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James Huling, Natalie Negrotti Of ‘Big Brother 18’ Share Huge Engagement News

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  • James Huling, Natalie Negrotti Of ‘Big Brother 18’ Share Huge Engagement News

    James Huling and Natalie Negrotti made an adorable couple on Big Brother 18. The fans loved them together and since the show ended, they have been great about

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    I am so happy for them!


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      I'm really happy for them - I could see that James fell really hard for her! I wish them the best!!


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        Congratulations to them! Exciting news.


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          It was a prank!

          Boo! Hiss! Boo! .... well, it was a good one .... but awwwww.


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            Update: A few hours after posting this, Natalie went to her Twitter and said it was all a big prank. She even pranked her family with it and just though it was funny. At this time, they are not engaged, but it could happen soon. She said, “Point for the prank queen. Our love is as real with or without a ring. #prankwarscontinue.” Then went on to say a few more things about how it wasn’t real, but that their love is regardless.


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              OK, I return to my former cynical position on the two of them. I was going to question why she didn't post the 'happy news' on her Twitter feed too, but didn't want to be a bad Betty. It was all just a prank to get their names in the press and for her to push her YouTube channel. I officially return to my 🙅 grumpy point of view on them.

              Meanwhile the 'villain ' Paulie got fans to donate $10k to charity.


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                Hey, she and James both like pranking.

                Match made in heaven!


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                  Just made a "Thanksgiving" donation (although 2 days late). I am so thankful for all the BBOT updates. I don't have CBS access and cannot fathom how you have the time to watch and keep us updated. LOVE BBU!


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                    Thanks so much for your donation, mimichick!

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