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Live Feed Discussion/Updates-December 1-Day 65

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  • Live Feed Discussion/Updates-December 1-Day 65

    Morning all.

    It's the last day of Big Brother Over the Top. Be sure to get your votes in for the last time.

    Thank you to everyone that has supported Big Brother Updates during this bonus season. Be sure to come and talk about other shows while we wait for next summer.

    Don't forget, you can still sign up for CBS All Access and binge watch past seasons of Big Brother, Survivor, or many other shows. Just click on one of the banners.

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    Thanks for the voting reminder sdkgeo. I completely forgot this a.m.! Thank you for getting us started each and every morning too!

    Happy Finale Day! Woohoo! It's been a LONG BB season. The only thing keeping me in it is the wonderful group we have here at BBU


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      Got my final votes in. Voting closes at 4:00 PM ET and 1:00 PM PT.


      • Livzee
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        Me too. Not sure Jason has this though. I think he's the most deserving, but we'll see.

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      Morning you 2 early birds and all who follow. Hoping to join you all tonight for the finale, such as it is. Go Jason!


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        As sdkgeo said, thanks to everyone who supported BBU during this bonus BB season. : )

        We didn't make our goal to cover the server/bandwidth costs for November, so Rob went ahead and donated the $120.00 that we were short. ( Thanks Rob )

        As we finish up the Over The Top season tonight and move forward through the off-season of Big Brother, we ask that you don't forget that BBU is still here, still up and running and that we will need your support to make it to June for Season 19.

        Thanks for any support : )


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          Theres a great old song, called 'The Party's Over', which is appropriate for the end of the BBOTT experiment. For me it was like being so happy the pizza man is finally on your porch, only to start eating the pie and its cold and soggy. 🍕

          I think Jason has played the hardest, long term game, all while herding his crew of cats. I get that Morgan is a pretty nice girl, but she waited till the end of the race to get her kick on. Allison said the votes have been close this season (unlike previously), since we were in two camps, just like the house. So, not sure where final numbers will go. ❓❕

          Since I quit CBS I don't have a vote, just an opinion. I'd be disappointed if Jason lost to Morgan, but not angry. I'll be eagerly reading Tweets and BBU to see the results.👀

          Two more weeks of Survivor, but now can get my Ragnar fix on with Vikings. Great show if you haven't seen it. Scandinavian version of Game of Thrones, set in history and some myth. Travis Fimmel is another sexy, but good Aussie actor in lead roll w/those electric blue eyes. (Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my screen.) 😍

          Meanwhile, I think there's some big holiday come up? 🎄🎅💂🎁🐻


          • belle1
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            You do like the boys. Love it, you make my day.

            Which Survivor are you pulling for?

            I agree with you about outcome. Jason, based on strategy, should be the winner but unfortunately he seems to have lost support because of his language. If this is a popularity vote, Morgan will win. I am pulling for Jason.

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          Here's the HG's waiting on Julie.

          Kenny opened an episode discussion thread to discuss the finale, so I'll post over there.


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              The live backyard interviews with Jeff are happening here right now! (on Facebook, thanks aprilshowers):


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