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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 21-Day 24

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 21-Day 24

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    • 4pm Care Package Delv
    • 5pm VOTE Have Not start
    • 10pm Weekday replay
    • 10:30pm Live diary rooms


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      BBT: 4:58am

      All cameras on sleeping HGS, they look so sweet.

      (Too bad they have to wake up and talk - ruining the illusion.)


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        The Scott/Alex/Jason/Justin alliance has been figured out by Shelby and some what by Dani. Dani has only tied Alex Jason and Justin together. Dani has told Kryssie and Neely her suspicions. Shelby has remained silent.

        Kryssie, Neeley and Dani know there are information leaks and have placed blame on Justin with Jason's help. Jason is the leak by telling Alex the .LNJ plans. Justin is upset that he is being blamed for the leak.

        Jason told Justin that the Scott, Alex alliance is over. Jason also realizes that Alex is telling others what he told her. He has backed off protecting Alex from the block.

        With this, I will be watching to see:
        Will Shelby tell about the alliance, if so who does she tell?
        Will Justin tell that Jason is the leak, if so who does he tell?
        Will Kryssie confront Jason about the alliance with Alex and Justin?


        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Thx for the info joahnn00. I am concerned for Jason's safety

        • joahnn00
          joahnn00 commented
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          Me too belle, I don't trust Dani, she is very strategic and wants to cut Justin out because she is still PO at him. And Jason's big mouth passing the blame on Justin when he's the one who did it. Jason did go back and tell Krissie and Neely he thinks he (Jason) may have inadvertently give info out.

        • joahnn00
          joahnn00 commented
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          The boys better watch out because Dani is becoming a real bigger snake. She is trying to plant the seeds to Krissie and Neely. I do think though that Krissie's loyalties are with Jason and Justin. Jason and Justin also decided not to continue with aligning with Alex and Scott. They realized that Alex ran back with info to the other plastics.

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        I'm really not sure why anyone would ally with Alex when she doesn't stick to handshake deals. I get why she bounced the check with Kryssie, but ask James how that works when people decide you're not a reliable ally.

        And I know why Jason was open to a side deal with Alex, but he should ask Paulie how it goes if you make too many side deals and they inevitably get exposed.

        I spread my Care Package votes between Shelby (30) and Neeley (10). It's only one week safety and keeps them from better packages. And watching Shelby drive Kryssie nuts or vice versa would be good tv.

        At this point I just want one of the Plastics to go to break up that too big alliance. Then game on next HOH. Justin must be a Have Not to torture him AND the inmates.
        Last edited by BettyBoo; 10-21-2016, 09:01 AM.


        • Melisandra
          Melisandra commented
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          Too big? It is the same size as the LNJ... But I agree that one of them are going home this week.
          Kryssie, Dani, Neely, Justin, Jason
          MOrgan, Whitney, Alex, Shelby - with Scott as a hanger on

          I am going Jason, Neely and Whitney as Have nots this week. I will save Justin for next week with Kryssie and then recycle Shelby or Morgan in there.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          I see the Plastics foursome as the most cohesive group in the House and thats why they're most dangerous to steam roll over the others. The Jamboree is a much looser group that is splintering. They caught a break with Kryssie's lucky win this week. I just don't want another Derrick or Horsemen season where one group over runs the house.

          In my view the numbers are Plastics: 4+1 (Scott) and Jamboree: 2 (Jason and Justin) +1+1+1. But Alex is the alpha of the Plastics. Remove her and they fall apart and realign. Jason is at the core of Jamboree, tightest with Justin, but having Kryssie attached to him. Neeley is like Shelby, with them by necessity. Danielle is like Scott, with them because the other side despises her.

          Each HOH reshuffles the deck. Leave the Plastics as a united block of four and they will suck up players who will go to the power group. Break them up and we'll see more play like last season where alliances are made weekly, keeping us guessing who will survive.

          I may like the Jamboree group more, but I don't want to see them run over the other side either. I want to stay interested in the play and not do want to feel frustrated like I did during Derrick's run when they kept ignoring the elephant in the room. Just don't bore me, hamsters.

          Hope this explains my viewpoint on the count better.
          Last edited by BettyBoo; 10-21-2016, 11:49 AM.

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        The alliances are even right now. I think one of the girls side will go home this week. I hope they win HOH next week and a LNC goes home. I voted Alex for Care Package. Will be voting Neeley, Justin and Jason as Have Nots. Next week I will vote Kryssie and one of the three I just mentioned if they are not Have Nots and Whitney. I am voting Neeley as America Nominee. I wold love to see how the LNC handle being HOH and one of theirs nominated.


        • NicChick
          NicChick commented
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          I am doing the same on all counts! I want Neely on the block during Kryssie's HoH, just for my own entertainment lol

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        Ok Shelby asked Alex if she was in an alliance with the boys. Alex lied and said no but they did asked her to be in the alliance.

        Earlier in the evening when Alex was telling Shelby that Jason told her about the LNJ plans, Shelby asked her why would Jason be telling you this.

        My new question, Does Shelby believe Alex about not being in the alliance.

        This is fun with all the cracks beginning in both sides.
        Last edited by belle1; 10-21-2016, 10:41 AM.


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          between the analytical minds of Shelby and Danielle... if those 2 teamed up... they would be dangerous


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            MyFitness pal getting a plug - I love that App :-)


            • #10
              Alex won the Care package.


              • #11
                Kryssie not very happy with the group. She thinks that they are trying to control her HOH. She does not think she has been able to talk, everyone talking over her. I think she made Neeley mad, but now they are working it out. Kryssie thinks Alex got the Care Package because they want to force Kyrssie and Alex to work together. She thinks they both are the queens. Neely is still pissed. Two strong women having a slight disagreement. Neely left the room and now Kryssie talking to Danielle about it. Said Neeey had no reason to storm off like that. Danielle playing peace maker.


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                  Kryssie still upset with the group. The did not win the HOH, she did. She did not appreciate walking into the HOH and Jason and Neeley planning her HOH.


                  • MrsVee
                    MrsVee commented
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                    Well- well -well! Queen Kruella is really rearin her ugly head today seems the HOH is going to her head , She said all the Ho's downstairs better not make her mad šŸ˜³Such class you have Kruella ! Hope Neely desserts her fast

                • #13
                  Heh. Neely's going to go through the roof if we vote her as a HN this week. <evil laugh>


                  • Luanne
                    Luanne commented
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                    I hope she is a Have Not and on the block. (evil laugh)

                  • MrsVee
                    MrsVee commented
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                  Kryssie really thinks Whitney likes her and will understand being a pawn. Funny, Kryssie sure did not appreciate being a pawn. She thinks she can get to Whitney through Justin. She thinks she work work Whitney


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                    Alex comes out of DR in her safety servant outfit, a maids uniform.


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