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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 4-Day 38

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 4-Day 38

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  • #2
    Morning all. Can't wait for the Care Package delivery. I want to see heads explode. Who will it be?
    • 4pm Care Package Delv
    • 5pm VOTE Have Not start
    • 10pm Weekday replay
    • 10:30pm Live diary rooms


    • #3
      If Jason receives the CP, Justin could very well end up leaving. Yesterday Jason had a conversation with Kryssie and voiced his distrust of Jason. He said Justin was playing for himself, not the team. He also said Justin threw the HOH. Jason may use this opportunity of working with Shelby, who has no love for Justin, and get rid of him. If Whitney gets the CP, Justin would be safe and Jason would be at risk to leave. Shelby wants Justin or Jason to leave this week.


      • #4
        What really hurts this year are two things. Number one, they have given America more power than we need. Second, since America votes on everything, they should not have put a returning player in the game. Jason has all the past BB players telling their fans to vote for him. That really is not fair to the really good new players BB cast this year. Jason will win this game just because he played BB before.

        Voted Whitney for the CP this week, but it looks like Jason will win.


        • Melisandra
          Melisandra commented
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          I agree - there should not be a vet in the game as it gives them a very unfair advantage.

          But as for too much power - I think that this is a better example of a "true" big brother. While not the game that we are used to it is truly you have big brother (Us) watching the hamsters and controlling them through the game.

        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Here's my opinion: In general, I don't care for returning HGs much at all (don't even care to see an All-Stars really though I'd still watch ) but with only 1 returning Vet against 12 newbies, Jason could have easily been taken out of the game the very first week, second week, third week, etc... despite America's ''power''. If 8 people voted to evict Jason and America didn't, our one vote would not save him. I'm with Melisandra on America's power. I'm glad they are doing it this way. I like when they make the game more challenging for those playing despite who I'm rooting for. I think the only reason it seems like we have so much power is because the house is so divided this season. The Care Package is limited in helping someone for one week and seems to be going back and forth from one side to the other and also, reading comments here, people are using it strategically to actually help the side they are rooting for (i.e. voting for Jason to get it so he can't play for the HOH next week). Also, if any group of 6, 7 or 8 people were running the house, America's one nomination and eviction vote could be useless.

          Let's say Alex & Morgan decided to work with the LNJ to get out Whitney & Shelby.
          LNJ has HOH (let's pretend Jason), puts up Whitney & Shelby for eviction.
          America puts up Kryssie.
          Whitney wins POV and takes herself down.
          HOH puts up Alex as a pawn.
          America votes for Kryssie to be evicted.
          Danielle, Justin, Morgan & Whitney vote to evict Shelby.
          Shelby exits the house despite our nomination & vote.

        • magoopy
          magoopy commented
          Editing a comment
          Kenny, I really agree with what you said. I think the fact that Jason is the lone returning houseguest, it is really surprising that he is still there. Because of the split in the house is probably a big reason Jason is still there, and some gameplay on his part. It has been fun being a "member" of the house this season, although I wish we didn't have the whole vote to choose the winner, and some of the care packages may be a little too much. I hope there are parts they keep from this season going forward. Also love the live DR sessions!!

      • #5
        CP time! Jason co-HOH, Dani AN & HN with Morgan & Alex!


        • #6
          Shelby says its for Jason! Co-HOH wow S'mores


          • #7
            Jason gets America's Care Package - Co-HOH, Friendship necklace, and ingredients to make S'mores.


            • #8
              So Justin sh*ts himself and throws his soiled underwear in the kitchen trash, BB calls him to DR so he takes trash out. Justin for eviction!


              • #9
                I didn't vote for Jason, but I am happy for two reasons: there won't be two BS ineligible for next week's HOH, and Morgan and Whitney are still eligible for future CP's - that's my silver lining. 😎


                • #10
                  Reminder: Have Not voting starts at 5:00 ET - Less than 45 minutes.


                  • Melisandra
                    Melisandra commented
                    Editing a comment
                    NOt sure why they are even having the votes - the only ones able to be have nots are Alex, Dani, and Morgan.

                  • Lynette
                    Lynette commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Maybe we won't have to vote then. That would be good......or REPEAT this week's. I'm still mad about this weeks HN' s. they got to eat two days and Justin a third because he cheated yesterday and ATE!

                • #11
                  I love the power America is having this year. But I agree with no Vets unless it's All-Stars.


                  • #12
                    No need to vote for HN's.

                    CBS has on the voting site that the only three available will automatically he HN's - Morgan, Alex, and Danielle.

                    It also said they will be the final HN's of the season.


                    • #13
                      Maybe they will bond and plot in the HN room. 😀


                      • #14
                        I don't think anyone has asked. We have been taking it week by week voting who we want to leave or be on the block. Who does everyone want to win and who do you think they need to be beside to win with America voting for the winner?

                        I still haven't decided on a clear cut favorite for me. I like Whitney because she just seems to be the one that has been the nicest to everyone. Game wise, I think that Danielle and Alex are playing the best game. Danielle has had to fight the hardest where Alex has never really been in any danger.

                        At this point I would think everyone would want Krissey in the final 3. No way America would vote Krissey for the win.


                        • #15
                          Just did a HN review for the heck of it.

                          No one was a HN more than twice.

                          Of the current HG Morgan, Alex, Danielle have been HN Twice. Whitney, Shelby, Jason, Justin, Kryssie have been HN Once.


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