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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 19-Day 22

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 19-Day 22

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    Happy Eviction Day everybody.

    10pm ET Weekly episode
    11pm ET Eviction
    12pm ET HoH competition


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      Another 20 votes for Neely - just because.

      For the ACP this week I am going to vote Alex or Shelby - probably Alex

      1. Because I think the LNJ will probably win the HOH and I will think it a hoot to have Alex or Shelby their "Safety Servant" Can you just imagine if Jason wins HOH and has Shelby as a servant


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        Thought the difference in Shane's and Danielle's DRs were notable. He was teary and could barely speak. She was very upbeat and composed. Obviously they had heard that he was the target. Wonder if things will flip again today, since the girls dislike Danielle more?

        Can't wait to see if Paul's mouth rips on them tonight or does he play it straight? I doubt he'll be as encouraging as Jeff was during the POV comp he hosted. I wish Vic would sneak in with Baldwin and pick on all of them, but that's just my fantasy. (Wonder who has Baldwin? His father Corey or his uncles, Paul and Victor?)


        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          I would love for Paul and Pablo, Victor and Baldwin to come into the house and do a ''zingbot'' type segment. Can you imagine what ammunition they would have to use on these people.

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        So clearly as Jason says Scott is wearing blinders as far as Shane goes, He will regret not getting Danielle out. I do believe once Shane is gone, Danielle will come out fighting and gaming hard. He is such a weasel, I dislike him the most in that house. I plan on putting Scott on the block as America's vote if he's not already up there. I'm voting my last 20 to get Shane out tonight, just so the weasel gets no satisfaction.


        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          I want Scott OTB either by the HOH or America. I'm waiting to see who gets HOH to decide on ACP. If Jason gets it, I'm voting Shelby. Both will be so annoyed at each other.

        • sofieckcs
          sofieckcs commented
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          Scott has said, for him, evicting Shane is personal. I understand how he feels. He trusted Shane and voted out Cornbread and now their side is 2 players down. I don't know if the 2 players down or trusting Shane was what hurt the most. Probably both. He feels more strongly about Shane than even Kryssie. I'd love to see Kryssie go but I wouldn't mind seeing Jason on the block to shake him a bit.

        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          I want Kryssie or Jason on the block this next week.

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        Scott's decision to get Shane out is personal and not all game. He said in one of his talks to us that getting CB out was good for his game and that is why he went along with Shane. He also says that his other reason is that Shane tried to trick him with the last vote, but remember Scott was trying to get Shane to vote out Kryssie. I think Scott is dead set on voting Shane out because he wants to look like the hero to Alex and Shelby by being the first one to get a target out. Both Jason and Justin have been telling him that Dani is the more dangerous player. This is true in my opinion. Scott says that Shane is coming after him and Alex, this is true but so is Dani. Jason has a better chance to manipulate Shane's nominees than Dani's. IMO Scott is making a bad decision.


        • Lynette
          Lynette commented
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          I remember Nicole saying she wanted Big Meech out so bad, especially after she called her a snake on live TV, but that would be playing personal and you can't do it in this game, you have to be strategic. Might come back to bite Scott. You'd think he would know better, being a super fan.

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        For those playing (or who want to start playing) the Survivor Fantasy Game, you've got less than 6 hours to get your answers in for tonight's episode. CLICK HERE


        • Shan
          Shan commented
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          Thanks Kenny

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        Holy crap, turned on feeds after watching last nights recap and heard a bunch of slurping from a big lump in the LBR bed and after awhile Shane and Danielle came out of the covers for some air. Guess they are getting in a little 🎧 Afternoon Delight 🎼before Shane goes bye bye.......don't let the door hit yah...bye Felicia!


        • garricks
          garricks commented
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          EWWW. I'm glad I didn't see or hear that!

