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BBOTT House Guests Reveal on Monday 9/26

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  • BBOTT House Guests Reveal on Monday 9/26

    The BBOTT cast will be revealed on Monday at 10AM PT (1PM ET) and will feature 12 all-new House Guests.

    Voting for the 13th House Guest either Jason or Jozea ends Tuesday .... the results of the vote will be revealed on the season premiere on Wednesday.

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    Stay tuned! The new cast reveal is suppose to take place at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. That's in about 10 minutes!


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    And here they are!!


    • Melisandra
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      Melisandra commented
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      Hmmm sisters but not twins..... and once again all young....

    • augie33
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      augie33 commented
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      After this past season of showmances until the end I would suspect the sisters will be a priority boot for the cast.

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    I just read all their bios. I anticipate that with all the people who mentioned music that we'll get a lot of fishies. I couldn't stop staring into Shane's eyes but it sounds like he's blind as a bat so he didn't notice me staring. Shane = eye candy. Wonder how long till me see him sporting a man bun!?!


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    Only 6 guys and 7 girls. Please dont tell me that TPTB are going to change their mind and put BOTH jason and jozea in the house...


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      OK, I think I get the over the top thing now. I have high hopes that we have some really interesting characters and potential.


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        Conclusions based just on pix, will read bios later:

        More girls then guys? Shane and Monte will be the hunks - compete or partner? Kryssie is the goofy chick. Too many cute girls - catty battling for the two hunks or smartly realizing they have the numbers? Will the sisters be immediately split or aligned with for numbers? Will Scott mesh with Jason for fan knowledge? The three African-Americans could unite for a block or will big personalities keep them apart? Will Cornbread find a way to fit in or be the first out?

        I'm doubting Jozea will get many votes to return, so question rather Jason's snark and smug game knowledge will save or sink him?

        Wonder if another mystery guy will be joining to even the numbers? There had been talk from CBS that Da'Vonne would be participating, but wonder if the Jury battles either wore her out or soured CBS on her? Wonder if she decided against a back to back run. I'd enjoy her commentary, but don't think she's cut out to be a game player herself.

        Guess its good I have more questions than answers, since keeps my curiosity up. I want to cheer the girl power, but too many whiney, high-pitched, valley girl speak voices and I will get turned off. Too much testosterone on the guy side with chest thumps and I'll get annoyed. Please have some of them with knowledge of the world. If I hear someone ask if you need a passport to visit Hawaii for example, I'll reach through the TV and B-slap em!!! 😆

        Well, so much for the Great Debate tonight. I've got bios to read to handicap the players for THIS horse race!


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        How they describe themselves:

        Cornbread=OTT Funny
        Danielle=OTT Competitive
        Morgan=OTT Energetic
        Monte=OTT Competitive
        Kryssie=OTT Memorable
        Neeley=OTT Diva
        Justin=OTT Random
        Scott=OTT Superfan
        Whitney=OTT Southern
        Shane=OTT Ambitious
        Shelby=OTT Loudmouth
        Alex=OTT Quirky


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          Meet the houseguests video...
          The new Houseguests describe themselves as over the top funny, random, quirky, competitive and memorable. See if you agree! Big Brother: Over the Top premieres at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT on Sept. 28, only on CBS All Access.


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            After watching videos:

            Will probably annoy me: Whitney, Neeley, Morgan, Justin AND SHELBY!!! OHG the interviewer even calls her laugh creepy. She says she's a lawyer, but acts like a demented middle schooler. And to top off my annoyance meter said she didn't know time zones since she's from Phoenix!!! 😕

            Danielle has a bit of a Valley Girl accent going on with quiet personality. Shane and Monte are definitely the hunks, while Justin has signed up for kitchen duty. Cornbread will be amusing, but don't see him surviving. Alex and Scott should logically partner up with Jason with the outsider uber-fan thing going on, but I'm sure they'll instead shoot at one another. Kryssie is my surprise package - mix of quirkiness with brains, but she looks older than 31 to me?? She is my pick of the litter of the newbies. ☺

            Most claim to be big fans. It'll be fun to watch them test their game knowledge in the unreal world of Big Brother. Also, I am guessing this will be a contentious group by some of the comments. Can't wait for Jason to give us his delightfully snarky and perceptive views. 😁

            I'm really going to be curious to see the Diary Room sessions. Hopefully production doesn't prime the pump with them. Figures the Wed opening is competing with a CBS show I like, Code Black, but DVR handles that issue. It'll be fun to see how my initial thoughts match up with reality. Based on comments, the new HGs don't know there will be no Jury. Surprise!! Don't let the door hitcha too hard on the way out - no luxury house for continued vaca. 😃


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              I do not normally watch the videos as I don't want to go into watching the show and feeds with a preconceived opinion of them. I may just dive in and watch them this time. In their bios, I found it interesting to see their opinions of who their favorite and least liked players from the past were, When I read the one that said they like Frankie, my first thought was "I don't like anyone who likes Frankie.'' I don't know what to think about the uneven number of males and females. But, I truly hope that it does not mean that both Jason and Jozea could come back. I think there will be a few OTT personalities in the group so we'll see how that goes.

              Jozea free feeds!


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