORE .. because since Over the Top is exclusively online.
      So with that .. comes our dilemma...

      This new Over The Top Season gives us pause ...

      Will people just not watch, will they watch it all online and not need/rely on BBU,.... OR ....will they rely on BBU more than in a normal season, because they won't have the time to "online watch"?

      We would LOVE nothing more than to continue to provide coverage, just like we have for the past 14 years here with most of you.

      We will do what we can financially to stay afloat, but we can't do it alone.

      This Over the Top, is going to happen and we want to be here for you, in whatever way you need us, but we'll need support.

      During a "normal off-season' we always like to remind people that BBU is always here, we do talk about Survivor, the Amazing Race and BBFanShan always has her Fantasy Games going on.

      BUT .. this isn't going to be a normal off-season...

      We have the opportunity to cover this new Big Brother season Over the Top ...however, we can't do more forward without support.

      In order to move forward with the bandwidth and expenses, we'll need to raise at least $500.00, to cover the initial cost for October.

      We look forward to continuing this adventure with all of you, ( you know you'll be peeking in ) !!

      Thank you for any help you can give ❤️


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        9:18 AM BBT

        HG's are up.

        Paul says they will be talking to America/Live Feeders in about 30 minutes.

        (I'm not able to be here then, if anyone can post it would be much appreciated.)


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          9:41 AM BBT

          Last morning in the house for BB 18 HG's.

          BB told them to clean the kitchen and do the dishes, because last night they announced they were not doing the dishes.

          Paul is the one doing the dishes....

          James sweeps the floor.....

          Nicole says good bye to the Live Feeders....

          Nicole says thanks for watching them all summer.....its gotten crazy in here....just wish us all good luck today.....see you guys on the outside....I'm scared to death......been locked in here for 99 days and I don't know what the real world is like........

          Paul says thanks feeders, hope you were entertained by my stupid a**......

          They discuss new iphone coming out and Paul is upset that it is already out and he will have to wait two months....(yep! sorry Paul)

          James doesn't care he is a Samsung guy.

          And with that we go to Jeff Loops at 9:46 AM BBT

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            (thanks Lynette, you're awesome )

            So long ... #BB18

            CBS All Access Exclusive: Stream the Backyard Interviews LIVE with the Big Brother 18 Houseguests, TONIGHT after the Big Brother finale.

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                Here we go!!

                If you would like to join in on a LIVE Survivor Discussion... please join us HERE

                Why not play the BBU Survivor Fantasy Game, check it out HERE

                You can also join a LIVE Big Brother 18 Discussion HERE

                HoH Part One Winner...


                HoH Part Two Winner...


                Nicole finished this competition in 7 minutes 24 seconds vs. James 19 minutes and 6 seconds

                Corey arrives to the Jury Round Table...

                Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette and Zakiyah all talk about how great James' game has been
                Corey and Victor do not agree, with Corey saying James has been checked out.

                Zakiyah says Paul played a great social game.
                Corey says Paul had Victor as a shield
                Victor raves about Paul

                Da'Vonne says Paul the player is phenomenal .. but Paul the person is a different story.
                Natalie and Michelle say that "Paul is mean"
                Natalie - at the end of the day Paul has played a great game but the words that come out of his mouth are unforgivable.

                Natalie - I respect Nicole's game 100%
                Michelle- ( about Nicole ) no comment... come back to me...
                Paulie- Nicole not only kept herself safe but she kept the other person closest to her safe as well
                Natalie- She (Nicole) sent home Jozea. I'm sorry but even Mr Jenkins could have taken out Jozea
                Bridgette - Where Nicole's game fails is that a lot of girls coming into jury are bitter
                Da'Vonne- Nicole lined herself up with men to protect her and to guard her cause she learned her lesson from last time
                Michelle- I don't think that Nicole played a better game that Paul or James did

                Shocking News... Michelle is crying...

                The fans get to vote either Jason or Jozea into the Big Brother Over The Top House

                CBS Big Brother Over The Top premieres one week from tonight! We'll be talking about it HERE, stop by and join us!

