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Live Feed Discussion-October 13-Day 16

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  • Live Feed Discussion-October 13-Day 16

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    Morning all.

    Voting for the care package begins at 1pm. Who are you voting for? This care package is the choose the veto. Doesn't necessarily help the person that get the cp unless they win the veto.


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      I'm still likin the jamboree so I say Shelby or Whitney or Alex. Though I like them as players, I don't want or need them to have a big advantage.


      • belle1
        belle1 commented
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        Are you targeting them for have nots

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      Ok - I fell asleep waiting for HOH to start and woke up after the instructions so I had no idea what they were trying to do so I went back to sleep :-)

      I see Scott won so another week of the plastics in charge.

      Care package vote I think I will vote for Shane. I want to save Neely for one of the later ones. The Care package benefits the nominees and I am thinking that Shane and Danielle are going on the block this week. I don't want Danielle cause her head is big enough thinking that America loves her (Though I have no idea why she thinks it).

      I am voting Danielle, Shelby, as have nots. Danielle because I think she is a bratty, entitled, little snot. Shelby because she is a snarky, passive-aggressive, little snot.
      It is then a tie between Justin and Kryssie. Justin because he while he does have an extremely cute booty; his sewer talk is annoying and he will ANNOY the crap put of shelby :-) And may cause problems between shane and Danielle in the Have not room. Kryssie because she is the most hypocritical in the house in my opinion. She bad mouths everyone from the spot on the backyard sofa that she sits on 20 hours a day; but then "says" that if I have something bad to say I say it to the person. For someone who is a power lifter the only thing I have seen her lift is mug of coffe and some cookies.

      If Danielle is NOT nominated by Scott I will vote for Danielle for America's Nom - unless I hear talk that the Plastics are going to back door her. Then it would be best for her NOT to be America Nom so that the back door plan can work.

      OK Got meetings to run to. Have a good day everyone


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        Woke up with slightly skewed attitude. Decided I'm voting for Whitney for the Care Package 📦. I know she won't win it, but there's a devilish 😈 part of me who wants to see her fret about it and I woyld chuckle since it won't reward her. And to watch the rest of them go nuts trying to interpret it. Won't come to pass but it's my freaky little fantasy.

        Leaning towards Alex, Whitney and Justin as Have Nots. Want to confuse them with the Whitney vote, take the starch out of Alex after her dud of an HOH, and add Justin to drive them nuts while not rewarding others with his cooking. I get the animus towards Danielle, but I figure a third week in the Block will be punishment enough.

        Leaning towards Alex as nom since she was as delusional as Monte about the victory of their HOH. Losing a member of your own voting block is bad enough, but doing it while totally p*ssing off players (Kryssie and Neeley) you may need in the future is never good. I know they don't miss Monte as a person or as a guy, but a vote is a vote for your side.

        But, I do recognize that Danielle has gotten complacent that America will save their side all while irritating America, so she's in trouble. I just would like to see her side take her out since the fight would be so delishly ugly. However, it sounds like Shane is Scott and the Ball Breakers big target, so Danielle may escape to fight another day.


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          Well, again I'm in the minority. I do not like any of the LNC. I don't like the fact that two times in a row, America's nom has been evicted. So what is the advantage of being HOH? I've said before that I think the viewers are getting too much power. To all of you in my minority---Since those who don't like the Plastics are targetting a couple of them already, if we Plastic supporters can decide on ONE LNC to nominate, maybe we can win America's nom, and MAYBE we can prevent a repeat of the last two weeks. If we can decide on one person, I'll vote for any of them. Let's also put some LNC as have nots. I'm suggesting this because the game is already getting predictable, and I can't stand the LNC being so sure of themselves. Those of you on my island, let's make a decision! (I really don't have a favorite player; I just want to level the playing field a little.)


          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            I agree with you. I really do not like the fact that America is affecting the game this much. For once, casting has done a great job. I like people on both sides of the house. This is the first year I have seen EVERYONE fighting for HOH. But it does no good to win HOH. The past two weeks their HOH were doomed. I would feel the same way if Neeley had been HOH.. This week the POV could derail another HOH. I just do not like it.

            Yes, we do need to nominate the same LNC,,, I will read around the block and see what others want to do.

          • Melisandra
            Melisandra commented
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            I agree with you. So a Plastic for the CP - (not Whitney or Alex). I am liking Scott for this. It eliminates him from future ones and gives him more power to his HOH. I woonder when they get to pick what VETO will be put into play? Before or after the America's Nom and veto selections,?

            I really do not dislike anyone in the house. It is an awesome cast job.
            I will probably put a mix in the Have not room maybe to help "tie them together". I will nominate a LNC too.

          • breakingwave
            breakingwave commented
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            I am right there with you I don't like any of them as Neely is a sneaky nasty and it's not amusing me to watch foul mouth people. Last season Paul got in trouble for the C word and I think Jason should be called out as well. I see enough on Tv otherwise it's disgusting to hear it here. I want Danielle to go and have nots she Jason and Krissy have been so nasty.i also think it makes no sense to take one side out. They only have maybe 4 people.
            Last edited by breakingwave; 10-13-2016, 06:47 PM.

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          adeets3945, what little I could find leans toward Scott as the care package. That way he will have a little control over his HOH. However, they feel it may not matter because Jason is a former BB player and has lots of fans that will be voting. I had not thought of that. It is just like the year Rachel's sister was on and she was voted MVP every week. They are leaning on Kryssie as the third nominee. Have nots, Kryssie, Danielle and Jason.

          If the votes go the way of Jasson's side this week, the game is over for the good players on the other side. Even though I love the cast this year, I may drop out before it is over. Just not liking the fact that it does not matter if you win HOH. When you win HOH, you can not play the next week and now your three nominees do not go home.


