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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 24-Day 58

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 24-Day 58

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


    • #3
      Happy Turkey and Football to one and all.

      I'm watching Miracle on 34th Street, while Sgt B is prepping for a day of 🏈 and 🍗🍜🍛🍲 (etc).

      Hope everyone has a lovely day. All the best to kith and kin.


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        Morning all. Thank you everybody for sharing Big Brother with me. I appreciate all of you.


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          Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I pray everyone is blessed with abundance today and always.


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            Happy Thanksgiving!


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              Lockdown in HoH bedroom.


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                Thanksgiving food and recipes sent from their families and previous housemates. They have an additional oven in the backyard for cooking their Thanksgiving dinner. They also each got letters from their families that BB asked them to read aloud.


                • #9
                  Justin went back to bed. I think he was emotional. The others are looking at the food and starting to plan their meal.


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                    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. They all seem to be getting along.


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                      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at BBU.


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                        Happy Thanksgiving to my BBU Family! Who would have thought this summer that we would still be here for another Big Brother! Our first Thanksgiving together. 😊


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                          OMG, just saw that James proposed to Nat. She said yes!


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                          Why is Justin acting like a big baby? Maybe he figures it worked for Jason it would work for him!


                          • aprilshowers
                            Big Brother Addict
                            aprilshowers commented
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                            He is being bitter because Jason is going to save Krissy instead of him. And we all know if it was reversed Justin would also take Krissy over him. Very bad attitude today. He only got up long enough to eat today. Didn't participate in any of the Thanksgiving dinner prep or clean up. Didn't even sit to eat with them. Very bad sport with all his talk about love and everything being "gravy"

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