                Time for Final Round of the HoH Competition of the summer!

                Round 1 - Both Nicole and Paul get a point
                Round 2 - Both wrong - neither get a point
                Round 3- Neither gets the point.
                Round 4 - Paul gets the point and leads by 1 point ..
                Round 5 - No points for either
                Round 6- Paul gets a point. Paul leads by 2 points
                Round 7 - Nicole gets a point

                Round 8 - Both get a point

                Paul wins the Final HoH Competition

                Paul votes to evict James ...

                James becomes the 9th member of the Big Brother 18 Jury ...

                Paul and Nicole are the Final 2

                Julie Chen to James - are you surprised you made it far without doing much in the game?
                James- not really.... I took a lot of advice from the greatest players

                It's time for the Jury to ask 3 questions to Nicole and Paul ...

                Natalie to Paul- ( she talks about how he's crude/rude and asks - Why should I give you my vote when you didn't give me respect?

                Paul says he's loud/crazy, can't hide his personality/craziness and has nothing but love for them

                Michelle's question for Nicole is that the jury is having a hard time pinpointing her biggest move to deserve winning the $500,000... what was it?

                Nicole says her best move was convincing Natalie to nominate two of her own allies in Paul and Victor and then with Michelle as Co-HoH...

                Corey to Paul- some of the jury members think you are a great strategist but I don't see it.... he asks how?

                Paul - how? 6 times on the block and only 2 votes to evict... always putting bigger targets in the house .. I'll take that ...

                Victor to Nicole - he says she aligned with a lot of the guys, him included, was it strategy or was she just riding their coat-tails?

                Nicole- whose coat-tails?

                Victor- ours.. the guys..

                Nicole- oh .... obviously I worked with a lot of you guys but I definitely think that I was the brains behind a lot of it.. and I just sat back and let a lot of it happen...

                Zakiyah to Paul- why do you deserve to win?

                Paul- no offense Nicole, other Vets... but this is my first time playing this game and I can honestly say I worked my ass off

                Paulie to Nicole- Why do you deserve to win?

                Nicole- I gave 100% 1000% of the time. I was constantly working day in, day out ... coming in as a vet, you guys knew my whole game. I feel like I had nothing to hide

                James to Paul - were you ever planning on honoring that Final 2?
                Paul- Nicole relayed everything back to me but you did not

                Paul and Nicole give their final speeches...

                It's time to Vote...

                Da'Vonne is up first, followed by Zakiyah, then Bridgette.

                Paulie is next... very hard decision, both played an excellent game, one on the block so many times, one escaped the block many times, will give my vote to the person that I think played the best game...

                Michelle votes, talks about being a super fan, hard decision between them...

                Natalie - congrats .. both kicked butt, proud of both ...

                Victor - probably thinking I might be coming back in the house any second ( everyone laughs ) .. sitting ducks for life!
                Corey- Nicole looking good!
                Paul- thanks bro!
                Corey- love you both, both played great game.

                James - just seen y'all... lots of emotions going one, both played a great game, proud of both .....

                Votes are locked...

                Julie reveals votes... need at least 5 votes to win

                James votes Paul
                Corey votes Nicole
                Victor votes Paul
                Natalie votes Nicole
                Michelle- Paul
                Paulie- Nicole
                Bridgette- Paul
                Zakiyah- Nicole

                It's all tied up with Da'Vonne vote coming up to break the tie...

                Da'vonne - Nicole

                Nicole wins Big Brother 18

                Julie Chen - First time ever.. a woman has won the game against a man in the Final 2

                Top Three for America's Favorite - Victor, Natalie and James ..

                And..the winner of America's Favorite and $25,000 is ...


                Thanks to all of you who joined us for this season. We will be covering Big Brother Over The Top ... stay with us right here at BBU!!!

                Big Brother Over the Top is ONLY accessible on CBS All Access...

                Ready to get signed up?

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                  Jeff is LIVE in the #BB18 backyard...

