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Live Feed Discussion-September 30 Day 3

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  • Live Feed Discussion-September 30 Day 3

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    Morning all.

    Well so much for the curfew. I woke up to Jason, Kryssie, Shelby, Justin, and Scott out in the backyard talking on the couches. I guess as long as they stay up between 10am and 10pm they can stay up as long as they want.

    I like the t-shirts. That makes it easy to figure out who has been infected.


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      Jason and crew talking about the pretty people/offbeats split that has already occurred. A lot of talk about Danielle and the way she acts and also the muscle heads (Monte and ???).


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        Good Morning Geo and all who follow!

        Watching Justin, Scott, Jason, Shelby, and Kryssie all on the BY couch. Didn't even notice Scott, he is not talking. The big talkers are Kryssie and Jason. Justin is kind of in lalaland. He mentions Morgan as possible HOH and Kryssie has to tell him that she infected her and she is ineligible. They are fearing that Cornbread will get HOH and Jason will go up. Jason just says then he has to win win Veto.


        • #5
          Justin says he does not want Cornbread or Monte to win HOH because he doesn't trust them. Justin says Morgan or Whitney have to give the bug to one of them.


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            Jason hasn't been able to talk to or get a read on Alex yet. Jason says Alex is less of accepting of what Whitney has to say than Morgan, and then brings up that Alex is from Texas, Morgan is from Texas. Jason tells BB to stop casting people from Texas, there are 50 other states. He doesn't make any connection though that they may be related.


            • Melisandra
              Melisandra commented
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              He was mentioning yesterday morning that they looked like the same people. Also are you meaning to post this in the live feeds?

            • Lynette
              Lynette commented
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              There was no LFU opened for today which is just as well. Don't see the need for it. Doesn't seem to be many people that would read it. Those of us watching just come here. The LFU's were great for people who didn't have feeds and watched on TV. If its there I'll post there, but otherwise if I'm watching I'll post here.

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            BB never woke anyone with the alarms last night. Morgan still has the crab, so eligible people for the crab are still Monte, Cornbread, Alex, Whitney, and Jason.


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              Backyard group thinks they have Neeley. They talk about having to bring her in. They tell Justin to keep his ears open in the kitchen, that you can hear everything from the kitchen. They say they are in a bad spot with the crab thing.

              Jason asks where Scott is with people. Scott says he feels like he gets along really well with Neeley. Jason tells Scott he needs to play a Steve Moses and get in and get along with the girl glam. Jason tells Scott to get close to Alex. They need to use Scott as their secret weapon.

              Jason tells them he is loyal to the core and again says they need to figure out their roles and goes around and tells each what they need to do. Jason says game really begins tomorrow (today).


              • #9
                The glam girls and Barbies as they call them are Alex, Morgan, and Whitney.


                • #10
                  They call Shane and Monte the 'Abs' guys.

                  Jason says BB does not recognize alliances unless they have a name. Jason wants them to name their alliance and use the word jamboree because that is his favorite word. Kryssie says what about OTT Jamboree. They like it. Justin asks what is OTT? They tell him Over the Top.

                  So, we have a new alliance with Scott, Justin, Kryssie, Shelby, Jason called the OTT Jamboree.


                  • #11
                    They talk about not all going to bed together and looking suspicious.

                    They just finish their talk and Cornbread comes out and asks if they are still up. He got up because he had to go to the WC. They are nice and invite him over. Shelby leaves to go to the WC.

                    They ask Cornbread who he is sleeping with. He sleeps with Monte. Kryssie says the reason she is outside is because she can't sleep alone. Shelby back out.

                    Game talk done for now with Cornbread out there. Jason started talking about something not allowed because they move to the sleeping HG's. Cam goes back to them and Cornbread is gone. Scott goes in to bed. Kryssie says she is going to play up the Lonely Hearts Club with Cornbread. Kryssie says good night and leaves the BY.

                    Only ones left outside lingering are Shelby, Justin, and Jason. Jason says they will make it look like Jason and Justin are the late night guys. No one will think anything of it. Justin says he is used to being up all night anyway.

                    Jason says Shane and Monte think they are real smart and running things. Shelby says she is just the slutty party girl. Justin says he will keep playing with Danielle. Jason says someone needs to be parked with Danielle and Shane. Shelby says she can't park herself with Danielle, she is a fuc*ing waitress, she can't be an actress.


