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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 18-Day 21

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 18-Day 21

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    • 4pm Veto meeting
    • 5pm America's vote for Eviction starts
    • 10pm Weekday replay
    • 10:30pm Live diary rooms


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      belle1 But this is bearded Paul, not my Nekkid Chef, Paulie. By missing Paul, I meant the difference in conversation between him and the current inmates. I'd always flip to listen to Paul even during his long monologues. Now though I gravitate towards Jamboree chatting, I'm often dismayed by it.

      And honestly I know more about everyone's bowels then I need to know, as well as their sex lives. But though the Plastics keep the conversation cleaner, they're so boring and predictable that I don't want to listen to them.

      Wondering if the quotes will finally come into play for this HOH? Jamboree have been practicing them, except for Justin. He does seem to be playing the James role being likable to both sides, but not being respected as an ally. And not trusted, since he's not dependable. He's just a temporary number.

      CBS has been so sloppy with so many aspects of the show from the computer errors with the voting boards to the loose rules of the games. Adds to my frustration. It's been such a well-oiled machine, that I can't understand the unforced errors. But so it goes.


      • belle1
        belle1 commented
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        My bad BettyBoo. Just misread your post and wanting good things for you. Can't agree with you more. I said a few days ago that I was weary. There are so few glimpses of game strategy that I am watching feeds less and less. At the beginning I thought I would need to increase my data package, now don't think I will. I am not at the point of canceling All Access but that may come.

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      The house divide is making this way too black and white. I'm hoping we can begin to see some nuance. When Alex made inroads with Kryssie and Neely, I was hopeful that something other than one ngroup on one group could begin to emerge. Then Alex screwed them over... even now she could take Neely down and score good currency but will keep with no trust there for fear of Justin and Jason. I want Scott out next week... he's the weird guy being used by the pretty girls. Nobody is thinking beyond this one on one rivalry. Please let something change this... how about they all just drop their buffs.


      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        It's a good thing I wasn't drinking since you had me laughing at drop their buffs! Actually, think that's what Justin does when he showers. Grin.

      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        BettyBoo I return the snark favor!

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      Morning all, this is the first time that I have gotten the feeds but I really don't watch them as much as I thought I would . I really think that SHANE should GO this week didn't like the way he jumped out of the guy group right into jumping into bed with Danielle😛If Danielle goes I think he will latch on to the guys again . The cracks are slowly forming Jason is acting different by talking to Justin saying just let them fight it out and then we'll pounce. I really think next week is gona tell a lot about who is loyal to who .dont want 4 guys in the house. Danielle should not give up and at least try to make some deals with the other side she's got nothing to loose . Guys can get over things faster than girls and the 4 of them together Is trouble . Hope the girls stay strong and GET RID OF THE GUYS !


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        I too had high hopes for BBOTT when it first started. But I am growing more disappointed and just don't know now. The Plastics are so boring and predictable. They're main activities seem to consist of playing silly games, fixing their hair and makeup, making insincere attempts to sit on the outside couches and fake ''socialize'' with the LNJ crew, and constantly stuffing their faces with food/snacks all day long. I find myself detesting Morgan. Whitney has been useless. Shelby is one to stir up drama and seems to be a vicious little animal.

        That being said, I am most disappointed in the rigid division of the 2 sides. Game strategy is almost non-existent while trash talking about the other side seems to be the norm for both sides. These hg's are obsessed with the personality flaws of each other and this seems to be the main focus of the house. The house division was established early in the game between the haves and the have nots, so to speak. While I initially was excited about a strong female alliance, I find these girls deplorable. I had high hopes for Alex who has more game play than her Barbie sisters but find her just as shallow as them when she is in their company. These girls may not be as vulgar as the other side but spend enough time trash talking too.

        What can I say about the LNJ? When they aren't being vulgar and disgusting, they are at least entertaining. Kryssie cries at everything and needs to buck it up. Dani can't talk about anything but herself. Shane and Dani lay all over each other way too much (reminiscent of Nicorey except they did it in bed all day instead of the couch). Jason's language and vulgarity is draining to me. Justin has calmed it down but is still singing his dirty little ditties and joins in the vulgarity. Neely hasn't been doing much other than hiding behind sunglasses and blankets.

        And then there's Scott, the rat snake. I find him to be the most disgusting of them all. He's enjoying his role of King of the Plastics but that ends tomorrow. These girls will drop him like a hot potato soon. They are using him at this point but when his power is over, they will only use him as a vote, trying to keep him safe for their numbers. Scott has big plans to out Shane for turning on the guys' alliance while failing to see that he did the same. Instead of owning his own ratty game, he wants to blame Shane for telling him to vote out CB. That was Scott's decision and he needs to own up to his game. I just can't with him.

