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Big Brother Canada- Season 4- Discuss Episode 11- March 24, 2016

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  • Big Brother Canada- Season 4- Discuss Episode 11- March 24, 2016

    Episode 11- Special 90-Minute Episode Airs Thursday, March 24, 2016 @ 8/7c PM on Global TV

    The 4th Eviction of the season takes place. The previews say there's a "fake" double eviction, whatever that means. The next HOH Competition will take place or at least begin.

    NOTE: This topic is for discussing the TV episodes only so no spoilers from the Live Feeds here, please. Thanks!
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    Live outside Canada? Watch episodes live HERE.


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      Yeap, we're doing the family get-together at 7pm tonight so unfortunately I won't be here to watch with you tonight, Ophelia. Let me know what happens, please.


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        oh shoot, and I'm here late...lots of chat going on about who's voting for who...Jared, Cassandra, Phil, and maybe Tim seem to be leaning towards keeping Kelsey...but whoops, Jared says: she's trouble, and he's had it with maybe he's keeping Raul?

        Now she's curled around Ramsey...Jared's having possession issues, she's trying to convince him she's only flirting because 'they' need them...

        Way to objectify yourself, Kelsey


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          Arissa announced at the top of the show, that it's an hour and a half tonight, due to the 'fake double eviction' the evicted houseguests will be sequestered in a secret room in the house that no one knows about, and in 7 days one of them will return to the house.


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            Maddy tells Phil she doesn't want to hang out so much with Phil drags Nick over to tell him, he's hurt...Maddy giggles. (weird people)

            Mitch wants Raul to stay, and he tells Raul since he won't campaign for himself, he'll campaign for him. Cassandra and Tim say they need Kesley here to keep a bigger target around.
            Cassandra thinks Raul will come after Tim and Cassandra
            Now she's telling Phil to keep Kelsey. Neither Kelsey nor Raul is campaigning for themselves, they are getting others to do it for them.
            Cass tells Phil-dick that if Kelsey goes, the house is going to come after him (Phil). Phil now wondering what to do

            Raul hugs Phil-dick but still does no campaigning. Both Kelsey and Raul say they want to leave it to fate...

            Jared and Kelsey make out behind the stuffed dog...first kiss, so they say.


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              I sincerely hope that when Phil-dick and his brother get out of the house, they watch this show together, and Phil has some sort of realization about what a dick he is to his brother. I dunno, I guess insight might be beyond him...


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                Kelsey and Raul make their speeches. Raul says he's wanting to stay to make more memories Kelsey says she doesn't want to go, but if she is evicted for making an unbreakable bond, then so be it...(paraphrased wildly)


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                  Ramsey votes to evict Kelsey
                  Dallas votes to evict Kelsey
                  Nikki evicts Kelsey
                  Cassandra votes to evict Raul
                  Jared votes to evict Raul
                  Tim votes to evict Kelsey
                  Loveita votes to evict Kelsey
                  Phil/Nick votes to evict Kelsey
                  Maddy votes to evict Kelsey
                  Mitch votes to evict Kelsey

                  8-2 Kelsey is the first eviction of the night...


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                    Kelsey leaves the house with a large rubber ducky...Maddy's duck, which apparently she loves, so Kelsey decided to steal it, and walk out with revenge for Maddy not liking her. how mature.


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                      she tells Arissa about her relationship with Jared. good bye messages...Cass leaves a nice message, Tim tells her she chose the wrong guy, Loveita wishes her the best with no hard feeling, Raul sobs his way thru it, Jared says he'll be a lost puppy...Phil, (not letting Nick speak) says he thinks he's in love with her, and can't wait to see her outside of the house.

                      Arissa tells Kelsey that she's part of the next wild card of the season...that she is not going home just yet...

                      HOH comp and instant noms coming up after the commercial break


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                        HOH - head's up...answers are HOH, HaveNot or Veto...questions about past comps. Last person standing wins HOH
                        1. Comp aimed to win (Tim gets it, HN) (Tin vs Nikki)

                        Ramsey and Loveita next - missed the


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                          HOH - head's up...answers are HOH, HaveNot or Veto...questions about past comps. Last person standing wins HOH
                          1. Comp aimed to win (Tim gets it, HN) (Tin vs Nikki)

                          Ramsey and Loveita next - missed the q, Loveita gets it

                          Raul and Jared, Raul gets it

                          Dallas and Loveita - Dallas gets it

                          Raul and Tim - Tim gets it

                          Maddy and Nick - Maddy gets it

                          Tim and Cassandra - Cassandra gets it

                          Dallas and Maddy - Maddy gets it

                          only mitch Cassandra and Maddy left

                          Mitch and Cassandra - Mitch gets it...

                          final pairing, Maddy and Mitch

                          Maddy gets it, and becomes the new HOH

                          Arissa instructs them to go back inside immediately and Maddy has to make an immediate decision as to who she will nominate to go on the block.

                          She nominates Jared
                          and .............. Raul

                          commercial break....


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                            back, Maddy tells Raul she nom'd him so she could back door someone else....
                            POV comp...POV player pick - Joel, Maddy, Jared, Raul, Tim, and Nick playing.,,,they're on roller skates that are tied at the ankles.

                            slow roller, transfer punch in a ladle to float a ball...

                            it's really hard to 'skate' with the tied together roller skates, Jared doing well....Joel struggling, Raul moving slowly, but making progress....Jared and Tim getting he hang of it...Nick gets a ball out....and Nick wins the POV

                            (take that Phil-dick)

                            They have to go immediately back to the living room, so Nick can decide whether or not to use the POV


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                              Nick has only a minute to consider...Maddy tells him to use the veto...Dallas tries to talk her out of it, Maddy says L has lied to her twice, both Joel and Dallas are trying to talk Maddy out of this move, but she's already told Nick to use it so she can nom Loveita and tries to convince Dallas and Joel to vote out L

                              Nick uses the POV on Jared...Maddy names Lovita as the replacement nominee...

                              Maddy apologizes to L and says that she 'knows your on my side, but you could win this game and I want the 100 grand'
                              Loveita says she respects Maddy's choice, Raul says he's just there to look pretty

                              Dallas votes for Raul
                              Cassandra votes to evict Loveita
                              Joel votes for Raul
                              Nikki votes for Loveita


                              Tim evicts Loveita
                              Mitch evicts Loveita
                              The bros vote to evict to Lovita

                              That's 5-2 enough for her to go

                              Ramsey votes to evict Loveita
                              Jared votes to evict Loveita

                              Loveita is officially the second eviction of the night, by a vote of 7-2


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