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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 17-Day 51

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 17-Day 51

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    Morning all. And it's a fight to the final four. I'm not sure if we will hear anything about the care package task today since Justin is the only one that can receive it. I would think he'll have to do that before the nominations are made, but who knows now that we are reaching the home stretch.
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      So will Justin have a real task that will finally test him or a nod-nod wink-wink joke of a task? I am so sick of him just sliding along. Everybody else has competed like it matters, but he just jokes and slithers around from side to side. I'm not a fan of Morgan, but at least she finally won something and won when it counted. Don't want to see somebody getting to the final three who hasn't worked for it. I know many think he's funny, but honestly he's never made me laugh. When I had the feeds I would shout Shut up, Justin, when he'd do his songs then click off him to the other camera.

      If he doesn't complete the task, then they should allow the others to compete for it to be fair. But TPTB fair? Mmmnnn?


      • ~smee~
        ~smee~ commented
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        (((((((((((BettyBoo))))))))))) , you know you I love you, don'cha? I am one who does find Justin funny, but then I only watch the feeds very occasionally, and the hubs always says have a very warped sense of humor, anyway. And, like Justin, I am also one of those who bursts into song all the time. My grandkids love when I make up words like Justin does to songs that they know (their favorite flossing song is "Let's all go apple picking in between our teeth") -- my kids and hubs, not so much.

        Just want you to know I have come to respect you tremendously from reading your posts here, even if we disagree about our favs.

      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        I could watch the Vic and Paul show all day long, especially when Baldwin and Pablo appeared with them. Perhaps if Justin did more than just being goofy to get along, I could enjoy him more. But he has never had to work for it like everyone else has in the House. That's what diminishes his charm for me.

      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I really liked him at first. I think hanging around with Jason, Kryssie and Danielle was not a great thing. At first, you could tell he was uncomfortable when they were talking so trashy about the other side. As the game progressed, I did not like him as much.

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      I appreciate the fact that Justin hasn't really EARNED to be in the Final Four with the ACP - but now he will have to step up if he wants to be there.. I don't think BB will make it too easy, but we will see.

      This is the first ACP that you have to complete a challenge to receive the benefit. But he did receive the opportunity by default since no one was available to get the ACP.
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        Does anyone know when Justin will have to do his "challenge?" This next week's eviction all hinges on his CP. Personally, I'm still pulling for the BS girls. If Justin does complete the challenge, then it's a done deal that Shelby will go home unless the POV saves her. She deserves to be in the top 3. Honestly, if Morgan, Shelby, and Justin were in the top 3, I would be SO happy. I have enjoyed some parts of this experimental BB. My biggest complaint is that too much power has rested with the viewers. It's nice for us to be able to vote, but it should just be occasionally. None of the players can really play the game because the audience votes interfere with strategy.


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          It will be interesting to see if Justin steps up to the plate. But I would not be upset if somehow he was the one to go this week. I am routing for Jason. To me he has supplied the entertainment. The feeds will be very boring without him.


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