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Live Feed Discussion/Updates- November 12- Day 46

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates- November 12- Day 46

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  • #2
    It looks like Dani and Jason are turning on Justin. Kryssie wants to stay with both Jason and Justin. She will have to choose one, can't have both. She was trying to tell Jason yesterday why they should keep Justin but Jason wasn't going for it. Kryssie is ready for Dani to go but doesn't want to really work with Shelby/Morgan. Shelby/Morgan are the ones that will save Justin. This is going to get interesting.

    Another reason to vote for Kryssie so we can see how this plays out. If you want to keep Justin, vote for Kryssie for AN. Shelby and Morgan will help keep Justin. The only one on Justin's side on the LNJ now is Kryssie and she won't go against what Jason wants.


    • aprilshowers
      aprilshowers commented
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      If Morgan Jason and Danielle are on the block. Morgan will go home. So I am giving Morgan my votes. I want all 4 to be safe this week. When Morgan is gone, I will figure out how to vote next. I want a Shelby, Danielle, Jason final 3 and it will not happen if Morgan is still in the house.

    • sofieckcs
      sofieckcs commented
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      I'm fine with a Jason, Danielle and Shelby final 3. Those 3 have played the best game but if Morgan leaves this week, Shelby will leave next week.
      Last edited by sofieckcs; 11-12-2016, 12:04 PM.

    • Lynette
      Lynette commented
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      I don't want Morgan OTB, but even if she is Justin and Kryssie may vote out Danielle and would be smart to do so.

  • #3
    So Jester Justin isn't funny anymore, Diva Dani is in trouble, Junky Jason is offended (lol) and Krusty Kryssie took a shower! LNJ has officially factored. Sly Shelby is preparing for her final arguements to the jury (us) and Model Morgan (aka bikini girl) has shown us she has game now that big sis is gone.

    I have not liked Dani most of the game and still don't, but she has worked hard to get where she is now and would love to see her in final 3. (Sadly may not happen)

    Jason had a second chance and blew it, I voted for him to return hoping he would pick up his game, but let me down. Really don't want him in final 3.

    Justin has played a dumb/smart game, dumb not knowing game, smart playing dumb while learning and playing socially, no final 3. Should have been gone a long time ago.

    Kryssie was cool at first, I really liked her snark, then she showed her true colors and yuck. She is really smart (mostly in her own mind), but she has too many health problems (lol) and quitting during a comp is just wrong. Maybe final 3.

    Morgan let her sister intimidate her, if she had been able to play her own game I think she would have played very differently. Maybe final 3.

    Shelby was that one super annoying person, she is going to be a great lawyer (wish they would give her her Bar results, just because I want to know lol). Want here in final 3 (against Dani) and anyone but Jason.

    I miss you BettyBoo, I'm not as good at this as you. )))hugs(((

    Thanks for all your encouragement fellow BBUers


  • #4
    IMO Justin really did not understand how this game is played. he seems like he may be ADHD or ADD. This more than likely affected how he did in competitions. He did not fully understand how Big Brother plays out. I think if he had a fuller grasp of this game he would have done much better. He was not a fan before the game so he was at a disadvantage. I don't know what season he watched ( production tapes) prior to entering the house.

    ​​​​​​He has to do what he needs to do to survive eviction, so if it entails stabbing Dani and Jason in the back so be it. They were doing the same to him. For Dani to say he made a mockery of the game is unfair, he played with what knowledge of game he could grasp.

    I am hoping Jason survives as I would like to see him in the finals. I would not mind Shelby and Justin and Jason as final 3.

    Something else that annoys me is people who say so and so does not deserve the money because they are rich, and don't need it. That analogy is ridiculous.


    • aprilshowers
      aprilshowers commented
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      I agree with the comments made about someone should not win because they do not need the money. It is a game not a charity. Nothing in the rules state that the person who needs the money the most should win. If that were the case, we could just see everyone's net worth at the beginning and pick the winner. No needs to lock them up for 3-4 months.

  • #5
    I have NEVER liked Justin. He's just lint, hanging around as a vote.

