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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 15-Day 49

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 15-Day 49

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    • 4pm Veto meeting
    • 5pm Eviction vote start
    • 10pm Weekday replay
    • 10:30pm Live diary rooms


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      Good Morning : )

      I know I owe some of you some button upgrades and I will get those to you as soon as I get home from work. I'm peeking in really quick to reach out early for some help with the server expenses. We really appreciate those of you who are hanging in through this non stop Big Brother whirlwind. With the holidays coming up, we wanted to reach out early so that we can prepare to pay for November and December.

      Any donations are truly appreciated and go directly to help pay the server and bandwidth expenses.

      Thanks again for any help : )


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        Ok Lexie. Donation coming at ya... thx


        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
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          Didn't get chance to put a note... donated on my iPad.

        • Shan
          Shan commented
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          thanks Livzee

        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Thanks Livzee!

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        Shelby out of the DR. Says it is time for the veto meeting.


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          Danielle, Jason, and Morgan give their speech on why Shelby should use the veto on them.

          Shelby has decided to use the POV on Morgan.

          Since America nominated Morgan, there will be no replacement nominee.

          This veto meeting is adjourned.


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            Jason and Danielle remain on the block.

            Voting will begin in one hour at 5:00 pm ET for America's Eviction Nomination.


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              Danielle never broke stride eating a donut during the whole ceremony and even spoke about donuts in her speech.


              • #9

                Jason playing pool.

                Danielle eating donuts on the lounger.

                Shelby in the DR.

                Justin, Morgan, Kryssie in the kitchen making pad Thai and sweet chili sauce.


                • #10
                  Got my votes in for Danielle.


                  • garricks
                    garricks commented
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                    I voted for Dani too.

                  • GrandmaSusan
                    GrandmaSusan commented
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                    I voted Dani too, but if I thought it would do any good I would vote Jason. Wish we could all get together to throw him 1 vote, lol! Wake him up a little.

                • #11
                  Got my votes in for Dani too.

                  I hope Morgan realizes that the only chance she has to win is to get to the end with Krissy and Justin. Will she play to win or to come in 2nd or 3rd. Time for her to cut Shelby if she wants to win.

                  But what a boring final 3 if it turns out to be Krissy, Justin and Morgan.


                  • Lynette
                    Lynette commented
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                    Cut Shelby after Jason would be best for her. I was typing before you posted. It would be boring for us to watch only them but that would be a F3 with no dominant person as a shoe in to win. If Jason in there I'd say he would win, if Shelby, she would win, but with those three, it's anyone's game.

                • #12
                  A lot of game play today by Morgan. First trying to get Kryssie's trust to throw HoH so Morgan can be the 'bad guy' and put up Jason, she reveals Alex is her sister! Not sure I would have done that. Kryssie is such a wild card. It would definitely be better for Kryssie not to have Jason there. Will be curious if she tells anyone and would like to see her DR tonight if she talks about it.

                  Next Morgan talks to Justin about throwing HoH for same reason. She doesn't reveal the sister twist but they do decide taking Shelby is a liability. They make a F3 with Kryssie, but aren't telling Kryssie yet. Justin did tell Morgan he told Shelby he wanted to go F3 with her and Kryssie, but he tells Morgan he didn't mean it and really wants to go with Justin is playing the game now too.

                  If it comes to fruition and they are F3 (Justin, Kryssie, and Morgan) it would really be a toss up as to who should win at this point.


                  • #13
                    So Morgan and Shelby want Krissy and Justin to throw the final HOH; Justin apparently went to Shelby and told her Krissy was not on board to get out Jason.

                    I guess this is one reason I can't pull for the girls. Week after week they begged America for Care Packages and now they want the others to throw then an HOH. Hey Morgan. Why don't you just try winning a comp on your own. Tired of them begging everyone else to win this game for them. At least Shelby wins something when she needs to. Everyone talks about Krissy not doing anything to deserve to win this game but the same can be said for Morgan.


                    • sofieckcs
                      sofieckcs commented
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                      I believe Jason begs America as much, if not more, then the girls do. Today he was telling America to vote Danielle out. The reason Morgan wanted Justin/Kryssie to throw the HOH to her is because she believes they're in an alliance with her and Shelby. Kryssie made it clear to them that she would not put Jason up and Justin doesn't want to either so Morgan is trying to get HOH to get the blood on her hands and not on Justin and Kryssie's. Personally I think Morgan and Shelby are foolish for believing anything Kryssie says especially that the 4 of them are in an alliance together.

                    • herms is here
                      herms is here commented
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                      I agree with you Aprilshowers. Who else gets annoyed by the way Shelby is always playing with her hair? Since it is so late in the game no one should be throwing comps. At this point every man/woman is on their own.

                  • #14
                    You know these guys do not have to worry about jury votes so I am not sure why there selling point is you don't have to get blood on your hands.

                    Morgan are mad at Krissy because she will not throw the comp. Morgan saying I don't know why she would want to go to the end with Jason when she will lose. Hey Morgan, if you are sitting beside Shelby, you will lose too.


                    • sofieckcs
                      sofieckcs commented
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                      If I was Morgan, I would want Jason gone first before I turned on Shelby. If Jason is still there, I would believe the three of them(Jason, Justin, and Kryssie) would get me out right after Shelby so they could go to the final 3 together.

                    • aprilshowers
                      aprilshowers commented
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                      Next week would actually be the best time to take Shelby out since she will not be able to play for HOH. If they let Jason win, he takes out Shelby, then Jason will be in the same position as not being able to play HOH. Shelby is a bigger comp threat so if they don't take Shelby out next week you probably will not get another chance. Morgan, Krissy and Justin are not very good at comps so Shelby will probably win if she doesn't go before Jason. Not that I really want Morgan, Krissy and Justin as F3 but taking out Shelby and then Jason is their best shot to getting there.

                  • #15
                    Hysterical that Kryssie thinks that Morgan is lying to her about Alex being her sister!


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