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Live Feed Discussion-October 5-Day 8

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  • Live Feed Discussion-October 5-Day 8

    Weekly Episode/Live Eviction/HoH Comp starting at 10 PM ET tonight

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    Morning all.

    So, just from the little bit I saw and heard I take it Cornhole is going home tonight? It seems like it just came out of the blue (other than us of course).


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      OK - I am going to try to rewind to see the diary rooms - I tried to stay up last night but I was so exhausted I fell asleep just watching Shanes....

      I like the idea that they are flipping to Cornbread!

      I like how we get to pick have nots. Have nots tend to bond in that room. One votes will definitely be Monte - but I want to put people in there that he has NOT been working with. IF we put Morgan in there it will just strengthen their bond. If we put Justin, Kryssi, Jason or Shelby it may change his opinion or mess his game. but then we have people we like being have nots.

      DO we want to "Break up" Shanelle? Put Monte, Justin and Danielle in as have nots.
      Questions, questions, questions....


      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        I want Justin and Monte in there. The gas from Justin will force Monte to shut the halibut up.

      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I agree, Monte for sure. Still unsure about the other two.

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      Good morning all!
      I am really liking bbott. Diary rooms were great last night. Neeley, Jason, Danielle! Shelby, you've playing way too hard' and you are a TARGET. I'm voting Monte, Whitney, and Morgan as have nots. That should open Whitney's eyes...that poor girl is playing the game but man is she boring.
      Jason has got game...watching him workin it is awesome and makes me with him more. At first he just looked manic and kinda lazy. It seemed to me Shane showed his loyalty is more with Danielle, which I like.
      At least there are real strategists in here. CBS is ramping up the paranoia with the safety ceremonies timed to increase the agony, the infusion of America into so much (yes). It was major getting the vote switched to Cornbread and really good for my faves.
      sorry for rambling here, but I'm half asleep. I'm surprised how into this I am getting.


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        At this time, I'm voting Monte, Morgan, and Whitney for Have Nots. I don't think they'll understand but I want to send the message that we don't like how they are playing/don't like them. I don't think most of them are getting that we, America's live feeders, are a big part of this game. They cannot fathom how much influence we will have over them, good or bad. As the weeks progress, I hope they come to respect us as a ''player'' in this crazy game.

        I hope the plan to evict Cornbread sticks today. Yesterday was crazy watching them switch from one target to another. Dani and Neely did a good job at getting the house on board with this. SNORE FREE FEEDS!

        I am enjoying this bunch of people and the level of game play we are already seeing. We got us some gamers! This is the group of strong women we have been wanting for several years. Yes, I am hooked!

        Oh, and good morning, all!


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          I can support Monte, Morgan and Whitney as have nots. There is a part of me that wants to throw Shelby in with Monte and Morgan to irritate them.

          and I am loving Danielle, Neely and Jason in this game.


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            sdkgeo Hi, you have 9 tonight as time.

            Recap is at 10pm est, 7pm BBT, Eviction at 11pm est, 8pm BBT, and HOH comp begins at 12am midnight, 9pm BBT

            Checked CBS site to be sure nothing it changed since the timing is confusing.


            • sdkgeo
              sdkgeo commented
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              Thanks Betty, and Kenny for changing it. I was thinking 9, 10, and 11. I knew I should have gone to check it, but I was in a hurry.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              They keep surprising us, which is how I missed a couple events. So I keep one eye on CBS, one in Twitter and my 3rd on BBU. (it's such a pain getting glasses)

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            I agree this is a group of strong women. I want to mess with the Barbies, gosh they're shallow. Especially Morgan, so she needs to be a have not along with "putty in her hands Monte" I'm going to toss Whitney in there too. I was thinking of Scott too, he's a rat. so it's a toss up between the him and Whit
            I think Shelby is a purposely trying to stir **** up. She is a bitch, did you see her behavior during the photo shoot. RUDE.
            I'm enjoying Jason and Justine and the other late night crew. Fun group with some game.
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            • herms is here
              herms is here commented
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              I agree with putting Monte up as a have not. I am unsure of the other two.

