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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 31-Day 34

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-October 31-Day 34

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  • #2
    Morning all.
    • 1pm America nom reveal/Veto player pick
    • 4pm Veto competition
    • 10pm Weekday replay


    • #3
      I wrote this to the tune of "The Addams Family Theme Song

      🎶da da da da ,da da da da ,
      da da da da , da da da da , da da da da 🎶
      They're Cheeky and They're Freaky
      Ridiculous and Stinky
      They're altogether Kinky
      The Late Night Jamboree

      The House is so Divided
      This group remains United
      Come join us , your Invited
      The Late Night Jamboree

      Now grab some Snacks to Chomp On
      A Drink that gets your Buzz On
      We're gonna watch the Fun On
      The -Late -Night -Jamboree !



      • Lisalulu
        Lisalulu commented
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        super cute! you're so creative

    • #4
      Looks like Whitney jumped ship and has gone to the dark side of the force! LNJ minus Dani talking in HN turned her, lol! Also looks like Dani is in trouble with them for daring to make deals with the evil BS leaders. Think things may get interesting depending on who goes up as our AN and veto plays out. Sitting on the edge of my chair.


      • MrsVee
        MrsVee commented
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        We might just have some excitement today ! Or-is - it - a - trick? People usually jump ship when their ship starts to sink. Have to go get some candy and run some errands keep us informed . 🎃

    • #5
      So I guess they announced America's Nominee earlier today. Scott has been nominated by America.


      • joahnn00
        joahnn00 commented
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        We can have nice things.

      • Shan
        Shan commented
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    • #6
      I logged on for AN...Reading on another site they did this earlier about 9:37 AM BBT and Scott is AN.

      Veto players were drawn and Danielle drew Whitney who chose Justin. Danielle drew Jason,


      • #7
        Veto comp still scheduled for 1:00 PM BBT

        Veto players are Danielle, Shelby, Whitney, Scott, Justin, and Jason.


        • #8
          Hoping for a Whitney POV win, otherwise I think her ship has sunk.


          • joahnn00
            joahnn00 commented
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            Justin says he will take Whitney down if he wins veto.

        • #9
          Looks like Jamboree finally caught a break for this week. Either a Plastic or Scott will depart. I still don't regret quitting BBOTT. Like I told Sgt B hearing Production mourning Whitney losing HOH was the final straw. Just not worth getting myself so worked up about nothing. Just was too many months of it. But now catching up on books & movies and finding there IS life beyond Big Brother -grin.

          Frankly, it would be a shame if Whitney goes and Rat Boy survives this week. But unless he wins the Veto himself, i can't see anyone using it on him. But, hey, I was positive Kryssie would be departing, so what the halibut do i know?


          • joahnn00
            joahnn00 commented
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            Same here Betty, I was really ticked about that. I felt so bad for LNJ, it made it look like no one was on their side.

        • #10
          Yay for small favors and Scott being the nom!!


          • #11
            Yay on AN!.... I think it would be great if Justin won veto and used it on Whitney. that would cause some trouble for sure. Alex was already questioning Whitney as to why she chose Justin to play for her.


            • #12
              Lol there are no eggs, the birds are not nesting now. It's natural for crows to mob Raptors.


              • #13
                full on, mouth open belching is disgusting in itself ... never even an excuse me after, how rude.... plus is burping like that multiple times a day with out ingesting food or drink even normal?? as soon was we don't need her number she must go


                • #14
                  tv guide has information about todays veto comp.. it sounds like the house is going to be haunted... Justin will wet his pants... lol

                  ps.. and they're going to have trick or treaters tonight ... yay


                  • #15
                    Watching HOH is not fun. Come on CBS I kept the feeds so I could see comps, stop mess this up.


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