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The Cave Ramblings 2.0

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  • The Cave Ramblings 2.0

    Started a new cave for BB 18..... Even though Russell will not be able to post every day, I want him to have a place to check in when he can. The first Cave Ramblings was opened for Russell. We all love him and he brings so much fun to the boards. Even though it was originally opened for Russell, we all have adopted it for our crazy post not related to the feeds. Hope you all will contend to post in the "Cave" Let the fun begin,,,,,,,,,

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    I am entering the cavern, joining the Clan of the Cave Bear for another fun season. (Yep loved that series of books.) Can't wait to get my cave paintings going on the walls to be found eons from now. I'm the one with a bow and arrow, since I'm a Sagittariun.
    Luanne's lit the fire by the Cave opening. Bring your kill to roast (do request you cut up the mammoth before arriving, due to storage space). Veggies or just marshmallows are certainly allowed too for non-carnivores. BYOB. If you get lost, just go Mammoth Caves and its the 3rd door on the left.

    Can't wait to see you all!!!


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      Woohoo! A new cave to dwell in! My home away from home where the tribe gathers to eat, tell stories, share our lives, and paint on the walls.


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        I can bring some walleye as that's what I'm after this week. I'll watch the shows and catch up when I get home. It's fun seeing who people like and don't like before I start forming my own opinions.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          As long as it's NOT the creepy cave fish with No Eyes!! I was about 5 when we toured Mammoth Caves & when the guides mentioned the fish they had to wrestle me into the cave row boat. I cracked up as an adult when I actually saw them in an aquarium and they were so small. My 5 yr old brain saw blind sharks. Giggle

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        Ooh, it's so dark.

        *letting my eyes get adjusted*


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          It will get brighter, Russell will bring some flashlights when he gets to come.

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        LOL. you guys are cracking me up. I am a Libra. that is why I like typing the word ~~> libation <~~ so many times during the season. SNORT!


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          Nice to get out of the heat and bright sun and cool off a bit. Hope Russell finds his way over.


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            Light those torches. Wonder what the spladunkers will make of the wall art showing stick people starring at a square box? Just remember not to sit under the stalactites - you could lose an eye! Oh, look the lichens glow in the dark! What's that sound? Oh just the bats going out for nighttime mosquitoes. Well, cover your hair and sleep tight.


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              I'm going to crawl way back up there in the back of the cave to stay safe till this weather system clears out. We are now under a tornado watch till 5 am but it is expected to be updated to a warning in about 2 hours. Weatherman just stated that my county could take a direct hit from this storm if it remains on its current track. So if anyone needs me or wants to bring me snacks and libations, you'll find me curled up back here with my blanket draped over my head. If not, I'll see you in the morning when I emerge. It's gonna be a long night.


              • LCnSummer
                LCnSummer commented
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                Yikes, Like Luanne said, >> TAKE COVER<< LOL... ha, ha.

                You are both very clever!

                We will find you hiding in your very own Diary Room with

                ~~> said blanket <~~ over your head.
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              • ~smee~
                ~smee~ commented
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                Hey, Koko - how did you fare? Were the storms very bad up there? We had heavy rains and winds, but nothing too serious like last week. Hope you and yours are okay.

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              Keep the tv on and take cover if needed. Be sure and check in with us in the morning.


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                It's nice to have the cave full again......


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                  Kokomogirl, hope the storms blew by without any damage.


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                    Tornadoes near Chicago, but no rain by me despite predictions. Rain again predicted today, but? Right now birds are chirping away driving Miss Whiskers crazy. She's doing that weird cat bird chirp w/tail swishing in frustration. It's not easy raising a saber-tooth, but so worth it (Miss Whiskers told me to say that).


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                      Came out from under my blanket and made my way out of the back of the cave this morning. Had to put my sunglasses on since the sun is shining so bright. I survived the weather last night which did not get as bad as predicted for us. The storm moved more south than southeast so we were spared and only got the leading eastern edge of it all. Lots and lots of intense thunder and lightening, a brief torrential downpour, and not much wind. My cats thought we were in a war zone with constant bombing with the constant flashes of lightening and the accompanying thunder. But, thankfully, no damage nor loss of power. Just a lack of sleep because there was no way to sleep during all that noise plus the weather radio going off. Today is a new day and I have to get started cleaning this house because I have in-laws coming next week and my stepmother coming the week after.

                      Glad you were safe and survived the storm, ~smee~ . Glad you didn't get any of the bad weather BettyBoo and hope you get some needed rain soon.

                      See you all for tonight's 1st eviction and HOH!


                      • KennyERJ
                        KennyERJ commented
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                        Hmmm, which is worse, a storm or the in-laws? LOL

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                      Poor kitties and puppies when it thunders and lightnings - very very frightening me and them. Add on the holiday fireworks and Miss Whiskers goes into hiding. A couple years ago it got so bad I felt like I was in a combat zone when it went on for couple days.


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