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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 25-Day 59

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 25-Day 59

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    Happy Black Friday! I did mine on line - don't need foot prints on my back as they run me down to get to the one hot item.


    • beckyd30
      beckyd30 commented
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      Amen to that, especially since I am on crutches right now, but I guess I could use them for weapons.

    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Tee hee, I use a cane or walker, so I could beat them down and roll over them. Muhawhaw.

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    Spend some time this afternoon catching up some of the feeds.

    I am really disappointed in Justin's attitude yesterday and today. Some folks on chat are actually mad at Krissy and Jason for talking about Justin but I don't blame those two for being mad. That he couldn't even at least sit down and join them during the BB Thanksgiving dinner was beyond rude and ungrateful.

    I can't believe that I am seeing folks say they will vote for him over Jason and Krissy. To me Justin has disrespected the whole BB experience and I would not vote for him to win anything. He is just a bad sport.

    Looking at just game play. Jason is the only one left in the house that has actually played the game. Krissy has rode on everyone else's coat tails to get to the end. Morgan is only still here because of Shelby and Alex. And Justin is just a recruit that came into the house without any clue as to how to play this game.

    I am just tired of BB going out and just finding people to play the game when there are so many actual BB fans out there that would love the experience.


    • GrandmaSusan
      GrandmaSusan commented
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      Amen to everything you said. Justin has just tried to nice guy his way through the whole game. He was always playing up to the power, and just a vote to LNC. I haven't really liked him, but reading all the updates had me shaking my head, yup, he thought they were all just going to hand it to him. Sorry we, America, will not hand it to you, because you want it!!!

    • magoopy
      magoopy commented
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      Wouldn't it be amazing to have a season of ONLY BB fans who really know the show? What a concept.

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    I agree - If Jason hadn't filled him in along the way, he would not have had a clue what was going on! I've liked Justin from the beginning - not as a 'player' but as a nice guy. I can understand that he's disappointed that Jason isn't taking him, but it is no reason for his behavior the last couple of days - he should have won the comp himself. Jason is the only one who should win!


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