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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 30-Day 64

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-November 30-Day 64

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    Morning all.

    Final pleas from the Final 3 tonight at 7 ET.


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      I pretty much have made up my mind for who I am voting for but will wait on the final pleas tonight before I vote.

      I am going to make my vote on game moves only. I am curious to see what Morgan and Krissy point to as their biggest game moves that kept them in the game. Krissy and Morgan both won an HOH but both resulted in sending one of their own home. Morgan did win a Veto at the beginning but I don't really remember her being in real danger when she won it.

      If I was voting for the nicest person in the game, Morgan would win hands down but I just don't see that she played the game very hard.

      Either Jason or Morgan will win. LNJ fans will vote for Jason and Plastic fans will vote for Morgan. Krissy will end up in 3rd.


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        Just read this morning that Adam on this season of Survivor lost his mom to cancer a few days after they finished filming the season. Tonight is family visit night, so makes it very real. (Know this isn't right spot but know we're cross-over viewers so wanted to share info.)


        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
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          awww... really sad

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        Do you know if we can vote twice - today and tomorrow? I'm certainly voting for Jason. He has scrambled all game , dodging the radar when he could and facing it with grace. He won when it was critical for him to do so. I hope he gets this - he deserves it. I know we're going into the winter doldrums now until next summer. I have kind of been in my own doldrums so sorry not to be part of keeping this party going. I'll miss you guys and will see you when we get hooked again in June.

        If you have final thoughts about this online experiment, I'd love to hear them. I've liked being able to see the comps, and their simplicity is fine with me. I think we voters made HOH simply a way to keep yourself safe because with our nominee and our vote each week, we had so much power to control the outcome. It's hard to say how that would have played if the house had not become so bi-modal. The one side against the other stayed pretty rigid, which I found kind of disappointing. Also, Scott sleeved me out... his having put his own feces in someone's car as revenge was certainly way over the top (get my little double reference there?).

        I'll be checking in - go Jason!


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          I found the thing I disliked most was our voting of a nominee since week after week they left and made the HOH noms irrelevant. Liked the live Diary Rooms best. Would like us to have one vote for evictions and for winner, but have that vote announced. Also like Care Packages, but they have to be careful with the rules since there's been confusion. The live challenges was great. If they want to keep some for network shows, they could provide full coverage on line after the showing. Let's keep Production honest-grin.

        • aprilshowers
          aprilshowers commented
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          I was excited at the beginning of the season that we would have so much influence but wasn't a fan as it went along. I think it is part of the reason we have such a split in the house. Instead of having to talk strategy with someone who was on the other side the HG just pandered to us. It would be "America" if you can just nominate someone from the other side to help us out here. I just think it took away the strategy play.

          No noms for America next time. The HG wins HOH, let them enjoy the power that comes with it.

          I also like the care packages but as has already been said they need to be more specific of the power that the package carries. I know a lot of folks were upset when Morgan won and was able to save herself and Shelby. The description only said that the person would automatically win the Veto. No where did it state that they were safe from nomination and would also be able to save someone else. All the other care packages clearly stated when someone was safe from nomination.

          I prefer to have a jury. The HG this season didn't even have to pretend to be nice to the other side. I think the jury forces a little more social game instead of the split that we had.

          I did enjoy the live DR's and getting to see all the comps live.

          I really don't like have nots and would prefer that went back to food comps but I liked that America was able to pick have nots and that a person could not be a have not two weeks in a row. Don't like it when the HOH gets to pick have nots in a regular season. Especially when one group gets HOH and puts the same people up week after week.

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        ​​Tee Hee saw a Twitter survey and they tossed in a fourth name, Veronica, and 'she' got votes. Giggling. So far, Jason is leading, with Morgan kinda close, and Kryssie way behind both of them.

        Wish we could have seen Morgan and Whitney without Alex, Shelby and Scott who brought the negativity to their side. Danielle was so game smart, but got derailed by the showmance. But, still think her big mouth, just like Neeley, would be her downfall. Suspect Monte would have done well in a more bro-oriented season.

        The final irony is that in the season of estrogen and ball smashers, that a guy looks likely to win. And one who should have departed first week. Reminds me of the season of Survivor where the girls blindsided guy after guy, even getting a guy to give up immunity to them, only to have the last guy standing win.