          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            I think Jason's fan will give it to someone on his side not him.

          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            Second question, it depends on who gets it. Of course if Jason's side gets it , they will want to be able to make the noms. Scott's side will want him to be able to make the venom.

          • adeets3945
            adeets3945 commented
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            Okay, everyone give it some thought. Voting for the Care Package begins at 1:00, so let's try to decide on that first. If we can be successful in doing this, I think we need to come up with our own alliance name. Keep the thoughts coming!

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          Just read that CBS All-Access now available on PS4 if you have that unit.


          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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          I don't know if it is that we have to much power in the game or if the Plastics are not seeing us as a valid player in the game. We have been very consistent in our votes giving a clear message to all HGs. I am an Alex fan but was disappointed in her decisions this time. For example Alex knew that there was something about the members of her group that was not in favor with us. She even said that Monte and Scott were big problems. Yet she let her emotions get in the way of working with the Jamborees resulting in a broken promise to Cryssie and destroying any chance for future deals. I think the Jamborees had a greater understanding about working with our game play while not being completely dependent on our votes. They have won the POV each time.

          I like people on both both sides and both sides have participated in trash talking the others. I do find that the Plastics have been more deceiving in their attacks. For example, while I do think Justin was inappropriate disrobing prior to getting in shower, I do not believe it was intentional and he did not wag his privates at Morgan. Monte and Shelby were both in the bathroom when this happened. Neither said anything but this became fodder for them to be outraged after the fact. Monte was also the one who placed blame on Scott for telling Justin about his saying that Justin stole his clothes. Dani told Monte that she was the one who told and was telling him because she did not want Scott taking the blame. Monte also could not stop talking about Dani and Justin wanting to kill him. Morgan had to tell him he was going to far. Plus there is no question that Scott was playing the rat with both sides. He did this to himself and got caught.

          We have said many times in many seasons that we wished our favorites were not on opposite sides. My hope is that the strategic players use our choices to realign alliances.


          • joahnn00
            joahnn00 commented
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            Shelby was not even in the bathroom, however Danielle was at the bathroom sink looking in the mirror doing her hair, Morgan was to the left of her nearest the bathroom, and Neely was on the benches. I agree he did not do this intentionally, he was just getting in the shower.

        • #10
          Ok I'm really tired today so I'm thinking that Scott has got to maybe pick pawns for noms then If we give someone on his side the CP THEN THEY CAN NOM WHO THEY REALLY WANT GONE . These CP are really confusing me . There ARE messing with the HOH power 😁So I say give it to SCOTT . I'm voting for the 3 I want to send a message to for have nots 1. Jason for his bad mouth and uncalled for remarks, 2. Daniel the queen , and 3. Kruella so she self destructs


          • #11
            I love the voter impact on the show since:

            1. It keeps the players on their toes since they can't know what's coming next. Those can adapt and roll with the punches will thrive.
            2. It keeps us involved in a way we never could, since we're now a player.
            3. It is an experiment to try new concepts which may affect normal summer game.
            Let's be honest, would we be as interested if this was a normal season? The jocks and cheerleaders would be running the House, picking off the odd balls one by one. Nobody would be watching that. Now they have to fight to stay.

            Being an odd ball myself and lover of snark, I gravitate towards the Jamboree. I know they can be crude and rude, but I like their feistiness when they've always been on the down side of the House. Their comeback that first week was impressive. I don't want to see them comfortable, but just like them better than the Plastics.

            The Plastics bungled their first two HOHs by misreading America and by not winning POVs when it was crucial. We'll see if Scott can do better. Frankly their game play has been weaker than Jamboree, but now their backs are against the wall so the challenge will be theirs.

            And I just gotta say, if sticking your tongue out at an opponent is the height of disrespect, then Whitney needs to see more of the world. She acts like such a perfect little lady, but has no problem using the F-word or declaring herself a ball buster. Another phoney baloney to me. Well, I never, Miss Scarlett!
            Last edited by BettyBoo; 10-13-2016, 11:29 AM.


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              It seems to me that the “type” of veto is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT. The key is, as always, WHO wins it, the LNJ or the Plastics. Whoever loses the POV loses an alliance member.
              I wonder how long it will take the house to figure this out cuz I bet they will be more concerned about the types of POV versus just win it no matter what.
              The house is divided right down the middle, 6 to 5 in favor of the LNJ. Due to the “lather, rinse, repeat” mentality of America’s Nominee vote, the numbers should be 5 to 3, LNJ (including America’s eviction vote.)

              If the LNJ wins POV, they don’t even have to use it maintain their voting numbers. However, using it will just increase their numbers and, for the third week in a row, a member of the HOH’s alliance goes home.

              If the Plastics win POV, whether the Diamond or Boomerang, they are golden..
              If the veto choice is “2 vetoes in play” and the Plastics win just one of them, they remove their America’s nom and remain golden.

              Personally, since BB has created the new Boomerang Veto, a poor man's Coup d'etat, why not put it in play??
              Last edited by joebourg62; 10-13-2016, 11:39 AM.


              • MrsVee
                MrsVee commented
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                Thank you for clarifying this , I understand it better now and think that you are right, it's kinda forcing them all to play and not throw ANYTHING CAUSE THEY THINK THEIR SAFE .

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              Just tried to vote but it would not let me vote and it says "you have reached your vote limit for today"


              • #14
                Care Package voting is up.....I think.

                I voted for Scott. When I clicked vote, a window came up saying "thank you for voting you have reached your limit for today." A CBS web error or do we only get 1 vote now or did my vote even happen??


                • MrsVee
                  MrsVee commented
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                  Just voted for Scott worked fine for me

              • #15
                Me too with the vote limit. Another CBS foul up!!!

                Here goes another angry tweet to Julie. So tired of their sloppiness.


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