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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 7-Day 41

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 7-Day 41

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    Morning all. Remember vote early, vote often. Veto Comp today. Woot!
    • 1pm America nom reveal/Veto player pick
    • 4pm Veto competition
    • 10pm Weekday replay


    • #3
      Keeping my fingers crossed we have Kryssie as the AN today!!


      • #4
        Howdy all you hardy fans. I do read up on what's happening though I no longer get the feeds. It'll be interesting to see how the noms work out today with America's nom and veto. I have been impressed with Danielle's game smarts since she flipped the script on Cornbread that first week. She is also the only America's nom to escape the block so far (due to Scott's miscalculation).

        Of course, her downside is her personality which seems to be a problem with this entire group. Only Whitney seems to be the most genuine, but she is SO dull. The games last night night did sound fun, but how did Kryssie & Jason beat Alex & partner in a race? I am amused at how the tide is turning against Alex, taken down by her coldness as a person. Never liked her and so far her -ah- brilliant game play has taken down an alliance member Monte (during her HOH) and voting out her top alliance member & great meat shield Scott. We'll see if she survives being America's nom this week.

        But much more important is that we all vote tomorrow. No matter who your candidates are, express your opinion and be on record. Every position from the proverbial dog catcher on up is important and will affect your lives. So vote and take a stand. Its not enough just to complain on Twitter. GO USA!


        • GYPSYGAYLE
          GYPSYGAYLE commented
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          I agree with everything you said ( all of my votes went to Alex).... and tomorrow Vote !

      • #5

        Anxiously awaiting who America's nom is going to be!

        Justin and Danielle still sleeping.

        BB clock is three minutes behind the rest of the worlds.


        • #6
          Yay, Jason and Shelby leave DR and say its time.....


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              BB says they may begin now. Round and round we go.


              • #9
                America choses Alex.


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                  • #11
                    Time to pick Veto players.

                    Shelby choses Alex's name. Alex chooses Morgan.


                    • #12

                      POV players will be Jason, Shelby, Danielle, Whitney, Alex, and Morgan.


                      • #13
                        That leaves Justin as the Host.


                        • #14
                          Jason complaining to Kryssie and Danielle that Alex's chip always comes outs. Says it is so ridiculous.


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                            Kryssie is there with Jason and Danielle. She is the lump in the bed. She said she was going back to bed.


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