    Ditto your comments on Kryssie - she's certainly no Janelle or Rachel competitor.

    Morgan always annoyed me with her fake perkiness and how come a cheerleader got beat in a balance beam by a chain smoker who lives in a basement!

    Shelby may be book smart but is lacking people skills and i would never hire her as my lawyer since she thought voting was on a Friday? But, she's won when she needed to and hung in there.

    When Jason survived the first week by solving the riddle veto, i could see he was there to really play the game. He was able to amass an army of 6 against 7 just by late night chats that built loyalty. That army is now 4 to 2. Not bad odds when he should have been gone the first week. Being a returnee is no guarantee of success, just ask Janelle, so we'll see how he fairs the next 2 weeks.

    Danielle was sidetracked by Shane for a couple weeks but I could see from the first week when she worked with Jason on that first veto and then with Neeley to flip vote to Cornbread that she was game savvy. The fact that she the ONLY America's nom to survive so far makes her a game star to me.

    This has definitely been America's season. As noted, America chose every exiting person except for Danielle and Whitney. The Care Packages made any game plans nearly impossible. The players became our lab rats, trying to avoid electrical shocks while running through the maze to the block of cheese. It was fun for a while, but then became a chore. Ultimately though, it didn't allow rhe players to survive and thrive strictly on their own actions.

    All the CBS flubs ruined the experience for me, which is why I quit them last month. I also do not like the lack of the Jury which adds dimensions to game play this crew doesn't gave to worry about. I do like the unfiltered Diary Rooms, perhaps an occasional HOH runner up or voted Care Package (just not every week!) and our voting for Have Nots (though comp would be good, but no more HOH picks!). No more America noms, though having one vote for eviction and winner could be OK. I want to participate, but not run the game.

    Couple more weeks till it ends. The only one I'd be upset to see in final three would be Justin, but I'm guessing he's a perfect goat to take.

    Well eating pizza watching Rambo movies today. Not sure what it means, but suits my mood. 🍕+ 💪= 😉


    • GrandmaSusan
      GrandmaSusan commented
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      Hi BettyBoo, I love your insights!

  • #6
    I wish there was someone we could get Morgan, Justin and Krissy on the block. I would be Ok with Justin or Krissy leaving this week. Just want Jason and Danielle to stay.


    • #7
      Maybe Justin watched Nicole's seasons. He just said he's there to play Big Brother not Big Baby.

      He is really down on Danielle now....because she spurned him?....because girls told him and he knew she was flirting for strategic purposes only?

      He even tells Jason if Morgan is OTB as AN, and he wins veto, he would take her down.

      Going to to be a very interesting Veto comp on Monday!


      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        Another reason I dislike Justin. He's bitched about Danielle getting child support for her son, like the father shouldn't provide for HIS child? Of course we don't know how much she gets, but the majority of mothers don't get rich on that money. For all his 'love' talk, he can be a nasty, petty little person. And, yes I do believe it stems from her rejection of him in a showmance. He had also had his eye on Neeley and we see how quickly he turned on her when she showed no interest in him.

      • sdkgeo
        sdkgeo commented
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        Betty, part of the reason he talks about that is because Danielle talked about using the child support money she gets to take a lot of her family on vacation. Apparently she gets quite a bit.

    • #8
      Winston proposed to Whitney and (not much shock here) she said YES. Pictures posted on his Twitter page.


      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        Nice. She wants to be a wife and have babies.

    • #9
      Time for the Safety Ceremony.


      • #10
        Safety ceremony time. They head to the Storage room to get their passes. If their pass lights up they are safe.


        • #11
          Justin is safe. No one know cuz he is the only one in the kitchen. Everyone else on LR couches.


          • #12
            Kryssie safe


            • #13
              Kryssie is second one safe.


              • #14
                For being safe Kryssie has the biggest frown on her face!


                • KennyERJ
                  KennyERJ commented
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                  To me, I took it as her not wanting to look overly happy in front of the rest of her alliance and because I think they were under the impression that Shelby was going to put Justin up and was surprised he was safe.

              • #15
                Shelby gives a wave to the camera and heads downstairs. Safety ceremony is over.


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