                  Please consider donating using our PayPal button and/or sign up for CBS All Access using our banners on the site (must be a NEW subscription, use a different email address if you've signed up before).

                  Both ways help support BBU.



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                    Glenn tells Jeff that a lot of people told him on the streets that they weren't watching the season after he left, because they didn't want to watch the 20 somethings...

                    He says he was most surprised at James' vote for Paul, but thought all the votes were wrong, compared to what he thought they would be...

                    Jeff's Dollar Store Gift to Glenn ..


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                      Frank says he was surprised at Paulie and James' votes...

                      He says he's happy that Nicole won .. it's who he wanted to win ...

                      He says he's replaying what he "could have done" differently in his head.. all the time and hopes he can come back for All Stars...

                      Jeff's Dollar Store Gift for Frank...

                      Gas Masks...


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                        Bridgett is up ..

                        Bridgette tells Jeff the Jury house was "tense and awkward" ... and it was all because of Paulie.....

                        Bridgette- no matter what we would say.. he would find a way to verbally attack us...

                        Bridgette- I do think that Paul played a better game.. just like Nicole said, she said .. things went her way most of the game and she didn't have to do anything...

                        She says she thinks that it would have been 8/1 if Paul had taken James .. instead of Nicole...

                        She say she will keep in touch with everyone except Paulie

                        Jeff's Dollar Store Gift for Bridgette...

                        He says it "looks like her" ...


                        • KennyERJ
                          KennyERJ commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Bridgette just said it best, "Paul made a $500,000 mistake." She thinks the vote would have been 8-1 (the one being Natalie, of course) in his favor if he had taken James to Final 2.

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                        Tiffany says she thinks Nicole deserved to win ...

                        She says she was surprised how emotional she was in the house ...

                        She says she was "rooting for Victor for a while" and was glad he won America's Favorite...

                        Tiffany - I kinda shot myself in the foot, not playing hard enough ...

                        She says she thinks that she and Da'Vonne "will be cool" outside of the house

                        Jeff's Dollar Store Gift for Tiffany - a bag of eyeballs "because she wasn't seeing things clearly" ... he says he didn't want to do "tissues" ....

                        He asks if she would play again ...

                        Tiffany- yeah I think so


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                          Julie Chen with Jeff..

                          She says she was surprised that Paul didn't win ...

                          Julie- my gut was telling me Paul, but he didn't handle the Jury questions well... they were short and not apologetic ...

                          She says that Victor was "very deserving" of America's Favorite ...

                          Julie talks about Big Brother Over the Top....

                          12 new House Guests.. One returning House Guest .. Jason or Jozea... you vote ...

                          You will also get to vote for the Winner of #BBOTT

                          Wednesday is the Recap show ... followed by a Live Eviction ....

                          Saturday and Sunday's .. there are "Safety Ceremonies"... and if your name isn't called by then .. you are nominated for eviction ...

                          No Dollar Store Gift for Julie, he didn't know she was coming to his interviews


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                            Da'Vonne says "Jason all the way for #BBOTT"

                            Da'Vonne- Vote my baby in this house!

                            Da'Vonne - the jury house was hell... Paulie was in there and he ruined it ...

                            She says that she loves Zakiyah, but needs her to "value her worth" and not be around/with Paulie ...

                            Da'Vonne- You (Nicole) got burned by Christine and then came in here and burned every single girl

                            Jeff asks what was her downfall this season ..

                            She says "her mouth" again ...

                            Jeff asks about her vote for Nicole...

                            Da'Vonne- she played a hell of a game...

                            She says she was shocked that people voted for Paul, thought more would vote for Nicole...

                            Da'Vonne- she came in to win BB and she did ...

                            Da'Vonne- I would not have voted for James...

                            She says she would come back in a couple of years... not right away ... being gone from her baby was rough ...

                            Jeff's Dollar Store Gift for Da'Vonne

                            A "web" of "lies and deception" with a "hair whip" that he had Jordan braid ...


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