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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 14-Day 48

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 14-Day 48

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    • 1pm America nom reveal/Veto player pick
    • 4pm Veto competition
    • 10pm Weekday replay


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      Good Monday morning everyone!!

      Getting ready for America's nom.... biting my nails.... hope it's a great day for everyone!


      • #4
        Boooo!!!! Morgan up, dang it.


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            No one can make me believe that BB is not interfering in this sh*t! Sorry but I have lost all respect for AG and CBS. Feeds will stay cancelled, will only find updates here from now on.
            Last edited by GrandmaSusan; 11-14-2016, 01:11 PM.


            • ~smee~
              ~smee~ commented
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              Yeah, a lot of us have been calling AG "America" for years.

            • NicChick
              NicChick commented
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              I didn't cancel anything, mostly because I have All Access all the time for other shows because I don't have cable, but I'm done with this season, I'll check in on here too, but I'm tired of seeing the LNJ get by week to week and still behave like childish, disgusting people!

          • #7
            If Kryssie or Dani wins this I'll know for sure it's rigged!


            • #8
              Now hoping Krissy wins Veto and takes down Jason. Then Jason and Krissy will be the ones to decide who goes home.


              • Lisalulu
                Lisalulu commented
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                I could definitely support this

              • Shan
                Shan commented
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                Hoping for the same

            • #9
              I can't wait to see who wins. Things can get real interesting in the bb house lol.


              • #10
                Comp started about 1:25pm bbt

                Jason up first. He has to use dominoes to answer question and they all have to fall in a chain reaction.

                Last edited by mlc0038mlc; 11-14-2016, 04:47 PM.


                • #11
                  did Jason get all the answers right?? or will he just get a 3 minute penalty for each one he doesn't get correct at the end??


                  • #12
                    They will not be told if the answers are incorrect until the reveal


                    • Lisalulu
                      Lisalulu commented
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                      ahhh ... ok... I was so confused

                  • #13
                    Let's go Morgan or Shelby!!!


                    • #14
                      Shelby did really well... she answered 1 question different then Jason... this comp will probably come down to penalties for wrong answers


                      • aprilshowers
                        aprilshowers commented
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                        From what I am reading on chat...Shelby had the right answer. But I don't think anyone really knows the right answers.

                    • #15
                      This looks like a Shelby kind of comp..... Dani may do well too. Don't see Krissy doing well.
                      Last edited by aprilshowers; 11-14-2016, 05:22 PM.


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