                    • #12
                      Justin goes in to go to bed. Shelby and Jason still out. Jason going to smoke one more cigarette. They don't think anyone will think anything shady is up with the three of them being the last ones outside. Jason says with the big pile of cigarettes out there, everyone will just think they are the party group and not the gamers.

                      Jason says there are too many southerners, he feels like he is already talking with a southern accent. Shelby says they need to get rid of some of them.

                      Jason says they don't know his culture. They know nothing about the gay world.

                      Shelby going to bed. Jason says he is going in a minute. Shelby tells Jason to wake her up if the others get up.

                      Jason tells us this sh*t had better work. He does feel like he has grabbed the misfit toys. He says not of them are giving them the feeling of distrust at this point. Jason says he has to do something to save himself or it is going to be a boring season.

                      Jason says BB is not cotton candy, just because the backyard looks like a National Park, they ain't doing no camping.

                      Jason talking to himself saying Danielle don't be that girl to get into a showmance, don't be Zakiyah.

                      Jason shouts out to the East Coasters awake.

                      Jason says these people are not only boring, they are ignorant. He says Da'Vonne girl, this is for you. We ain't losing this one. Jason doesn't see a snake in the bunch yet.


                      • #13
                        Jason says good night BB backyard at 5:11 AM BBT, and gives a salute to the camera in the kitchen. He gets in a sleeping back on the floor in the Tokyo Room. All asleep now.


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                          Oh boy, we got us a game playing out now that the hamsters have split into 2 groups. It may be too late for Jason not to get nominated but I want Monte and Cornbread out of the running for HOH just so they can't claim that they were responsible for his nomination. It's okay, Jason, America is here to save you!

                          Yesterday did bring out some things that shattered the summer camp mentality and brought us some game play, even if it was the ''usual to-be-expected splintering into 2 groups - the jocks with their harem and the misfits in the OTT Jamboree alliance. The Jambees needed to act sooner and more strategically with how they passed on that nasty BBBug.


                          • #15
                            As the hamsters have started jumping off the main ship and have started forming alliances, I too have started to narrow down who I like, who I don't think I'm going to like, who I ''never cared'' about. First, it was nice to see that some people did start to talk game and put some plans/strategy into play. With that being said, here's my thought so far.

                            Monte - the top alpha male who needs to be in control. He talks a good talk too, being able to get others to see his view. Another Paulie? I don't like that he's targeting the people I like.

                            Shane - I spend too much time staring into his eyes. He's playing a solid game - aligning with a stronger alpha male to take the heat and plant the seeds while he gets to do the fun part - socialize with everyone and draw those beauties close to him, quietly observing when he wants. I'm good with him so far but hope he doesn't get into a serious showmance.

                            Scott - no, I mean Steve. No, I mean Scott. Okay, I want to call him Steve because he is reminding me so much of Steve. Don't get to see his face much except when he's eating. Most of the time, I only get to see his knees and legs, or one side of his body because he's always on the peripheral view of the camera and just outside the group. I'm disappointed that he is aligned with Monte and will probably play a good rat/snake by running between the 2 sides.

                            Alex, Whitney,Dani, and Morgan - all caught up in the toxic testerone flowing through the house. They'll gladly jump behind the strong guys and ride that broom as far as it gets them. The sisters are playing too close together, usually only an arm length away with one person between them.

                            Kryssie, Shelby, and Neely - I like each of them and have enjoyed their interactions. Some game smarts there but not a strong leader to unite them as a full force to be reckoned with.

                            Jason - he's playing to much like the last time. He sits outside, smoking his cigs, and waits for people to gravitate to him. And, in doing that, he isolated himself from others in the house, which has not gone unnoticed. Yes, he has made some good connections but will they be enough to save him?

                            Cornbread - who knows for sure what he's really thinking. I know he's with the 4 guy team but I think he's also observing and will make moves that are beneficial to him.

                            Justine - I'm liking him more and more for entertaining purposes. He seems overwhelmed and perplexed by the game of BB. I'm going to give him time and see if he develops a sense for the game.

                            That's my 2 cents.


                            • Livzee
                              Livzee commented
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                              I think Jason is in trouble, and he knows it. He also knows that Scott has to make a choice and he knows he can play both sides and is smart enough to do it. I think the OTTJamboree is enthusiastic but as Jason said, "ragtag." If they pull in Neely and one other, maybe but chances are the 2 nominees will come from the jamboree, so one of them is gone. The girls once again are playing the "let me get under the guy wings." Sickening... like watching feminism lose all the ground my old, old generation fought for.

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