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Live Feed Discussion/Updates November 19- Day 53

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates November 19- Day 53

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    Morning all.

    Safety Ceremony tonight. Only one will be safe I guess since Justin did his task for the cp and is on to the F4.


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      11:15 - BBT
      Justin is the only one up and making pancakes for himself.

      I have been busy this season and haven't caught too much of the Live Feeds; but just spent some time and discovered the "Highlights" to watch as well as the Mon-Tues-Thur-Fr- Recaps. Definitely worth watching.


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        Jason and Justin folding laundry. Jason telling Justin that Morgan has all of her dresses dry cleaned and how expensive that must be and she has a lake house. He says BB puts rich people in the house to annoy him.

        Kryssie is doing the dishes.

        Morgan and Shelby are laying out.


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          BB tells HG's to lower the awnings.

          Only Shelby and Morgan comply.

          BB tells Shelby and Morgan thank you for complying.


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              Justin joins Shelby and Morgan in laying out. Morgan gets up and says she is going in the shade, it is too hot out and they need a breeze. Shelby says she will be joining her shortly.

              Jason and Kryssie in TBR

              Jason unpacking his suitcase and says he hopes he won't be seeing it again until the end of December.

              Kryssie laying on the bed.


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                So Jason is still trashing everyone and vile misting Justin and Krusty into believing they ca beat him. I know that Justin is safe but does that mean he can't be put up on the block as a real pawn, if one of the other two come down why can't Morgan put him up so whoever is beside him has to be voted out! I can dream can't I! Wish it was possible or the girls would think of it and ask TPTB!


                • KennyERJ
                  KennyERJ commented
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                  It better not happen because when Morgan was given the POV, they weren't allowed to put her up and force her to use it to take herself off the block (and the description CBS gave never said that she would automatically be safe from being nominated). Wouldn't be fair at all, IMO. Justin completed his task and IS guaranteed final 4 so shouldn't be allowed for him to be put up.

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                So I take it that the one Safety Ceremony/Nominations aren't happening until tomorrow night?


                • GrandmaSusan
                  GrandmaSusan commented
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                  I guess not since its 7:40 BBT

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