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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 23-Day 57

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 23-Day 57

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    Morning all.


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      Good morning sdkgeo! I've been trying to find a schedule for the upcoming comps but could not find anything - is it posted somewhere? I'm not clear on how it works from now on.


      • joahnn00
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        joahnn00 commented
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        Tonight after eviction there will be a final HOH, not sure what happens after that.

      • birdiefriend
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        birdiefriend commented
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        Thanks Joahnn00 ! I was trying to figure out if they were going to do a multi-part HOH or not - but then couldn't figure out why they would! I'm just confused! Lol!

      • Lynette
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        Lynette commented
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        See below. I posted what I have read elsewhere.

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      Good Morning and Happy "almost" Thanksgiving : )

      Just stopping in to say thanks to those of you who have supported BBU throughout the Over The Top Season, we truly, truly appreciate YOU!

      For anyone just stopping by, anyone who has enjoyed being here, reading the discussions, catching up on this new BB journey,
      we are just a bit short ( $180.00) on being able to pay the server/bandwidth expenses for November.

      Any help is much appreciated : )


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      Just made a donation.


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      This is what I have found for BBOTT schedule moving forward:

      Tonight 11/23: Full Weekly Episode 8PM ET, followed by Live Eviction and Part 1 Final HOH Comp
      Tomorrow 11/24: Thanksgiving Celebration
      Friday 11/25: Final Live DR's 10:30 PM ET
      Saturday 11/26: Game Changing Ceremony (No time posted)
      Tuesday 11/29: Final Weekly Recap Episode 8PM ET, followed by Part 2 of Final HOH Comp
      Wednesday 11/30: F3 Live Pleas for Votes (No time posted)
      Date/time TBA: Voting for winner
      Thursday 12/1: Live Season Finale 8:00 PM ET


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      BB told HG to wake up for the day & no one moves.


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        Kinda weird that the final weekly episode is at the same time as Survivor. Aren't bbott fans mostly also fans of Survivor?


        • Lynette
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          Lynette commented
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          Tonight's Survivor is 2 hrs too! 8-10. Same time as BBOTT recap and eviction. Not happy about that.

          Next week's finale won't interfere though. Final weekly episode is Tuesday and Finale is Thursday.

        • garricks
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          garricks commented
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          I guess they figure if you're watching BBOTT, you have CBS All Access, so you can time-shift Survivor… that's what I've been doing since they went with the earlier start time.

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        2:42pm BBT

        Morgan & Shelby crying - boohoo
        Big Brother Addict
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        Survivor is on for 2 hours tonight. Isn't too soon for the end??


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        Shelby was just packing.

        Weekly episode broke in and starting now.


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          Thanks to those of you who made a donation today. We truly appreciate you!

          If anyone else is just stopping by, checking in, checking up, following along, any support is greatly appreciated : )


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          Shelby has been voted out.

          Julie tells Morgan, Jason, Justin and Kryssie that the winner of tonight's first part HOH automatically advances to the final AND they get to chose someone to go with them. The remaining two will battle it out in Part two HOH and the winner will then advance as well.

          (I think this is what Saturday's ceremony will be about. The winner tonight will pick who they are going to take with them to the final.)


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            Morgan talking to the LNJ about Shelby and being an attorney.


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              So my best guess is that if anyone besides Krissy wins the HOH, they take her. So she is automatically in the final three. If Krissy wins she will take Jason.

              So for Jason to automatically go to the final 3, him or Krissy needs to win HOH.


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