        And as always, CBS drags out the end, a couple weeks past the sell by date. Not sure why they always stretch it out? Sure the inmates can't wait for their parole. Happy last day of November?


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          Vote for who you want to win (Morgan, Kryssie or Jason): AMERICA'S WINNER VOTE


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            FYI, the 'final' season of Race will begin airing April 21st.

            And no new Survivor until March 8th. (This season ends mid December)

            We will be going through a reality drought! Might actually have to talk to our families - good grief.
            Last edited by BettyBoo; 11-30-2016, 04:19 PM.


            • aprilshowers
              aprilshowers commented
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              I am going to miss AR. It was always my favorite. But have wondered the past couple of years how they were managing security for the contestants. It must have been a nightmare.

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            Waiting until final pleas to vote just to see if anyone says anything that might change my mind. Will that said I really wouldn't be that upset with a win by any of them. That is not one left that I just dislike. They have all played differently so it is just what style of play you prefer.

            I think Morgan is very sweet. I wish we could have seen her play without Alex and Shelby. Even though I don't think she was a real gamer this year, sometimes it just pays to be nice.

            Krissy - I would probably relate to her the most on the outside. And I know she has talked trash about everyone but she seems to have a very caring side to her. The gassy issues she has had doesn't bother me as much as it did some people. My mom had to have a colon resection due to cancer and I know she sometimes cannot help passing gas. It really embarrasses her so I guess I tend to give people a pass on that type of stuff since I don't know their medical history. Just wish she would have said excuse me once in a while.

            Jason - From hearing him talk, he seems to have had a very tough life. I really hope if he wins, he uses the money to better his situation.

            They have all trashed talk at some point in the game but I think outside of the house they are all probably pretty decent people. I would hate to think what being locked up in that house 24/7 away from friends and family would turn me into. I would probably end up being a mean girl too.


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              Votes in for Jason


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                Speeches by the F3 were good!

                I thought Jason's was really good. Kryssie's was good. Feel kinda sorry for her now because she is sitting firmly on the bottom. Morgan's was good. I give props to all three for their heartfelt speeches, but only one can win the $250,000! Happy though that second place will get something and $25,000 is not too shabby for 9 weeks of work.

                Tomorrow it will be all over and we (America) will crown a winner of BBOTT.


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                  Jason and Kruella there is no way in Hell that you would get my vote 😝 Hearing all that you have said and done these past weeks I have zero respect for ! Morgan if you don't win it would be a shame , you have my vote πŸ˜„ If Jason wins I really hope that he uses the money to go to college and get a degree for his future and also takes a course on addressing women with respect . Constantly saying Bitch and Whore every two minutes is Not Ok !
                  Last edited by MrsVee; 11-30-2016, 07:27 PM.


                  • Lynette
                    Lynette commented
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                    I stayed loyal to the BS and voted for Morgan. I feel sorry for Jason. I think he and Kryssie just fed off each other with their foul mouths. If he wins I hope he doesn't squander the money and uses it to better himself.

                • #13
                  Put my votes in for Morgan. Have to say that Kryssie's speech was really good, but Jason's seemed like more trash talking and really put me off from him forever. Have to hope that the Ball Smashers' outside of the house rally every one and Morgan wins with Kryssie as #2.


                  • #14
                    Shelby has a rap song about Morgan that is on Twitter. She has her Yorkie with her. It is the most adorable dog. I couldn't have left that cute little dog to go on BB.


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                      In every season of BB, I have my favorite(s), but I am also aware of who played the best game. For example, last season, my favorite was Nichole, but I clearly felt that Paul played the best game and should have won. If I had been voting, I would have voted for Paul. Now that I do get a vote, I feel that Jason has played the best game, BUT I will vote for Morgan. I just can't get past the horrible talk by every member of the LNC---profanity and just malicious statements they made. It is no surprise that Jason has played the best game; he came in with a huge advantage because he had played the game before!!! My votes will all go to Morgan. She does have game-play but didn't start showing it until her sister left. And I really don't think being in the house changed Kryssie or Jason. I believe they are like this outside the house. I was just watching the live feeds and heard Morgan use the F--- word. Maybe she's said it before but I think being around those other two, she has picked it up from them. I truly hope Morgan goes all the way. Go Morgan!!!!! I feel that I'm in the minority, so please don't yell at me very


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