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Live Feed Updates Have Moved For BBOTT Season....

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  • Live Feed Updates Have Moved For BBOTT Season....

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that we've decided for the BBOTT season ONLY ...the "Live Feed Updates" will be included within the "Daily Live Feed Discussions"

    Hopefully, you guys will enjoy reading the updates and discussing them within the same thread : )

    Hey guys,

    Just a heads up that ( for the BBOTT Season ONLY ) we are going to be including the "Live Feed Updates" here within the daily "Live Feed Discussions".

    I truly hope this won't disappoint anyone, I hope that it will encourage more discussions here.

    I want all of you long time members, new members, lurkers, just love to read the updates/discussion members, that I love this website, love all of you, and that the "live feed updates" are really my baby. I feel responsible for them, I don't like to not have them updated, I want to give you guys ALL that I can, everything that you deserve when you come here. ❤️


    It's just incredibly hard to keep up the pace that I normally do during the Big Brother, in back to back seasons. I "thought" I might be able to. I was truly riding the "I think I can, I think I can train"...but reality has a way of rising up and letting you know that you truly can't keep going on only 2 hours of sleep per night and working a very demanding full time job and squeezing in your family --- who after really over 16 years of updating know what to expect or not to expect out of me during the "normal" Big Brother seasons, and they are very understanding and supportive of me during that time.

    And, they are now too, but it's me. I just can't keep up the pace. I got knocked off the "I think I can train" when the pneumonia set in.

    I can't ask more of our Moderators and I can't ask more of the wonderful members who really took up the slack during the BB17 and BB18 seasons, when my job became full time over the summers, when that was normally time off that I had to update my heart out.

    So, starting now, ( and ONLY for this BBOTT season ) we are going to try something a little different, in combining the Live Feed Updates and Live Feed Discussions.

    If you see me posting ( or anyone else ) posting updates, you do not have to stop with your conversations ... please, please carry on

    Like I said, I really hope that this will encourage more discussions here and that you all will enjoy this BBOTT season even more. It really is a good season, I'm loving all the drama we get to see, how we get to see the competitions play out, etc. even though it's exhausting from an updating point.

    So, discuss away and enjoy ❤️

    Don't mind me updating here and there well... really over there in the Live Feed Discussion Forum

    Thanks to all of you for being such great members and friends

    ❤️ I hope you understand ❤️

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