        I'm quickly becoming disillusioned with the whole bunch of them and with BBOTT. BB is not enforcing the rules of ''awake curfew'' (particularly with Whitney and Dani) nor with Have Nots (Morgan eating Cheez-Its). The hg's are realizing this and getting away with more and more. Punishments of some kind need to be thrown out there. Violate the rules, pay the punishment. Why have rules if you're not going to enforce them. I think BB needs to sit them all down and have a stern talk with them about their pettiness, their vulgarity, and their disregard for the rules. But that is interfering with the game so they won't.

        I'm going to get off my soap box now because I could go on and on with my venting. I am seriously considering cancelling my feeds but I'm waiting to see what happens with this week's HOH. If the Plastics win again, that's it for me. If the LNJ wins, I'll stay to see what develops. I have till the 30th to decide since that is when my free month ends. Hopefully, things will get better because I really want this to be successful.

        After this bunch, it will be refreshing to see Paul on Wednesday!
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        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Like I said, who knew how much we'd miss Paul's big mouth 👄?!

          Yep, unless something changes this Wed, I'm out too. A Plastics only finale will remind me too much of the year Jun won - nobody to cheer for.

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        LOL BBU fans are as divided as the house.

        I do not like the LNJ- Do not enjoy how they talk so nasty about the other side. Some of the things that they have said is terrible. The first week they were fun to watch but once they did not win HOH and had to go on the block, they changed. I liked Neeley but found out yesterday, she is as bad as the rest of them. After the American nomination, she acted like a spoiled brat. Jason and Shane taking Shelby's jacket, rubbing their smelly armpits all over it and trying to stretch it is not game playing. They have called Shelby every name in the book and then some. Kryssie hopes she gets ebola.

        Are the girls perfect, of course not. I enjoy listening to the game talk. I am not embarrassed when I listen to them. None of them or Scott has called the other side, c****, prostitute, trash, terrible human beings, hope they get diabetes, want to hit them and on and on. Morgan may flirt with Justin but none of the girls are having sex in the room with other people.

        My feelings are just the opposite - If it was just the LNJ left, I could not stand to watch them

        Justin can talk trashy also, but does not do it with the girls. Jason tones done his talking with the girls. I would hope my boys would fit in with the girls over the LNJ. I would have to have a good talking to them if they acted like the LNJ. But we all have our likes and dislikes. I love all of you no matter who you are pulling for, but do not agree with you.


        • GrandmaSusan
          GrandmaSusan commented
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          I agree with you 1000%! You can be funny without being vulgar and foul mouthed. The girls and Scott are playing BB. The LNC are playing talk crap about everyone and America help me vote out who I don't like and let me win while I sit/lay around, play under the covers, then want the veto handed to them because I deserve it! Crap to that, get off your lazy a$$ and do something! Dani moaning to Kryssie and Neeley about being on the block and she doesn't deserve to be, they are on the block too! She is up on the block because she was voted by us to be there! We see all the dirty sh!t that your side does and your mean girl, spoiled brat attitude! Kryssie and Neeley would have done a lot better without Jason in there too! Jozea may have been delusional but he wouldn't have lasted past the first week either. Regretting my Jason votes now.

        • NicChick
          NicChick commented
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          I completely agree with you! I cannot stand the LNJ! The girls aren't my favorite BB contestants by any means, but I can handle girls sitting around talking about boring girl things all day. I can't stand the "outcasts" sitting around talking about how much they were bullied and how much they want people to like them, and then turn around 5 minutes later and spew complete and utter trash talk about another group of people. I'm glad Dani is on the block, I hope she goes home, and I wouldn't mind at all if Krysie or Neely are right behind her next week!

        • breakingwave
          breakingwave commented
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          I agree also I will take a little boring any day instead of the nasty hateful things the Misfits say. It hurts my ears at times and I am a night owl but have had to stop it so my brain gets away from the frstrationI feel from them. Been a Big Brother fan from day 1 and I can take some mischief and lies but this much is insane . So I am hoping the girls survive for my sanity and balance in the game.

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        BB announces no napping HG's, but Neeley isn't fazed.

        Jason talking laser hair removal to the pool group.

        Veto meeting supposed to be starting in 3 minutes.


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          Jason talking about getting BB tattoos. Wanted to get a BB17 tat, but never did. Now will get a tat to commemorate both. Wanted one with a key but says there are no keys in BBOTT.

          Whitney wants a tattoo, but not one that can be seen in a wedding dress.


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            Was catching up watching the clips. Whitney's 22 birthday is one she will never forget getting a lap dance from Scott and Jason. Thought that was pretty funny.


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              Scott comes out of the DR and announces its time for the Veto meeting.


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                  Danielle, Kryssie and Neeley tell Justin and Alex why they want them to use the Veto on each of them.


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                    Random draw determined that Alex goes first.

                    Alex chose not to use the POV.


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