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            The Diary Rooms revealed and reinforced whom I am liking. I call the group the Realists: Neeley, Danielle, Jason and Kryssie. They talked TO us and understand just how important we fans are to them winning. Their ability to flip the house to save two of them on the Block yesterday proved they've got the chops to play. Jason has marshalled a good little army in those midnight chats who are loyal to him, all while building respect from the guys like Monte, Shane and Scott. He went in a week from being the first guy out the door to a beloved house guest.

            Those in La La Land:
            Shelby, who has no clue how much she's disliked in the House.
            Cornbread, who believes a nom from America is a good thing?! In the end it's his snoring, racist comments and Honey Boo Boo connection which quickly sunk him with HGs and us.
            Scott, who is trying to keep a foot on two trains, not understanding that neither train considers him a passenger.
            Justin, who has no clue about what show he's on, but could be redeemable since he's moving towards the Realists.
            Whitney, sweet, knows game, but attached herself to Monte and the siblings who would throw her from the lifeboat when their ship is sinking.

            Last group is the It's All About Me:
            Monte, I'm so honest, I had a great week, so proud of myself. Ah, Bubba, your week resulted in your target getting off the Block and your ally being nommed and probably being evicted and you getting a huge 'tore-gett ' on yourself for the next week. We'll see how a week of being a Have Not and a nom makes you feel.
            Shane, I don't need to win HOH, I won't be nommed. Ah, the only protection from a nom is winning HOH or having been nommed by America the week before. You are smart to have attached yourself to Danielle and Monte, BUT guess who are targets to be evicted from each side? Yup Danielle and Monte, so good luck long term with that plan.
            The Sisters, Alex and Morgan, who feel forced to work with their mortal enemy, each other. They only one they hate more is Danielle. Have the feeling they will out each other as the Southern group crumbled beginning with Cornbread departing tonight.
            So look forward to tonight's eviction. Wonder if Cornbread will be told before or will they just blindside him? We start voting tomorrow on Care Package, but not clear when it will float in. Then they find out Have Not on Sat along with 1st safety session. And Friday we get more diary room face time. Lots of fun to torture the inmates with. I'm most happy that production isn't getting in our way with careful edits and that only real paying fans are making decisions.

            Yeah, so far they're sucking me in, gosh durn em. 😉


            • Livzee
              Livzee commented
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              I think Jason sees our power. The all-about-me's don't have a clue we don't like them because they so like themselves they can't imagine it.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Jason knows having been a fan and Kryssie acknowledged it by the way she spoke to us last night. To me that was a key that those four spoke directly to us. The rest weren't getting it. The Sisters in particular put on a show, didn't have a conversation.

          • #10
            Scott is talking to us. Thanks for that but man he doesn't know us at all. He wants to take out Kru


            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              The thing that bothered me is that he didn't look at the camera. He gets the game as it was, but not getting that the game now involves connecting with we fans. He's gotta make us care to get our support.

          • #11
            Kryssie (stupid iPhone) ... no sir, your boy Monte is in the crosshairs I believe. He seems logical and geeky right now but those weird things he told before still creep me . Join the nice side, you might have more chance.


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Yeah, he just said he loves Monte and thinks he'll be a good ally moving forward but that Monte didn't try to win the POV very hard. No Scott, Monte was just too dumb to win that POV. He saw the 4 magnets on the fridge that spelled out VETO and kept saying that should be counted as a one. I think it was the fish or the flowers that he also kept saying should be counted as one.

            • Livzee
              Livzee commented
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              Good ol "loyal' Monte whose HOH resulted in losing a good ally (hope) and completely missing his target.

          • #12
            Scott says he might be making a mistake evicting Cornbread because he would go to the end with him but says he's got to go with heart, not his brain, on this one.


            • #13
              Now talking about "The Plastics". Says if he can't win the HOH, it would be best if one of them do. Says he trusts Alex, Shane & Monte. Those are his 3. He does worry about Shane being with Danielle though. Says he hopes Jason sticks around for a couple more weeks.


              • #14
                Go figure... yawns are contagious even through live feeds! LOL.


                • #15
                  If we put up Monte, which I think will happen, do you think the all-about-me's will start to get this. Also if we put Monte, Whitney and Morgan as have nots? That should be interesting if the inflated egos can let that sink in.


                  • BettyBoo
                    BettyBoo commented
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                    It's gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. Shane was only one who didn't want be HOH, so should be some fierce fighting. Wonder what comp will be? Poor pitiful Justin thought it would be the same poison/tag you're not it.
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