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Live Feed Discussion-October 11-Day 14

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  • Live Feed Discussion-October 11-Day 14

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    This is hilarious. Shane and Danielle were trying to make out in the London BR and everyone started laughing. Much laughter.


    • #3
      Here's what we got going on today...



      • #4
        Looking forward to the DR sessions. Do not need to see any kissy face. 💋 So glad they laughed at them. Unfortunately, though Danielle is a smart cookie, she's making fatal game errors and she and Shane will go sooner rather than later.


        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          They are the big shield for Neely, Cryssie, Justin and Jason

      • #5
        Monte free feeds, please. I so want this boy to go home. I am so tired of hearing ''I, I, I, I, I.....'' from his mouth. He really does have a warped sense of his power, intelligence, importance, and his abilities. I am so tired of him telling everyone how wonderful he is.

        It's not so much that I am for everyone in the Jamboree because I'm not. I just hate how the ''cool kids'' always run BB. It's a micro picture of high school social cliques - every year. The beautiful people vs. the average Joes/Janes of the world. The successful ones vs. the common laborer. The athletes/beauty queens vs. the geek/outcast of society.


        • Melisandra
          Melisandra commented
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          Yesterday I was listening to him and Morgan in the have not room and how "They expected Shane to be a stronger player" This was AFTER he just won the VETO! Ahh hello - he just won a comp. And what has "Mr Competitor" Monte won? Nothing - his HOH was handed to him. He has played in two veto comps and lost both of them - but he is the strongest competitor in the house.

          The boy just makes me roll my eyes so much that they hurt.

      • #6
        But then Monte does a good deed by helping Scott build a little shelter from the sun, while everyone else say on the couch. I think he'll be gone tomorrow, but again hope he watches himself and learns. But, at least he gets his Attendance Medal.

        And before I can post, he whines about slop and I'm back to wanting to kick him! Scott, for all his unpleasant characteristics, is taking slop and the sand trap like a champ.


        • #7
          It's about time to give Justin a nom penalty. I'm so sick his class clown antics and his BOOTIE talk and constant singing. Somebody get one of Scott's sandy socks and put it in Justin's pie hole


          • #8
            Time for the Veto meeting. Scott can't join them.


            • #9
              Shane removes himself. Alex replaces him with Kryssie.


              • #10
                Alex takes Kryssie in the Storage Room to tell her why she put her up. Says she knows Kryssie is not going anywhere. That America would vote for Monte. Kryssie said Alex could have at least told her beforehand even though technically she's not suppose to.


                • BettyBoo
                  BettyBoo commented
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                  Granted it wasn't the carved in granite pinky swear, but Alex did let Kryssie think she wouldn't nom her. I'm sure Kryssie will stew and make sure it's clear that Alex's word isn't worth much. I get it from Alex view point that she's hoping to flip Justin or Neeley to save Monte, but wonder how much she helped her long term game. If she was a weaker player like James she could survive, but she's already viewed as a game leader. We'll see.

                  I did see one site had decided to give their votes to Kryssie and she was second in fan nom votes, so this may work. But if Monte does depart tomorrow night, then Alex will be sweating as to whom wins HOH.

                  I have Monte my first 20 votes, so I am on Team Jamboree. But hoping for some reshifting since Justin and the Shani are beginning to big me. I'm currently on the Neeley train, so want to see her protected.

              • #11
                Reminder: It's time to get your Eviction votes in!

                I just put my 20 in for Monte.


                • #12
                  My votes are all in. I couldn't decide so I split between monte and Danielle


                  • #13
                    No question for me, Monte gets all my eviction votes. He is just useless in this game.


                    • #14
                      All my votes went to Monte.


                      • #15
                        Read one survey that Monte is ahead in voting. If Monte does depart, that will sure show the power of America. Really wanna to hear the DRs tonight. Honestly if Alex would tone it down and just talk TO us, rather than AT us, I could support her more. I just never react positively to that faux perkiness. Neeley and Kryssie do better when they talk with us in the DRs, sounding more sincere. (Not saying they are any more sincere or honest, but come across warmer and real - delivery, not necessarily substance.)

                        Just reread the next Care Package and it's the ability to pick the Veto option. I'm thinking if it's a Jamboree HOH will give it to Alex. But if it's a Plastics HOH Will give it to Neeley. It'll be fun to watch the smoke while their brain gears go through the options to pick the best game choice. Each one is a goody.


                        • Luanne
                          Luanne commented
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                          This next care package will not necessarily help the one we give it to. If I understand it, they will get to chose what the veto will. The person winning the veto will benefit.

                        • BettyBoo
                          BettyBoo commented
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                          The Care Package arrives BEFORE the noms, so can only judge by whom wins the HOH. My thinking is to NOT give this 'advantage' to the side with the HOH and watch how they play it out, so I can pick my nom vote and the evict vote.

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