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Big Brother: Over The Top- Discuss Episode 9- November 29, 2016

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    Jason says he will be in the F3. The decision on who to bring has to be someone he knows he can beat. He says this is a $250,000 decision.


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      Jason says he needs to pick someone he knows he can beat in F3. It is a $250,000 decision.


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        Jason tells Kryssie and Morgan he is not going to be a Cody and take Justin to F3.


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          Jason says Justin is just too likeable. Morgan is shocked to hear this.


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            Jason says his F3 dream team is Kryssie and Morgan. He thinks he can beat them. He is not so sure about Justin.


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              Kryssie says she is happy the King of the LNJ wants to take the Queen of the LNJ.


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                Jason tells Justin he is taking Kryssie. He tells Justin he just needs to beat Morgan.

                Justin says it is him against the world right now.

                Kryssie tells Justin she has faith that he will beat Morgan.

                Justin says he is confident that can win this comp.


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                  Jason says Justin is all amped up. He says now he hopes Morgan beats his a$$.


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                    It's Thanksgiving morning. They get food baskets with former HG's and their relatives recipes included. They also get letters from home.

                    They tell Justin to read his letter first. Justin says he doesn't want to open and read his letter and he walks off. He goes to bed in TBR. He says he can't be all jolly when he is missing home, he just wants to be alone.

                    Morgan teary eyed reads her letter. Kryssie cries while she reads her letter. Jason reads his letter from his mom.


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                      Jason goes in TBR to talk to Justin. Justin says he is NOT cooking the turkey.

                      Jason knows he misses home, but he thinks Justin is being a poor sport.


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                        Jason and Morgan say it is all up to Kryssie to bake the turkey. Kryssie says she has never done this before but she does prepare the turkey.

                        Kryssie says she is a little sad and pissed off at Justin. Kryssie complaining about Justin not participating.


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                          Morgan tells Justin that dinner/lunch is basically ready.

                          Morgan says she is thankful to be there with them all.

                          Kryssie says what she is thankful for.

                          They are wearing Thanksgiving gear. Morgan a glittery turkey sweatshirt and turkey hat. Kryssie wearing drumstick headband and turkey shirt.

                          Justin only stays a little bit and doesn't say anything. Kryssie is furious at him for leaving the table, and not stay with them.

                          Kryssie goes off on Justin and she is crying.


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                            Justin says the one day he is down and depressed and Kryssie is going off on him.

                            Justin says he is there because of himself.

                            Kryssie says if it wasn't for her always checking on him, he would have left.


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                              Jason calls a meeting to announce who will be going with him to F3. He says this is the most important decision in the game so far.

                              Jason tells the HG's this comes down to loyalty, so he chooses Kryssie.

                              Jason says Morgan and Justin will fight it out to be the third person going to the final.


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                                We are live kenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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