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SPOILER!- First HOH of the Season and MORE ....

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  • SPOILER!- First HOH of the Season and MORE ....

    Don't know for sure if it's true or not but this is the spoiler reported by a usually reliable source.

    It's been reported that the first HOH is Tyler Crispen (the dopey surfer dude)!

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    Also, so far no vets or others have entered the house besides the 16 newbies! Please let it stay that way!! This season will be 99 days long.

    These spoilers were coming from a reliable Reddit user named "Vegas". I say "were" because apparently, after being made a Mod there, they have been bullied off of Reddit and so now, no more spoilers. They do have a Twitter account but not posting spoilers there... not yet anyway! They did say the Nominations were suppose to happen today and would have spoiled them but I guess, as they say, "we can't have nice things"! lol


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      Well if it was balancing comp, he would have an edge. 🏄

      Feeling more curious, then excited, to see the gang in action. Want to see how my initial views from the previews on the 18th change or are confirmed. Also interested to see how the House functions with all those changes. Of course, expect the game will be messed up by production. When they do something we like, example the Care Packages, full coverage of games or open DR sessions, they eliminate it. The fun of the Paris Room search dudded out when nobody got to use the Return Ticket. Expect more of the same including CBS programming errors. But, oh boy, we get to be a fly on the wall and forget the real world for a bit. 😁


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        Going with the rumors out there....

        Supposedly ... Sam and Steve have been nominated.


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          Just heard on Dick at Nite that Steve is the pawn and Sam is the target.


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            I'm gonna be so freakin sad if this is accurate :/ and it seems likely that it is...
            if so, I sooooo hope Sam ends up safe!! I dont wanna see her go first! :/


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              From the spoiler ( @realvegas4sure ) that was correct with the HOH and Nominations...

              New spoiler ---

              Sam's advantage is she can save herself, and it is good for up to FOUR weeks.


              • beckyd30
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                The only way that would be an upgraded from like a regular power of veto win is if they let her use it for 4 weeks.

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              Here's the spoiler thread. Yay! I was happy to see that Sam could save herself.


              • herms is here
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                Me too. How could you evict a robot. And she seems so sweet.

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              Here's hoping that Chris gets the punishment. He's such a psychopath talking about himself in the third person.


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