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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 30-Day 33

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 30-Day 33

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    Morning all. Sorry I'm late. I slept in this morning.
    • 10pm Final weekly safety ceremony/Nomination reveal
    • 11pm VOTE nominee start

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    • birdiefriend
      birdiefriend commented
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      lol, seems like everyone is sleeping today! Happy Sunday all!

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    Happy Sunday to everyone.


    • MrsVee
      MrsVee commented
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      Thanks Herms ditto๐ŸŽƒ

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    Was reading another sites updates, so funny they report every time Kryssie belches. Also wondering why they're letting Dani and Justin sleep, production falling down on the job.


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      Wondering why Scott is acting more weird than usual, did I miss something yesterday or last night?


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        Good afternoon everyone, looks like all of us had plans today. Actually got out of the house and have not watched any feeds. Did I miss anything?


        • #7
          Lots of good strategizing going on today. Jason and Dani talking about putting Whitney up instead of Morgan with Shelby. Dani goes to Scott to ask his opinion. Jason telling Alex she is safe and she gives him a hug. Jason asking Alex and Scott between Morgan and Whitney who they would rather see leave. Jason talking to Dani about Jason, Dani, and Kryssie going and dumping Justin because he's so popular. Both sides talking to each other and starting to think about their own sides imploding.


          • adeets3945
            adeets3945 commented
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            I'm having trouble deciding who to vote for as America's nominee. I am definitely on the BS side, but I'm trying to look at the whole picture. My choices are:
            Scott - I just think he's in the way and very shady.
            Justin - He's not there to play the game; he acts like he's on vacation.
            Kryssie - Honestly, her language bothers me.
            Jason - He's already had his chance: I don't think returnees should be allowed unless it's All-Stars.
            What a dilemma! Who are you BS fans going to vote for?

          • sofieckcs
            sofieckcs commented
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            I agree with everything you've said but this week I'm voting for Kryssie because she just quit when she was doing the POV last week. She actually stood there for 20 minutes waiting to time out. She needs to understand this is unacceptable. She's threatened to quit at least 3 times and everything is about her. She said her hands were 'dripping with blood'. She had blisters like others did but they didn't quit. I feel like if we don't put up on the block this week it's like saying what she did was OK. Kryssie doesn't deserve to be on Big Brother and needs to go.

        • #8
          Vote for Scott.


          • kokomogirl
            kokomogirl commented
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            Me four!!!!

          • magoopy
            magoopy commented
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            Me five!!!!!

          • Shan
            Shan commented
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            Got in all the votes I could for Scott too!!! I SO hope it's him!!!

        • #9
          adeets3945, I agree with everything you said about each one.

          I will be voting for Kryssie to be America's nominee this week. Like you, her language bothers me. Also, I can not get over how she acted in the POV contest. She tells her side if she got the answer right the first time, she would have had the best time. Not true, she was already past Morgan's time. She still thinks she is liked by America and was only put on HN because the three of them had not been.


          • adeets3945
            adeets3945 commented
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            I had forgotten about Kryssie just quitting during the comp and then dramatically complaining about her blood-gushing hands. Okay, thanks. Kryssie, you will get my votes. Congratulations!

          • MrsVee
            MrsVee commented
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            She is a delusional narcissistic person ๐Ÿ’€

        • #10
          Time for Part 2 of the Safety Ceremony & Nominations!


          • #11
            BB: Please make your first selection.

            Danielle chooses Scott to be safe.


            • #12
              Her 2nd selection to be safe tonight is Morgan.


              • #13
                Her 3rd selection is Alex!

                Whitney & Shelby are Nominated for Eviction!


                • #14
                  The Safety Ceremony is over.

                  Voting for America's Nominee will begin at 11pm ET/8pm PT.


                  • #15
                    Kryssie gets my vote, because she's a quitter!


                    • Luanne
                      Luanne commented
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                      I am voting with you,

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