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Ah Shane 'bragged' the other night of his favorite sexual activity. 😜👅are hints 😎 Just saying

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        Absolutely cannot stand Scott. He will definitely regret not getting Danielle out over Shane. I hope he goes SOON.


        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Same here......

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        Good Evening!

        Hope everyone is enjoying BBU and looking forward to both Survivor and tonight's BBOTT Live Eviction.

        We're almost at the end of another month here at BBU and we're reaching out for support in order to be able to continue staying up and running as we make our way through this new BBOTT season.

        Please think about making a donation to help out, any help is greatly appreciated ❤️


        • magoopy
          magoopy commented
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          Just made a donation from Suzanne (bchheart2heart), Lexie. Love BBU!

        • Lexie
          Lexie commented
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          Thanks Magoopy!

        • KennyERJ
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          Thanks so much Suzanne! Just a reminder, if you want to keep everything private (your name/email address) you can always use the ''Contact Us'' link at the bottom of the page (here on BBU) to let Lexie know that you donated. It's a direct link to her email account. Of course, there's a lot of you that she already knows personally because you've made so many donations over the years. Thanks again!

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        Well after Shane's eviction speech I can't say I was at all sad to see him walk out the door! Just sad it couldn't be a DE and get both him and Danielle out at the same time!
        And can someone please explain to Kryssie that this is in fact a game, and you do actually have to make these decisions and eliminate people, even if you think they're a really good person?


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          I agree, wish both could have left. I am going to vote for Kryssie as nominee this week.

        • sofieckcs
          sofieckcs commented
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          Kryssie went beserk because she thought someone touched her DIRTY clothes but it's OK for her to rub her armpits over Scott's pillows. I'm voting for Kryssie next week to be America's nominee.

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        Live Voting:

        Alex- Shane
        Whitney - Shane
        Kryssie - Danielle
        Justin - Danielle
        Morgan - Shane
        Jason- Danielle
        Shelby- Shane

        America's Vote - Danielle

        It's a tie... with Scott as Head of Household breaking the tie...

        Scott- Shane, when you drank the blue potion I knew you'd be my best friend or worst nightmare. I vote to evict you

        By a vote of 5-4-0, Shane has been evicted from the Big Brother house

        Scott- You okay, Kryssie? Do you want a hug or anything?
        Kryssie- Don't Scott... you don't have to pretend you like me....that is a human being you took out personally. You knew damn well America wanted Danielle... you made it a thing
        Scott-did I make it a thing or did Shane make it a thing?

        Kryssie- you don't have to pretend you are my buddy
        Scott- we have to vote somebody out every week... that's what we signed up for
        Kryssie- that was my friend
        Scott- I thought we were friends too. I hope me, Shane and Monte are playing video games after this...
        Kryssie- you guys knew you couldn't beat him so you back doored him. That's ****ed up.
        Scott- it's strategy


        • #13
          Kryssie still hot at Scott for Shane's eviction ...

          Kryssie ( to you America ) -put Scott up next week... you don't use personal vendettas and blame them on strategy....I just cant get behind anybody that rejoices in somebody losing. He (Scott) asked me for a hug and I ****ing snapped... I couldn't help it ... . I said don't you ****ing hug me... you lying piece of ****... that (Scott) is not a man out there. It's a little ****ing boy

          Paul and Pablo have arrived...

          Paul - I found out you guys evicted one asshole, so they replaced him with another asshole! Clearly some of you have not been following my friendship tips. I'm pissed! I wrote them for a reason! It smells terrible in here!

          Paul - ya bunch of weenies! Let's go play this HoH comp and see what happens

          Up Next...

          Your boy, Paul Abrahamian will be hosting the “Perfect ShOTT” Head of Household competition @ 12 AM ET.

          Tonight’s competition is inspired by the Perfect Shot HOH competition from season 18 that Paul won with some new Over The Top twists!

          Watch the HoH Competition Play out LIVE ...

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            About 3 minutes or so until the HOH Competition starts!


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